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All hail Celeb Gate! I remember the first time I visited celeb.gate.cc, their design and overall presentation was pure shit, which made me quite sad, since who does not want to see some hot naked pictures of celebrities? Well, today, their design has completely changed, for the better, and while I think that they could have made a darker layout instead of pure white, I can’t complain since their content is fucking hot.

When it comes to the content CelebGate has to offer, it really does not matter if you prefer videos, galleries, or just specific shit, because who could resist watching the scandalous images and clips of hot celebrities who did not know that their shit will go viral? The site also states that these are the banned videos of celebrities, and I am sure that you will love this place as much as I fucking do.

Everything is already straight-forward, but I am here to explain all the shit I explored and saw, just to make the browsing easier for you lazy fuckers. Honestly, I do not mind talking about such things, since searching for new, legit, porn places online is actually my hobby. This is why when I say that a site is worth a visit, you better fucking believe that it is.

The homepage is made in a very simple way, and if you look on the right side, you can see what the site has to say about themselves. I always read this section, just to see if they are idiots who enjoy lying to the audience, or if they are actually genuine. Honestly, while they do have a description on the side, they do not really say anything special; even if that shit was not there, all that was said was already implied.

Now, the first thing that made me cringe when I visited this shit, is the fact that you cannot really see anything unless you create an account. I do not know about you, but creating an account on a site that I am not even fucking sure if it is legit or not is quite bullshit. Lucky for you, I am here to check it out beforehand, and tell you all about this place.

The only shit you are allowed to do as a non-member is browsing the celebrities who do have something naughty here. You can open their profile, where they will have their fucking bio written, for I do not know what reason. I mean, writing the bio of a pornstar is understandable since most of us do not know much about those bitches… but why the fuck would I need to see a bio of an existing celebrity.

You have the fucking Wiki for that shit, there is no reason to list their bio here. Besides that, you can see some of her other details, such as her birth, birthplace, as well as the number of videos, pictures and leaked content she has, and that is currently on the site. The pictures you can open without a problem, but for the clips and leaked content, you should create an actual account.

Keep in mind that the videos suggested on this site are not all home sex tapes and all that crap, which is probably the shit we all thought about at first. Some of these videos include naked or sex scenes from their movies and nothing else, and the same shit applies to pictures. Of course, there is a special section for the leaked private clips as well, otherwise, I would probably not even suggest this place.

The registration process is simple, and if you intend to browse the shit here quite often, then I really do suggest you create an account. On top of Celeb Gate, there are a couple of ways to list the shit here, as well as some other options I will mention now. For example, you have a special Blog page, that should be self-explanatory.

In the Blog section, you can read posts, news, and stories about leaked crap from celebrities, which I honestly do not know why you would. Who gives a shit about the story behind it, we all came here to watch some content and not read erotica. However, if you are interested in this, you should know that such a section does exist.

There is also a section called ‘The Fappening’, which will show beautiful celebrities who are masturbating. Everything about this section, what it offers, and what you can expect is all listed on that page. So if you are interested, you should check it out yourself, because if I start talking about this crap, I will never fucking stop.

The last section of the site is called ‘Playboy’ and I am pretty fucking sure you all know what the hell you can see here. That is right, gorgeous celebrities who were in some way, connected to this beautiful magazine, which is now a porn site. Again, everything concerning Playboy and all the shit it offers will be listed in that section so make sure to check it out, since I am too fucking lazy to mention everything.

One very annoying thing on the site is that they did not really offer any sort of search options, just a search box. I understand that people would be searching by the name of their favorite celebrity, but I prefer to search by the naughty act instead. Hopefully, they will add that in the future, and make this place even more attractive.

Basically, if you like to see your favorite celebrity chicks in a naughty act, I suggest you visit this place. Celeb.gate.cc is a great site, with a good design, and a lot of gorgeous celebrities who have posted or been featured in a couple of naughty videos or images. So have fun browsing!



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