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Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books where at the bottom of the page you'd decide what happened next? Depending on your choice, you'd skip to a different page or continue with the story. Life Selector has the same premise but for porn. When you sign in, all the available shows are on the homepage along with some filter and category options, including anal, BDSM, lesbian, solo and threesome. There are no page numbers as you browse, just infinite scrolling, so your finger might get tired because the numbers increased to 2,861 adventures and daily updates continue. After selecting a show, you can watch a trailer or get right to it and click Start Game. Get Started On Your X-Rated Adventure You're the guy in these POV scenes. In one, you play a teacher walking the halls of an all-girls private school, ogling all the hotties in plaid skirts. 

Then the intro cuts to you hanging out in the teacher's lounge, flirting with some of the other teachers before heading to class. Along the way, a blonde student hits on you. Do you hook up with her in a broom closet or continue to your classroom? If you choose door #1, some of the tamer "next steps" are free, such as "suggesting she get to class" or "giving her a tardy slip," but for around five credits, you can get a blowjob. Other items include "slap face," "mouth fuck" and "ball licking." Whatever you do to get off, another male teacher eventually catches the two of you in the act. For five credits, you can bribe him to keep his mouth shut, or for one credit, you can just give him the finger. Use Credits To Customize Your Experience Though it costs nothing to create an account, you ultimately decide how much you want to spend. 

While you can get through a whole story and only drop about 100 credits (about $10) it's easy to drop hundreds more if you keep purchasing options and trying out every possible alternate ending. At least once you've paid for something, you can replay it as many times as you want. On average, I was spending about 2.5 credits for every minute of footage (again, this can vary depending on the type of content and even the specific show), so you're looking at about $0.25/minute. Additionally, if you visit the site at least five days a week your loyalty will be rewarded with +25 bonus credits. Just note that you have to be logged in to your account to track these visits properly. High-Quality Interactive Porn Scenes Every show streams in Full HD. There's no option to download them, but it makes sense given their interactive nature and that you're not downloading any software. You can also check out 1,235 photo galleries and save the high-res images in Zip files. They will cost you credits just like the shows. There are sorting options and you can filter by category and pornstars, including Mia Malkova and August Ames.

 A basic search and extensive tags are available and you can rate the scenes and add them to your favorites. There's a model index and each girl has stats and large thumbs, with a plot synopsis and any related tags. How To Cancel Life Selector The benefit of a PPV site is that there are no recurring fees so there is no paid subscription to cancel. Still, if you look through their billing and tech FAQ, they do explain that the cancelation of your free account is possible by submitting a request to their support team. Their only contact option is an online form. If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to contact our team and we'll help you out. A Unique Pay Per View Porn Site Signing up is free, so check it out and get a little taste, then use our Life Selector discount to save 33% on a 500-credit package. Honestly, this is an easy recommendation. You're getting an incredibly interactive POV experience - like VR without all the expensive and bulky gear. If you aren't a fan of the credit system, Interactive GF is the exact same site except it works on a flat-fee monthly plan instead of a PPV basis.



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