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I really like the layout because it’s so familiar. If you’ve ever been on a porn tube site (and of course you have, don’t lie) then you’ll be familiar with how this website works as well. you’ve got your most important links up in the navigation bar and the tabs are put into place so that they’re easily accessible. You can get to most important sections just by using that navigation bar, while the content is below that in the main part of the website. Things like Categories, the Search function, the All videos section, can all be found in the navigation bar. The only problem is that the bar is so damn bulky. There are over 4700 videos waiting for you on this site You’ve also got the Home button, though the logo will take you straight to the homepage as well. You can click on either one. The All Videos section is more important though as this is where all the juicy stuff is held. You’ll find all your favorite videos here so make sure that you go straight to this section if you don’t care about which genre you’re going to watch. There are over 4700 videos on this website and they’ve all got your name on them since they’re completely free and you won’t have to pay a dime in order to watch them. Some very specific categories when it comes to series Talk about a large repository, that sure is a lot of videos. However, if you’re more of a guy that has a certain genre that he prefers, then you should definitely check out the Categories section of the site as this is where you’ll be able to filter through the videos according to the category that they are in. also features some interesting categories that aren’t your everyday vanilla ones. You’ll find categories that are specific to certain premium site porn series and the likes of that. Insane amount of ads that will annoy the shit out of you There is one thing that is definitely a shitty feature that has, and that’s the abundance of ads. I mean, you should’ve expected that, seeing as how these videos are really expensive to get and ads don’t pay that much anyway. Not only are there ads for products, but normal links on also disguised themselves as ads for other sites. You’ll find plenty of pop up ads as well as banner ads, and probably the worse ones of them all are the ads that pop up every time you try to use any of the commands of the video player. Get ready to wrestle with the ads on the video player Yeah, you heard me right. Pretty much every time you want to pause the video, change the volume, go full screen or anything else that has to do with the videos player buttons, you’ll have to click on the video, go through a pop-up ad and close it, and only then will you have access to the controls for the video player. This is beyond annoying, but I guess that has to make money somehow. There are so many ads on this website that it really gets in the way of you enjoying the place for what it’s supposed to be. Your relaxation porn utopia will be shattered when you start using this website. But I guess it’s not all that bad, and once you’re used to the ads, this is probably one of the best porn sites that you can get for the money. And when I say get for the money I mean not pay anything at all. (often misspelled as "") is a perfect place for you to see all of your favorite premium series in their entirety without having to pay for the actual subscriptions to those websites. It’s insanely useful and it will have you hooked from the moment that you start watching videos on the platform. And with its many features and a beautiful design, it will certainly have you coming back for more in no time.


some of the best premium series are available here


a complete disaster when it comes to ads

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