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Want to see some tiny chicks on huge dicks at Tiny 4K? In the world of pornography, bigger and better often mean smaller and tighter. Finding the most petite babes with the tiniest cunts has been an obsession of the industry since the very start. The end-user gets to live vicariously through the films, kung-fu grips on their dicks to simulate the feel of virgin poon. Tiny4k brings smut’s love of tiny sluts into the new millennium with 4K ultra-definition videos so crisp it’s like jerking off into the future.

Tiny4k is a young site, having only been around a few years. The early days of a nudie site are a delicate time, and most sites just don’t have the T&A power to stay afloat in this competitive world of fuck videos. Tiny4k has not only managed to stick around, but they’re getting a couple of million views a month. Today, I’m going to be one of them.

Big Dicks, Tiny Twats

The preview page has a handful of short sample clips. They’re only about a minute each, full of quick and dirty montages. It’s enough to get you excited, but cut in a way that’s going to make it hard to whack off to the free material. Clever.

The sample at the top of Tiny4k is from a movie called Soaking Up The Sun, with Leah Gotti. I’m crazy about this chick because she reminds me of a really slutty Anna Kendrick who sometimes does anal taboo hardcore.

Leah smiles and shows off her tits, pussy, and asshole for the first half of the sample, and then the stud shows up. Dude fucking towers over the little whore, who does a naked handstand to give him better access.

As advertised, the 4k video is crisp as fuck. You can view this site on your phone, but you have to check out the clarity on a larger screen. You can make out every wrinkle of Leah’s puckered asshole. The girl looks practically edible.

Other sample clips include Playing Small Pins, in which Hime Marie takes a cock that looks way bigger than her forearm, and one with Piper Perri as a sexy Harley Quinn knockoff who’s going to drive you nerds up the wall.

It’s clear from the preview page that Tiny4k isn’t offering some half-ass, second-rate spank fodder. This is super high-def, super high-quality, with some of the hottest talent in the industry. I made my way to the sign-up page to see what they were asking for a bite of these teen tarts.

Tiny4k is about thirty bucks a month, with cheaper options if you pay for a few months or a year at a time. In other words, it’s the standard price for a porno site these days. They’ve also got a one-day trial membership for just a buck a day. Unless you’ve got a broken wrist, you’re going to get solid fucking value for that dollar.

A Huge Collection of Tiny Girls

If every pornstar on Tiny4k is under 100 pounds, you’d have to get 40 tiny girls together to equal tiny 4K pounds. They’re not offering pussy by the pound or anything, I just thought it was an interesting number.

It’s amazing what they can do with technology. Our phones got smaller for years before getting bigger, and now we can watch 4k ultra-definition porno while sitting on the toilet when we’re supposed to be working. Questionably safe boner pills offer enlarged units for wrecking smaller and smaller vajajays. Tiny4k serves up a growing mountain of teeny, tiny little whores.

Once you log in, the front page will try to seduce you into buying more porn with some scrolling banner ads. I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money, but I’m here for the tiny girls getting banged, which take up the rest of the page.

Screencaps offer a menu of Tiny4k’s latest scenes. They’re putting out a video a week right now, though if you browse the archive you’ll see they’ve experimented with different release schedules.

They’ve got a few hundred vids right now, stretching back to 2014. If you’re a volume consumer of porn who needs the absolute biggest collection for your buck, there are better porn sites out there. Tiny4k is for enthusiasts of little girls impaled on monster poles.

Beneath the newest clips are the Top-Rated Tiny4k Scenes. That Leah Gotti clip I mentioned is the number one most popular clip right now. Not bad for something they put out in 2016.

At the bottom of the front page, you’ll find Latest Network Scenes and Top-Rated Network scenes. For the truly dense, these come from other sites on the network. They’re kind of a trick, because you don’t have access to most of them. Look for the Latest scenes without padlock icons on the screengrab. The rest take you to previews and sign-up pages.

A Notable Absence of BBC

One thing that immediately stood out to me was the lack of Big Black Cock on the main page. It’s a common sight when you’re surfing videos of petite bitches getting slammed.

I pulled up Tiny4k’s Search function and typed BBC into the bar. Nothing came up. Interracial brought up nothing, and Ebony revealed no videos of Black sluts getting hammered. Black did find a video called Black Cock Lover. It stars Tiffany Fox, a tight little nympho who loves up some BBC in the video.

Other gaps in Tiny4k’s catalog include a total lack of Asian babes and only 3 Anal videos. Blowjob isn’t a tag and neither is Oral, so good luck honing in on the head. There are plenty of Teens and Blondes, though.

You know, it’s entirely possible Tiny4k has everything I’m claiming they don’t. They have a video tagging system, but it doesn’t seem to be well-implemented at all. I can’t even find tag lists on any of the individual video pages, which is honestly stupid. Get with the program, Tiny4k. Every other video site does tags better than you.

Stretching Out StepSis

I searched the site for clips tagged with Taboo, but came up empty-handed. Fortunately, the most recently added clip is a 35-minute fuckfest called StepSis Video Hookup. It stars Hime Marie and based on the monster cock penetrating that tight cunt in the screengrab, it’s exactly the video I want to watch right now.

The clip did take a few seconds of buffering to start, and there was a short lag when skipping around on the time bar. I’m not surprised—keep in mind that 4K video takes a lot more bandwidth. If you want to watch at max resolution, make sure you have decent equipment and a good connection. You can lower the quality all the way down to 360p if you’re hard-up, but you’re missing one of Tiny4k’s selling points.

You get a little preview of the action if you hover your mouse over different parts of the timeline. I prefer to have the various sex acts tagged and marked for quick access, but Tiny4k’s method is a passable second best.

I’m a little disappointed by the lack of speed control on the video player. I feel like slow-mo bangs and cumshots would really shine at this resolution, but hopefully, they’ll roll that in at some point.

Tiny4k’s social media features include a Like system that works a lot like Facebook’s. Hovering over the Like gives you different penis emoji reactions I can’t entirely make sense of. I chose the wide-eyed dick cartoon as my reaction to StepSis Video Hookup.

Beneath the video, you’ll find access to trailers, screencaps, pictures, and downloadable videos. You can choose any resolution from 720 up to 4K, so make sure you have plenty of hard drive space before you start collecting.

Tiny4k doesn’t have the biggest collection of porno on the Internet, but what they have is arguably one of the best stashes of tiny chicks taking enormous dicks. The girls are beautiful and talented, the production is tight, and the picture is as clear as it gets today. Tiny4k is worth the membership for fans of the littlest whores.



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