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The Geek checks out XGayTube

Right, I have been on a quest to find the greatest sites in the world for a while now. I have been searching the sites all over the web for the greatest sites that are fun to use, have loads of porn and can make even the most decerning porn lovers cum in their pants. I decided a while ago that I needed to extend my perfect site search to gay porn sites too. I did this cos my lovely gay readers deserve the best porn too. And so, I began my search and found a bunch of shit sites that aren’t worth pissing on let alone cumming on. However, then I discovered XGayTube, and this could be as close to perfection that I have come across so far on my quest for the best gay sites in the world.

Now, before you lovely lot get too hard, XGayTube isn’t perfect, but it does have some cracking porn on it. So, bearing in mind that XGayTube ain’t totally perfect, let’s delve deeper into this gay site and see why I am so impressed with it, shall we? However, first, we must start this  site review with some of the shitty stuff about this site.

The design issues on XGayTube

You can see a screenshot of XGayTube, so you already know what the fuck I am going to say! This site has really shit styling! I am sorry, but come on, XGayTube! How can you offer so much great porn and yet have one of the most mediocre designs I have ever come across on my travels around the gay porn world?

These kid of sites should feel light, fresh and modern, this way, they are really nice to use. However, I can see cobwebs and dust in the code of this site from here. It is a shockingly old, bland and dull style for a site. Now, I know this sounds harsh, but XGayTube offers some of the most high-calibre porn that I have come across, and so I will beat these fuckers down for their styling because, quite frankly, it makes their porn look shit and their porn isn’t shit. Don’t believe me? Okay, on to the next part of this porn review then!

XGayTube has some fantastic porn on it!

I am staring at nine porn videos on XGayTube. The shortest one of these is 16 minutes long. Most of them are in the 20-minute range and the longest porn video, just in these nine, is 31 minutes long. Now, I haven’t just hand-picked these porn videos to demonstrate how long the porn is, this just happened to be the thumbnails that were on my screen as I began writing this section! This is amazing! I haven’t seen a gay site with this many FREE full-length porn scenes on it ever! Oh yeah, I forgot to say, XGayTube is totally free, in fact, I don’t think there is anywhere to sign up for this shit at all!

All of the porn I have tried on XGayTube has been at least HD, and all of it has worked perfectly. So, the styling of XGayTube may be shit, but the servers are clearly more than capable of keeping up with the porn offerings, so that is great news. Also, it would appear that XGayTube is updated every few days with brand new porn too. XGayTube has all your favourite gay pornstars too (maybe, I don’t know about gay pornstars, I am just assuming so we can all be asses).

XGayTube could be the big dick in the gay porn scene!

XGayTube is close to the perfect gay site that I have searching for during these porn reviews. I actually found a straight porn site that was very similar to XGayTube a few weeks ago and nearly called it perfect despite the shitty design. However, just because of the shitty design on both, I can’t call them the perfect sites. But XGayTube could be the big dick in the gay porn industry. If the owners of this site gave it a facelift and made it look all fancy and modern, this site would be as close to perfect as possible. Come on, XGayTube you can do that shit. You don’t have too many ads, you have the most amount of full-length porn I have ever seen on one site and everything works great, you are just missing the nice design! Do it, please, for the love of fuck, give your site a facelift, let me know that you have and I’ll send you a badge or something that says you’re my favourite gay site! Do it, do it for you, do it for me, do it for my sexy readers!

My final thoughts on XGayTube

I have really enjoyed my time on X Gay Tube. I think that this site certainly has one of the best collections of porn that I have seen on any porn tube site and not just gay sites, but the whole gambit of sites that I have reviewed. However, I cannot give it the perfect score because of the styling. This site is the closest to perfection I have found, and I would love it to be the best gay porn site in the world.

Clearly, if you love a bit of dick on dick action, then you should check out X Gay Tube because you will love it. There are bloody hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent, full-length porn scenes on this site and loads of amateurs content too. You will have a lot of cock-hardening fun on XGayTube, go check it out and tell em the Geek with the meek dick sent you!