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Reddit Amateur, aka r/Amateur! The newest porn from the big producers is easy as hell to find. Those guys have a ton of money to spend on advertising, getting some preview titties in your face and luring you back to their websites. The amateur stuff comes out with no budget at all, so fans have to work a lot harder to find the best, newest material. The Amateur sub over at Reddit is a community of perverts mining the Internet for DIY porn gold, as well as sharing their own original content.

Reddit Has Everything, Including Amateur Porn

Reddit’s been around since 2005 and gets billions of hits a month. You’ve heard of it, and have probably taken a look at least once. If you’ve got any curiosity about the world around you, you’ve had Reddit links pop up in your Google search results. Wikipedia calls it a “social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.”

Basically, Reddit is a massive discussion board for everything under the sun. Naturally, this includes a lot of sex-related topics or you wouldn’t be reading about it here.

The complaints you hear about Reddit are usually pretty mild and often refer more to the users than the actual website. It’s a weird place where you can find warring tribes of White nerds calling each other racist in a thread about a brutal street fight, or see a conversation on self-publishing morph into a defense of furry hentai as a storytelling medium.

I ain’t telling you to get on there and have a conversation, though. The thing about Reddit is that it’s full of sub-forums (subreddits) dedicated to almost any topic you can think of. There’s a reason why I have a whole section of ThePornDude dedicated to NSFW subreddits. Today’s entry, r/Amateur, serves up exactly what it says on the tin:

“Amateur pics and videos. Everything is NSFW. Please join and post your favorite links. Please use direct links to images. No blog spam allowed. Imgur preferred. Enjoy! Do not post anything illegal. All females and males must be 18+.”

The Community Details say r/Amateur has more than 600k subscribers. Reddit doesn’t require you to sign up and log in to view any of the content, so the actual viewer numbers have to be way higher than that. Nearly a thousand are online right now, a fact reflected in all the activity in this place. It’s like a fountain of fresh amateur smut.

Hot Bush, Beautiful Tits, and Dirty Selfies

The default view on Reddit sorts the posts in order of Hotness, which is calculated by how many people like it versus how many people don’t. The top post right now features a gorgeous young babe flashing her bush in a public restroom mirror. She’s got most of her face hidden by the camera and there’s not much flesh showing, but she’s an absolute beauty.

It’s such a soft bit of amateur erotica that I thought maybe the whole subreddit would be similar material. The next Hottest post put that notion right out of my head. The exotic little slut in the GIF bobs on the cameraman’s knob before showing off her perfect melons.

Scrolling down, I see a stunning brunette taking an office selfie in a skirt so short I wonder just what kind of office. She probably works with the girl flashing her tits at her desk and pulling her panties off in a couple other Hot posts.

There’s a headless bedroom mirror shot, the girl’s body showcased in just a pair of floral-print panties. A dude has posted pics of his wife bent over, clothes on and then clothes off. A close-up of a fully bald twat is captioned with “Need Tongue” and labeled as OC.

I’m impressed by how much of the material here seems to be genuine Original Content. I thought it was because I had the posts sorted by Hotness, but you get very similar results when you sort by Newness. There’s a genuine community of amateur exhibitionists sharing their dirty pics and videos on Reddit’s Amateur board.

Sexy Young Amateurs Share DIY Porn

The other thing I immediately noticed besides the sheer volume of amateur porn was how young all the chicks are. A lot of amateur sites with active communities are full of oldies sharing pics of their withered ballsacks and saggy boobs. There might be some gems if you dig, but sometimes you end up soft, horrified by the ravages of age presented in HD.

Amateur on Reddit is nothing like that. Here it’s all smooth skin, no liver spots or wrinkles. When you see faces they’re legal teens and babes in their twenties. Some of the women could be MILFs, but even they skew young. You’re not going to get your fix here if you’re into amateur granny porn.

The sub description mentions males and females, but mostly all I see is the latter. I can’t say I’m disappointed. Gaylords looking for dick pics and ripped, muscley nudes will need to look elsewhere.

It’s mostly still images. I wish there were more videos, but at the same time, I’m glad Amateur isn’t oversaturated with garbage. It doesn’t take too much scrolling to see videos of young couples getting each other off. As with most amateur vids anywhere, they’re painfully short, but play on repeat by default.

Digging a Little Deeper

When you find a babe posting OC and fall in love a little bit, it’s easy as hell to find more of her material. Just click her username at the very top of the post. That will take you to her entire post history, which includes any sexy pics and videos she may have shared on Amateur.

You’ll actually see every word of every public conversation she’s had with that username, not just on r/Amateur but all of Reddit. It’s either cyber-stalking or a great way to feel more intimate with your favorite amateur. There’s no other way to look up posts, though, so it doesn’t make you a creep. Your deviate mind earned you that status.

Reddit is such a huge and sprawling place that it can be hard to pinpoint all the subreddits you like. Crossposts, labeled near the poster’s username, can help. Right now, I see posts on Amateur that have also been posted on r/ItsAmateurHour, r/RealGirls, and r/AmateurWives. Looks like I’m going to be busy all night.

Simple Rules for Sharing XXX Selfies

One criticism about Reddit is that there are rules. Every subreddit has its own rules and moderators, and they don’t have to be fair. You can usually get banned for annoying the wrong people. That said, the rules at r/Amateur aren’t too difficult.

There’s no spam or self-promotion, and posts have to be amateurs, direct links only. It’s standard stuff, just like their rule against revenge porn.

Two other rules stand out to me. One is that you can’t ask for names or personal info. That’s great for keeping content creators comfortable, which keeps the content rolling in. Nobody wants some creeper trying to send flowers or show up where somebody works.

The other rule I like on Amateur is that you can’t claim you’re posting Original Content unless they can verify it. That’s pretty fucking amazing on a free site. It’s basically a guarantee that you’re seeing brand new, exclusive, legit amateur porn.

I expected to find some good amateur porn on Reddit. The format lets the best shit on the whole Internet float to the top. While users are sharing very sexy DIY porn they found elsewhere, it’s not what makes r/Amateur so special. That honor belongs to the beautiful women that post dirty pics and videos of themselves all day and all night.

The Amateur community on Reddit is thriving, and it’s full of gorgeous young exhibitionist women who can’t wait to show you their tits, twats, and assholes. It costs nothing at all to browse to your heart’s content, and there are constant updates. Amateur fans, add this to your masturbatory rotation at once.



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