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RoundAndBrown! I wasn’t feeling great, so I went to the doctor this morning. I told him how I’ve been sweating in bed, unable to sleep, shaking, and continuously thinking of thick, Black asses. The good doctor diagnosed me with Jungle Fever and told me the only cure was a visit to Round And Brown.

In case the name hasn’t tipped you off, is a pornographic showcase of the hottest, sluttiest Ebony goddesses in the business today. It’s a RealityKings site, which practically guarantees top-shelf smut. Let’s find out if RoundAndBrown delivers.

I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

Once you get signed up and logged in, you’ll get dropped off onto the main RealityKings site. If you’ve only got a RoundandBrown subscription, your vids are going to be right there, front and center. If you’ve got one of those package deals with a bunch of sites, you’ll have to navigate your way to the proper section.

If you like thick, shapely broads with perfect brown skin, you’re going to be rock hard just looking at the thumbnails that come up. Hover over for a preview and good luck trying not to cum before you actually watch a video.

The default sorting order is By Date. There are 726 videos right now, a healthy number, but it looks like they only update with a new clip every 2 weeks. That’s not an impressive number and may be one of the ways RealityKings gets you to sign up for more of their smut. More memberships mean more updates.

Going back through the archives is like masturbating through history. Well, a decade and a half of history, anyway. RoundAndBrown posted its first Ebony fuck flick in 2004, and have managed to outlive most of the competition. The early videos are only in 480p, but the girls were as beautiful and depraved back then.

The overall quality of the material is clearly there. Even from just the screengrabs, it’s very apparent that this ain’t amateur hour at the strip club. The images are crisp and the camera work is professional, capturing these stunning Black women as they get fucked in every hole.

There’s all kinds of depravity going on, but I’m seeing a similar theme in every image. RoundAndBrown is all about Black broads getting banged by White dudes.

Who’s Up for a Chocolate Shake?

If you’re one of those Ebony porno fans who gets paralyzed by choice, well, be prepared to spend a long time leaking pre-cum into your drawers. Good god, there’s a lot to choose from.

From the front page alone, I can watch Alexis Avery being tit-fucked beside a pool or Noemie Bilas getting boned up the butthole. I can also choose from videos called Ebony Boob Wash, Glitter Booty, or Pump Her Rump.

You know, of all the depravity on full display, it’s a half-second clip of Cassidy Banks walking around a bed in shorts and a t-shirt that gets me. I think it’s the subtle jiggle of her titties and those thick thighs that hints at all the fun you could have with this girl. The fingering, pussy-licking, and cock-riding in the preview didn’t hurt, either.

The Masseuse and Her Secret

A friend of mine told me about a new massage place that opened up downtown. It’s in kind of a ritzy area, but knowing the guy who recommended it, I made a few assumptions about the place. You should have seen the masseuse’s face when I whipped my dick out. I did end up cumming, but then I spent the next five hours hiding from the police in a dumpster.

The lucky motherfucker in Masseuse Secret doesn’t have that problem. His issue is that his masseuse, Cassidy, is a nymphomaniac and needs his long dick now.

The description says he adds some extra “massage oil” all over her big tits. It’s in quotes, so they’re clearly referring to something else. I wonder what it could be. Does he spray her down with rosewater, washer fluid, or tarter sauce? There’s only one way to find out. I hit the play button.

There’s literally no buffering before Cassidy comes bouncing down the stairs and jiggling around the bed, just like in the preview. “What’s up?” she says.

Let me tell you what’s up. The RealityKings video player is a clean, efficient piece of web technology. It’s fairly basic, the only even semi-noteworthy features a Chromecast icon and adjustable video quality, but it gets the job done.

I typed that paragraph as the video was opening, and Cassidy’s already got oil all over her tits and is bouncing them at the camera. She’s what they call a non-traditional masseuse. Honestly, if she does house calls, I’m putting down some plastic. The broad’s pretty careless with that oil, but it’s a small price to pay.

There’s a list of tags below, with blue boxes for each. There’s a box for Masturbation, two for Tittyfuck, and four for Blowjob. Clicking any of them brings you to the section of the video with that particular sex act. I’ve seen similar features on other porn sites, but it’s a slightly different implementation here. It allows deeper cataloging of the sex acts without cluttering up the timeline. Nice.

The whole scene is nearly 40 minutes long, so you can definitely have a couple of good sessions with it. I clicked the Like button to let other perverts know it’s good and then clicked Favorite to save it to my personal stash.

The Download button is going to be the death of me. Well, my hard drive will go first, but they’ll probably find my emaciated husk somewhere down the line, surrounded by crusty socks, soiled tissues, and empty lotion bottles. Files are available from 320p all the way up to 1080p.

Every Type of Black Smut

You can find a list of tags in the Description and Categories drop-down above the video. Masseuse Secret is tagged with such perversion as Innie Pussy, Ebony, Big Tits Worship, and Doggystyle - Standing. Clicking any of them searches all of your membership sites on RealityKings.

The way they combine their sites in one place is convenient in a lot of ways for the modern pervert, but it also has some disadvantages. One of my issues is with the categories. There’s no site-specific Catagories page, nor is there a way to narrow the main Categories page by site.

The only way to see a list of categories from RoundAndBrown is to navigate to that section of RealityKings, and click By Category. You’ll get a search bar with a dropdown beneath it, listing the different tags. It works, but it’s way less efficient than it could be.

You can filter the scenes By Category. Just type what you’re looking for into the bar and hope the tag is listed. They let you choose as many as you want to narrow down the search. Too many sites omit that basic feature, so RoundAndBrown has that going for them.

The bigger the collection gets, the more important these features are. RealityKings pumps a lot of money into their whole operation, so let’s hope it gets ironed out during one of their renovations.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Right now, RoundAndBrown has over 700 videos. Considering they’re all high-quality, full-length RealityKings productions, I think the membership price is fair. It’s thirty bucks a month, which is the going rate for a paysite these days.

You get a lower rate if you pay upfront for a longer membership. For my money, the best bet is to go for one of the RealityKings package deals that include a bunch of sites. It’s the best bang for your buck if you’re going to want a bigger variety.

They’ve also got a 2-day trial membership for a buck if you’re not sure. If you like Black babes, you’re going to have a hard time walking away after a quick look.

It’s hard to turn around without bumping into an Ebony porn site these days, so it takes a damn fine product to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. RoundAndBrown has that product. The updates don’t come as fast as I’d like, but goddamn, that’s some lovely smut. Downloads make even occasional memberships worth a cut of your paycheck.



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