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Finding love on BoyFriendTv

Well, you may not find love on BoyFriendTv, but you will find a good porn video that you’ll love jerking off to on there. BoyFriendTv is a site with some of the best gay porn on it ever. There is a shit load of porn on there that you’ll enjoy. Well, will you? Grab your boyfriend’s hand, stare lovingly at his cock and let’s get this review underway, shall we?

The porn on BoyFriendTv

There’s a lot of porn on BoyFriendTv. Most of it is gay porn, as I’m sure you may have guessed, but there is also trans and crossdressing porn. Not sure if crossdressing porn is too different from gay porn (we are kind of out of my area of expertise), but there’s a shit load of porn to take your fancy on this porn site.

Most of the gay porn on this site is over 10 minutes long too. This is great, I love longer porn scenes, I can’t stand these porn sites that offer you 5 minutes of porn to get you turned on and then end! Most of the porn that I have checked so far has been HD too. So, BoyFriendTv has a lot of good porn on it, is there anything that will stop this site from getting a great review?

The design of BoyFriendTv

The design of BoyFriendTv is so close that I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. However, I am going to do just like that cos I’m an anal cunt (pun)! I really like the design of this site, it is close enough to make the porn look good, but the design is missing a few key features. For example, there is no preview thingy on the thumbnails, and the side of the page is a little messy. See, told you I was anal (pun, again), that’s all that’s wrong with the design of BoyFriendTv!

Additional features I’d love BoyFriendTv to add

As I said, the design of this porn site is fucking close and if you are going on this site to watch porn, you’ll probably never notice the little tweaks and twinks I’d love them to make. However, if BoyFriendTv did make a few changes to the design of the website, it would be one of the best gay porn sites in the world! All they would have to do is get rid of the little green circles in the corner of the thumbnails, get previews and tidy up the side of page. Do that, BoyFriendTv, and you’ll have a fucking awesome site!

The Geek’s final thoughts on BoyFriendTv

BoyFriendTv is a great place to spend some time and explore some porn. Yeah, sure, it could be better, but I don’t think you’ll even notice the little design things that we did! Check out BoyFriendTv if you don’t want to find love, but want to find some patties to jerk your fatties to.