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What can you expect at Ero Profile? With the rise of social media, it seems as if the basics of the internet have been altered. More and more sites now have faced pressures from users to integrate social media features. It is no longer enough for a website to merely exist as a hub of content. People want interactivity, want to feel like they are a part of their online content, as opposed to just a consumer of it.

The porn world has not been immune from keeping up with this trend. It would seem as if the days of porn sites simply curating content and making it available for lonely fappers such as yourselves are long gone. We saw this play itself out with the rise of sites like  where you can not only enjoy pornographic videos and photos, but you can connect with users from all over the world through their dating site capabilities.

The same thing happened with other tube sites such as Porn Hub and . Whereas we used to go to Porn Hub just to bust a quick nut, we can now upload homemade videos, comment on and vote on content, and interact with the girls from those videos. We are indeed in a new age of porn, where interactivity is king.

Amid all of this renovation being done to the world of online porn, popped up as one of the first sites dedicated almost entirely to appeal to users’ desires for a greater sense of community and humanity when it comes to their porn viewing experience. Billing themselves as “the ultimate adult community in the world,” their motto is “Connect and share with adults worldwide.” And their site is nothing less straightforward than that: a place for adults to share and communicate with other adults. I’m emphasizing the word “adults” here intentionally (more on that later).

Easy to Navigated (If a Little Dated) Website Design

From the moment you land on Eroprofile’s homepage, it becomes immediately apparent that you have just entered a community-focused amateur porn archive. You have a large banner at the top of the page, with a purple background, menu bar, and an awesome drawing of a badass busty ginger chick squinting and sticking her tongue out like a rock star. Below that, you’ll find large thumbnails of amateur women (and trans girls) in all sorts of varying states of (un)dress and fucking. There is no discernible organizational structure to how the images appear.

In the menu bar, you’ll find the following options: “Home,” “Videos,” “Photos,” “Dating,” “Chat,” “Locations,” “Gold Member,” “Games,” and “Live Sex.” Plenty of features to choose from. Let’s see how many of them are actually legit and part of Ero Profile, though. “Videos” takes you to a separate section of their site. Unlike most websites, which tend to be video-focused, Eroprofile seems to put photos first, so you have to do a little work to get to the vids.

You have the videos homepage (again, a random assortment), then a “video albums” section, “popular videos,” and “fun videos”. This category appears to be less on the hardcore porn end of the spectrum, and more a random mix of girls doing interesting (but different) things, like cooking pizza in the nude, or masturbating in public. The video albums seem okay, although they look like a roundabout way to break their content up by category (and simple tags would make things a lot easier for everyone involved). Honestly, as is always the case with amateur content, the quality of the videos is a hit or miss. Eroprofile is probably not where I’ll be going to get my porn video fix.

The photos section of the site seems to be modeled in precisely the same way as “videos.” You have a random selection, then albums, popular photos, and, again, “fun.” One useful aspect of these areas of the site, though, is that you have a community-oriented menu bar to the left of the thumbnails, quickly allowing you to access your inbox, compose a new message, or manage your friend requests and content downloads. Although it looks a little primitive (Friendster had an arguably more sophisticated design than this), it seems to get the job done.

Cummunity Features

The next button to explore on the menu bar is the members' section. Hover your mouse over the icon and find a tiny drop-down menu allowing you to filter between all members or just members currently online. From here, you can conduct as simple or as complex a search as you want (even search for only circumcised users or only chicks with implants). Eroprofile has 536,279 members at the time of this review. Of that roughly half a million people, 1,902 were online when I visited the site at 4:50 PM EST. So, Eroprofile does seem like it maintains a pretty active community.

Each user’s profile shows their name, their age, gender, height, weight, ethnicity, and interests. There is also a place to view users’ uploaded photos or videos (if they have any). It will also let you know if the user is single, in a relationship, or married (sometimes listing partners if applicable). From their profile, you can send them a message, a friend request, publicly comment on their page, or check out who they are friends with as well. It's where Eroprofile really seems to shine in my opinion—in how expansive of an adult social network they are, and in how active members seem to be.

Well, there’s that word “adult” again. So, back to the reason, I was emphasizing earlier. It seems like, after doing a good deal of browsing on Eroprofile, most of the members (and images and videos featured) on this site are mature. EroProfile is not the place to go if you’re looking to connect with or get off to 21-year-old chicks fresh out of college. The site seems to cater (almost exclusively, although not explicitly) to mature adults. If you like your women like you like your wine, though (aged and ripe), Eroprofile will be the social network and porn archive for you to check out.

Interesting Features

Another cool feature that Eroprofile offers is in the “locations” section of the site. There you can find all the sex-related places that exist near you. Just fill out your desired range (5km-500km), if you prefer spots that cater more to straight or gay desires, and whether you want to find parking, outdoor locations, nude beaches, clubs, or “unspecified” locations. Find your area on the map and, voila, scout all the spots in your area for late-night meetups or where you might meet your next fuck buddy. Well, this is how it would work in theory anyways…

The map loads with a message from Google saying that the page did not load the map correctly. And, based on my local knowledge, I know for a fact that many sexy spots did not show up. Hopefully, though. Eroprofile will be working on fixing this issue, because it could be a really impressive additional feature for such an already social site.

Motherfucking Ads—The Bane of Online Porn

One other downside of Eroprofile is that there are ads. My adblocker rendered them invisible, but they seem to be to the right of each page’s content (I accidentally clicked on one not knowing it was there). Seeing as ads are entirely unnecessary in this day and age of internet porn (especially considering Eroprofile does have means of making money through their Gold membership [8.95/month]), this is especially disappointing.

The site also seems to load up without problems on mobile devices, and they advertise an app (sorry iOS users, it appears to be Android only). I wasn’t able to check it out for that reason, but if Eroprofile sounds like something that might interest you and you have an Android phone, I’m sure this will be good news.

It’s Cougar Season

All in all, if you’re looking for an archive of amateur photos and videos, Eroprofile will definitely be worth checking out. They also allow you to interact with other users through a porn-oriented social media platform, and you have a thing for cougars, message the milf of your dreams. Feel free to fap to other sexy milfs while you wait for her to respond. Maybe eventually, Eroprofile will get their locations to function down, and the two of you can plan a meetup at a nude beach or park nearby.

I could do without the ads, obviously (I think everyone could probably do without ads), but Eroprofile (often misspelled as "eroprofiles", "erosprofile" and "erofile") makes up for them by offering a unique service and experience. Cougars aren’t my thing, but I could definitely see myself using this site if they were. The more feelers you can put out there into the world for sexy women who love porn and maybe have a kinkier side to them, the better. I say give it a shot … what do you have to lose?



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