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Free Ones? Well, if it's free, then sign me up! With a nearly infinite amount of porn on the internet to choose from, it can be pretty difficult to navigate. There are billions of videos, millions of different websites, and thousands of porn stars to choose from. How the fuck is one to know which are worth looking into? Well, obviously, does a bang-up job of helping you figure out which sites are worth your time and/or money, so we got ya covered in that department, but what about when it comes to finding new porn stars to follow? Surely, there must be a site that comprehensively indexes, rates, and links you to videos and pics by the girl, right?

Fortunately, there is! bills themselves as being “The ultimate babe site since 1998.” Free Ones has a twenty-year archive of almost every chick who’s ever been in porn. What’s more, every girl comes with her own page, complete with a bio, links to every single one of her scenes, pictures, recommended babes who are similar to her, and the ability to follow her (which means that you’ll be updated every time FreeOnes discovers new content of hers. Frankly, this site is fucking brilliant, and it’s no surprise they’ve stuck around as one of the staples of online porn for two decades and running.

Massive and Well Organized (Like All the Best Orgies)

From the moment you land on Free Ones’ home page, it becomes immediately clear that this site is fucking huge and comes with a shit ton of features. But, having said that, Free Ones has managed to take an enormous amount of content and not present it in a messy or chaotic way. This is a very difficult feat to pull off as a website developer. So many sites that have the quantity of material end up sacrificing the quality of the site design in order to accommodate it.

Not Free Ones, though. Free Ones has evaded this problem by cleanly sectioning off all of their various features and sections in a clear cut and organized manner. The first thing that will catch your eye will be the banner and site menu bar. Here you will find the Free Ones logo (a silhouetted babe with a simple bicolored (orange and black for the fall season when I visited) “Free Ones” right next to it.

Beneath that, you’ll find links to What’s New, Babes, Board (a shit ton of community features), Galleries, Free Videos, Sex Cams, My Free Ones, Reviews, and Various. I also cannot discuss the menu bar without noting that every single one of the aforementioned links has surprisingly lengthy dropdown menus that go with them, making this easily one of the most massive porn sites I’ve ever been on.

Just take a look at the dropdown menu for What’s New will demonstrate what I mean. These general categories also depict the sheer range of the site, since I may have misled you earlier when I called FreeOnes a porn star index. It is much more than that. It’s more like an archive of available media, info, and news on any babe in the public eye.

What’s New, for example, drops down to let you choose between the following categories: Actresses, Adult Models, Centerfolds, Musicians, Porn Stars, Sportswomen, Supermodels, TV Stars, and Upcoming (giving you a day-by-day forecast of scenes yet to be released as Free Ones learns of them). The dropdown menu for the Babes section of the site is equally helpful: choose between Advanced Search, Babes by Country, Feature Dancing (a calendar of when and where notable adult entertainers will be stripping), Latest Babes, Official Babe Sites, Personal Stores, Popular Babes, and Suggest New Babes. Free Ones is truly the paramount source of streamlined content and news pertaining to your favorite famous girls.

Extremely Engaged Community and Interactive Features

Free Ones also has an enormous and extremely active community forum. Popular threads have over two million posts, and there are plenty of threads from which to choose. Discuss your favorite babes and/or fetishes, access an RSS-like feed of babe’s blog posts, enter contests hosted by your favorite paysites or porn stars, ask others in the Free Ones community to help you identify a babe who has gone uncredited in a video; you’ll even have the chance to interact with babes, thanks to Free One’s list of Official Checked Star Members (porn stars who have verified profiles on the site and have been known to leave posts and replies on the message board. No, you don’t have the option to message them (I think we can all figure out why).

In addition to a giant forum, a daily updated archive of babes and their media, and the most up to date news about adult entertainers, Free Ones even runs their own xxx cam site. And, at a quick glance, it honestly looks like one of the better cam sites I’ve stumbled upon—all of the girls seem to be top-notch, the video quality is really good, the rooms have interactive features, and they offer a free 120 credits to tip the girls with when you register (which, as you may or may not already be aware of, is almost unheard of in the world of online adult cam sites).

Free Ones does not just provide an index of babes and everything they have been in, news, and a very engaged forum for users. They also have an everchanging babe leaderboard based on what they refer to as “Babe Statistics.” The “statistics,” I believe, amount to nothing more than the average rating given to the babe by Free Ones’ users. But Free Ones does have a pretty cool stock market-esque graph of their ranking over a given period of time.

But, still, I think this is a cool feature. It allows you to see what girls are considered the best in the world at a given time. Plus, you get to have a say in that. Those of you who have been reading my reviews for a while now may know that I have a thing for Bambi Black … well, after I saw that she was currently ranked 1,186th in the world (with an average rating of 4.4 stars), you know I had to give her the five-star vote. I strongly encourage you all to do the same. Let’s get Bambi into the top 20!

The Most Comprehensive Porn Site There Is?

Another huge victory for Free Ones comes from their lack of advertisements. I didn’t see a single ad on any of their various pages. Okay, sure, maybe you could argue that the site is inherently ad-based, seeing as the nature of the site itself generates click-through traffic. But, fuck that … it’s not an ad, in my opinion, if it comes in the form of a useful resource.

And that’s really, at the end of the day, what Free Ones is doing—indexing useful resources to help you more closely follow and become better acquainted with your favorite babes. That’s not advertising, that’s just ingenious.

With a grand total of 48,187 babe categories, 1,206,744 sites listed, a constantly updated stream of adult entertainment news and profiles, a gargantuan archive of videos, one of the most actively engaged forums I’ve ever seen, what seems to be an awesome cam site, and reviews of babes and their sites, you would be really fucking hard-pressed to ever run out of things to do on Free Ones.

Plus, even if you did ever even come close to checking out every profile, viewing every video, reading every blog, and entering every contest, by the time you finished there would be a huge amount of newly updated content for you to view; this cycle would repeat forever if you had the time to do nothing but watch porn (and, let’s face it, that is how you spend most of your time anyway).

Free Ones is a leader, an innovator, and an inspiration in the online adult entertainment world. Having maintained that status for 20 years, here’s to the next 20 years of retaining it. Cheers!

If you haven’t already stopped reading this review to go check out Free Ones for yourself, I say go do so. It will completely change the way you consume pornographic content. Stop clumsily stumbling through porn tube after porn tube in hopes that the perfect video or girl will find you; go to Free Ones today and start developing your tastes and preferences.

Free Ones would make a solid home page for any porn connoisseur. Fuck it, Free Ones would make a great home page for a budding young porn addict too, it could help you easily become acquainted with the what’s what of the porn world.

Either way, that’s what this site is for—it puts you in control of your porn. Follow your favorite girls, stay up to date with news, even figure out when sexy babes you’ve repeatedly beat your meat to will be performing in your town (maybe they’ll sign your dick if you ask nicely enough … of course, she’d have to have a one-syllable name…).

With that, I’m gonna go check out some of these Bambi Black videos I haven’t seen yet. Happy fapping, fuckwads!



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