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Sean Cody is one of the powerhouses of jock gay porn. For years it has featured web-only productions with attractive amateur models in solo and hardcore videos with high production values. The guys are usually attractive jocks and guy-next-door types, and while they start out as amateurs, many go on to be Sean Cody stars appearing in several dozen videos, however others come and go pretty quickly. We last reviewed the site just a year ago, but there have been some changes we need to talk about.

Sean Cody started out as a straight guy site where the models jacked off and some, but not all, followed up with their first guy-on-guy sexual experiences. These days there's less emphasis on straight guys but there are still some. The guys range from 18 to their early thirties, usually college or jock types with not too many tattoos. Many have smooth or lightly hairy chests and are muscular and ripped. Cock sizes are all over the map, although there are definitely some good-sized ones. And while the models from years ago tended to be clean-shaven, some of the guys now have trimmed facial hair that accentuates their good looks. And that's not to say that there aren't regular guy types to be found - there are plenty for you guy-next-door lovers.

Most of the models filmed introductory solos, but as of June of 2019 the site stopped filming solos, however thanks to the pandemic and restrictions on production, solos popped back on the site starting in March 2020. They have filmed 20 of these in the past year.

Most action scenes take place indoors with guys sucking, rimming, fucking and blowing their cum loads together. In 2011, Sean Cody filmed its first bareback sex scene and most new releases are raw. The sucking and fucking is caught at a wide variety of angles thanks to good camera work, and the scenes feature sizzling action. Videos often begin with some non-sex footage outdoors, often on the beaches near San Diego or showing the models horsing around or playing various sports. They then continue indoors to fuck in a variety of positions before the guys cum on each other.

Sean Cody offers 982 streaming videos (763 action and 219 solo) in MP4 format. These are viewed in an adaptive player that resizes to fit your screen; the vids showed on my large monitor at 1580x890. They're offered in four speeds with the highest resolutions offering the best quality, and these also enlarge best to full screen. There are also several lower res versions that are good for smaller screens and those on slower connections. The older videos from 2003 or later are shown in the same size player at good amateur quality, but they come in only two speeds and don't quite fill the player. They're not as crisp on my larger monitor and they don't fare well in full-screen mode, but they do pretty well on mobiles. If you like, you can shrink your browser to improve playback. 

Most of the episodes include a picture set. The newer pics are sized at 1200x800 or 1080x720 at good to very good quality. It's hard to know whether they're digital stills or screencaps, but they are all landscape orientation, which often means screencaps. Older sets may contain either digital stills sized at 480x720 or screencaps at 1177x800; these screencaps have been enlarged, so they're average quality at best. The pics can only now be saved individually, as the site has removed downloadable zip files. You can navigate from pic to pic easily enough in the player, but there's a slideshow feature as well.

Let's talk about updates. First, while solos have their own section, you'll find all of the updates in the Scenes section. Good news is that updates have continued to be added twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays. More good news is that the updates are all fresh productions.