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Looking for some ghetto porn at GhettoGaggers? Let’s get something out of the way. Despite what a certain segment of the population (blue-haired fatties with indeterminate gender, mostly) seem to think, I’m not a racist. I’m a realist. I don’t treat anyone differently because of the color of their skin, I just think it’s stupid to ignore the fact that different races exist. You wouldn’t think that this obvious fact would be controversial, but if you’ve spent more than a minute on the internet in the last decade you would know that it is.

Want proof? Here goes. Ghetto Gaggers is a porn site that exclusively features black women getting forcefully fucked in the throat. And Ghetto Gaggers is fucking awesome.

Why would a racist want to hold down and fuck a black mouth like a cunt until the body attached to it gags and cries? People these days are just too sensitive.

Anyway, let’s ignore the social justice warriors for now. If you’re a modern accepting person like me, you should definitely swing by Ghetto Gaggers to sample the wares. I’ve already explained basically the entire premise of the site, so if that sounds like something you’d like it’s worth checking out.

But I guess I should give a bit more detail. Let’s see. The site has been around for sixteen years, so it probably isn’t going anywhere. There are probably two hundred hours of premium content here. It’s sort of a mix between amateur and professional—the filming and production is done with pro-level equipment and talents, but these aren’t your normal pornstars. They’re closer to girls that were picked off the street and convinced that being paid a few hundred bucks for eternal fame and misfortune was a fair trade-off.

Oh, I forgot to mention—it’s all videos of white guys practically enslaving these black throats. Nope, not racist at all.

The Police Lineup

Ghetto Gaggers takes a few risks with how it presents its porn to us, but I think they pay off. Most sites will have a thumbnail that captures an action shot and will let you mouse over that to see a few other particularly good moments from the video.

But Ghetto Gaggers isn’t most sites. Every single video’s thumbnail is the same—a girl with a gigantic load of cum all over her face. Usually, she’s got an expression that leads me to believe that she didn’t exactly enjoy getting blown on, but hey, these girls are there for my pleasure, not for their own. They’re consenting adults who got paid for their time, so I don’t really give a fuck if they regret having their throat rammed by giant cocks once the shame sets in.

That’s all you get. But what more do you need? The videos all go pretty much the same way, so it’s not like a preview would help. It’s going to be a video of a white dude forcefully using a black chick’s mouth like a pussy. She’s probably going to cry a bit, he’s probably going to switch to her pussy for a bit when he feels like it, then he’s going to nut on her face. It’s formulaic, but it’s a winning formula. If you want variety, go to Netflix, not a porn site.

Sorting isn’t great, but again most of the videos are relatively similar so there isn’t much need to sort. Search through the mugshots until you find one that you think would look nice with a cock in her mouth, then click on it and watch until you blow your load. It’ll probably be before the video is over, since most of these pornos are approaching an hour-long, so try to make a note of where you ended off for when it’s time for round two. Your Tinder date tonight is almost certainly just using you for a free meal, so your hand will come in handy again before you know it.

Here’s something crazy, though. So three of the four sorting options make sense: they’ve got most popular (which even you shouldn’t need me to explain), as well as alphabetical and reverse alphabetical sorts (likewise). But then they pull some absolute bullshit that I would almost feel like complaining about if it didn’t make me burst out laughing. The fourth sort option that Ghetto Gaggers often must be unique: you can sort by least popular videos. And believe me, based on the thumbnails, these videos are unpopular for a reason. But hey, if you want to fantasize that the girl in the video might actually give you the time of day instead of running away screaming when you approach, at least there’s a quick way to find an ugly chick.

Photosets, But For Once They Aren’t Shit

I’m going to make a very controversial statement here. Pull up Twitter, ready your pitchforks, and get ready to #cancel me because what I’m about to say might be the most unpopular, deviant, and upsetting opinion I’ve ever shared with the world.

I like porn photosets. Yes, I said it. Even though it’s not 1998 and I don’t have to brave the old west of internet porn anymore when downloading a thirty-second video clip meant tying up the phones for two days, I still like a good picture.

If you’re like me, stop reading this right now and get your fat ass over to Ghetto Gaggers. I know I’m an incredibly interesting person and its hard to tear yourself away from my charm, but trust me. Ghetto Gaggers is the only site I’ve ever come across that truly gets the appeal of photos and fucking knocks it out of the park.

A lot of sites these days are adding photo sets, but none do it quite like Ghetto Gaggers. Instead of a handful of good shots, Ghetto Gaggers captures hundreds. On each fucking video. Like, over a thousand on some. More photos than you could ever know what to do with, but you know what? That’s a hell of a lot better than too few.

I can’t overstate how fucking great this is. Every single perfect moment in a video is captured. It’s like flipping through a family photo album of some black slut’s worst day ever.

The look of regret as she takes her clothes off? Check. The face of dread as she sees the size of the cock she just agreed to swallow? They’ve got it. And that beautiful moment when the cum hits her face and she realizes that her jizz-smeared face is now online for anyone to see? It’s always there, and it’s always fucking perfect.

Oh, and the photos are basically art. They’re captured in 4K HD, so you can see every little detail. The videos themselves are in full HD too, and they’re even shot at 60 frames per second for a truer to life representation of the action.

You can take all of the videos and photos anywhere you can bring your device, too. Ghetto Gaggers lets you download entire photosets, selected photos, and full-length videos, so you’ll be able to find a way to jerk off even after your life falls apart and you can’t pay for your internet connection or phone bill anymore.

Open Your Wallet

You might be thinking Ghetto Gaggers sounds too good to be true. That there must be a catch, that nothing this perfect could really exist.

This is where you expect me to tell you that you’re wrong, that life sometimes works out, that this wonderland really is everything I described, right?

Well, lower your fucking expectations. Life isn’t a Disney movie. Things don’t work out. You’re going to die sad, alone, and in debt. And Ghetto Gaggers, though great, has one drawback—it’s not free.

It’s not exactly cheap, either, so if it strikes your fancy, sign up for their buck-a-day trial membership. Just don’t forget to cancel it if you change your mind, because I can assure you that these bastards will bill you for as much as they can as soon as it’s legal for them to do so.

If you do want to stick around (unlike these girls’ dads), you can sign up for a month for thirty bucks, or commit to three months for sixty-nine (get it?) dollars. To soften the blow a bit, your admission price also gets you access to their related sites: Ghetto Doorway, Ebony Cum Dumps, Porn Addict, POV Hotel, and Black on Black Crime. Check those ones out too, and if you like one or two of them, the price becomes a little bit more palatable. Unlike the cum that these guys are shooting into their black whores’ mouths, which, judging by their reactions, is entirely unpalatable. But these heroes tough it out for our masturbating enjoyment anyways, so at least there’s that.



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