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Yeah, baby! Sexy-Youtubers, aka Social Media Girls! Do you want to see social media influencers naked at SexyYoutubers? With the rise of social media and the popularity of sites like Youtube that allow people to become “internet famous,” there has also been an increase in the number of sexy chicks who are in the public eye. There are now tons of hot Youtube personalities, Instagram models, Twitch streamers, private Snapchat accounts, Patron girls, and sites like Only Fans that let you subscribe to girls’ pages for a monthly fee in order to view exclusive pictures and videos of them either scantily clad, fully nude, or rubbing their pussies for you.

The internet, among all of the good that it has done for us fanatical fappers, has provided a whole new tier of celebrity. Which means, of course, that it has also offered us a whole new tier of celebrity nudes to leak and to drain our cocks to. I’m talking Sexy Youtubers like Jenna Marbles and Anna Zapala, droves of beautiful girls who use Youtube as a medium to post wildly popular ASMR videos of them creating soothing, relaxing noises that some people have a near-orgasmic reaction to, and hundreds of thousands of girls with payment-based Snapchat subscriptions on which they bare it all … for a price. Thanks to the internet, though, there are ways to bypass that price.

Thankfully for us, there are sites out there like that are updated regularly with new leaked photos, sexy bikini pics, sex tapes, nip slips, cleavage shots, and steamy photoshoots of all of our favorite social media gals. Ever wonder what your favorite ASMR girl looks like naked? Of course, you have. Just head on over to and put to rest that pesky curiosity.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to bang Jenna Marbles. God, she is so sexy. Although there haven’t been any leaked sex tapes or masturbation photos of her (yet), Sexy Youtubers does have a bunch of really sexy photos of her in lingerie and tiny little short-shorts for me to enjoy in the meantime. Now whenever I stumble upon her stuff on Youtube, I have a whole new dimension of viewing to enjoy. Once you’ve seen a girl nude (or at least mostly nude), it becomes infinitely easier to picture her as such in any situation from that point on.

Although there aren’t nearly as many sites dedicated to naughty pics and videos of social media personalities (I believe some people have started referring to them as ‘influencers,’ which seems accurate enough, seeing as they are pretty good at influencing me to cum) as there are celebrity leak sites, there are still a handful to choose from. And, as is the case anytime there is more than one site of a particular type on the web, some are going to be much better than others. That being said, let’s take a look at how Sexy Youtubers stacks up.

Awesome, Minimalist Site Design

I really like the design of the site. From the moment you land on the home page, you will notice how minimalist and stripped down it is. There is no unnecessary clutter, it is aesthetically appealing, there is an easy to navigate layout. Sexy Youtubers offers a classic white background with black text, giving it a kind of elegant, timeless feel that you don’t come across much in the world of online porn. It is clean and pleasant to navigate.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a centered logo and menu bar. In what appears to be Times New Roman font, the logo bears the name of the site; underneath it is a brief description in a much smaller font which reads, “The home of Hot and Sexy Youtubers. Leaked Nudes. Nipple Slips. Bikini Pictures and More!” The site’s title and subtitle as a whole also function as a convenient “home” button when clicked.

Professional Layout

Underneath that, framed by two thin, horizontal black lines is the menu bar, which sprawls from margin to margin. Here you can select between “Home,” “Sex Games” (this brings you to Adult Game Pass), “Main Categories” (dropdown: Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, private Snapchat, Instagram models, Patreon, Only Fans), “Popular Categories” (dropdown: sexy photos, leaked nudes, sex tapes, nipple slips, bikini photos, revealing cleavage, photoshoots), “Submit requests,” “Contact,” “Free Porn Sites” (which brings you, ingeniously, to, and “Social Media Girls” (which brings you to a similar (and, I would say, inferior) site to Sexy Youtubers.

As far as this menu bar goes (save for maybe the games link), I’d say that it’s fairly helpful. It definitely gets the job done and allows you to navigate the site easily and conveniently without much confusion. The only gripe I do have here (and, admittedly, it is a small one) is that the term “categories” seems to be used somewhat freely. I’m talking about their “Main Categories” and “Popular Categories” sections. It seems to me as if one is actually a list of categories (the stuff in “Popular Categories”) and the other is something else.

Maybe, just to avoid any possible confusion, I would refer to this section as ‘Sources’ or “Girls.” Again, not a big deal … I know I’m being a little nitpicky. But, hey, that’s kind of my job.

The site’s layout reminds me a little bit of a news site, with the main ‘articles’ (or, in this case, posts of girls) slightly left-justified, and links and references to the right, so that as you scroll down the main content, you also find new lists and sections to check out in the process. To the right of the main posts (which take the form of giant thumbnails and a brief description/tagging), you’ll find a list of the entire directory of girls that Sexy Youtubers has posts of (“All Social Media Girls), as well as a few additional links to a couple of cam sites and some free porn sites (hentai, amateur, reviews, tubes, etc.). Overall, a very convenient and straightforward site layout.

Leaks, Slips, and Private Pics

As far as the site’s content itself is concerned: well, just like with any site that deals primarily in leaks, it’s bound to be pretty hit or miss. That is, of course, not a shortcoming of the site. It’s just the nature of the game. Leaked photos and videos are seldom about the quality of the image anyway. It’s more about the excitement that comes from finally getting to see the girl of your dreams without any clothes on; a girl who, in this case, has probably popped up on your newsfeed on a semi-daily basis for the last year (or longer for some).

Part of it is about seeing that which you are not supposed to see. I’d be lying if I said there was not something at least a little voyeuristic about it. These photos, after all, were (more often than not) not meant for your eyes. In most cases, the leaks are from private photoshoots, or videos that girls intended for only their boyfriends or fuckbuddies to see. That, it seems, only adds to the excitement of leaked photos. Having said that, as long as you adjust your expectations accordingly, Sexy Youtubers’ content is just as good (if not better due to the convenient site layout and design) than any other leaks site out there.

Time to Kill the Buzz

There is (as there so often is) one giant buzzkill with this site, though. There are tons of fucking ads on this site. Those of you who have been following my reviews already know damn well how I feel about ads: they are unnecessary, sloppy, and really fucking annoying. Especially on a site that, otherwise, is designed so well and is so nice to look at. The ads almost undo all of that beautiful code, creating a huge fucking eyesore where there just does not need to be any.

The ads on Sexy Youtubers aren’t even small, negligible, or non-invasive either. They are all over the site; right under the menu bar, to the right of the articles on the home page, to the right of the content when you click into it. There are even popups that open new tabs and windows. Plus, many of the ads move and feature solo dicks mid-fap—definitely not what I’m trying to see when I look at porn. This is just un-fucking-acceptable as far as I’m concerned. It is, contrary to popular belief, possible (and not so difficult, actually) to have an ad-free porn site that doesn’t charge (just look at mine).

Speaking of my site, however, Sexy Youtubers does link to So, even though their ads are really fucking annoying, this does cushion the blow a little bit (at least they have good taste).

All in all, if you are looking for an easy to use, well-designed site with tons of photos, videos, leaks, and sex tapes of the internet girls you know and love, Sexy Youtubers is a great place to do it. You’ll have to put up with some annoying ads, sure, but maybe they’ll eventually come around to the idea of taking them down … Until then, happy fapping, and good luck on the never-ending hunt of forbidden pussy pics.



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