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User Rating: is a domain that sounds like yet another free porn tube. It’s such a perfect fit that I’d bet money was their original plan. It’s actually an amateur site, and it’s not entirely free. (Spoiler alert: you get a few free views per day before you’re suddenly cut off.)

The logo at the top calls Your Free Porn “the Best Amateur Site of the Year!” It doesn’t say who gave them the honor, but I’m not too worried about it. I’m less concerned about awards and more about what’s on the menu. Let me stick my face in this pile of amateur titties for a while and then I’ll let you know what I think.

Yelling About Amateur Porn Videos

The babes in the header graphic are exactly the type of chicks I like to see on an amateur site. They’ve got big, perfect tits and flawless skin. Their smiles are seductive and their smirks are cute. Best of all, they’re young. Legal, but only just.

Any porn site can cherry-pick their best stuff for the graphics, though. The video thumbnails below told a similar story. There are MILFs, fatties, and uglies mixed in, but overall it looks like YourFreePorn skews toward the younger, social-media-ready end of the amateur girls' spectrum.

The thumbnails are titled so well I wonder who’s writing them. It’s more pornographic than the sex-word salad you see on other amateur sites where people title their own videos. The exclamation points make me think of a carnival barker shouting the offerings outside of a porn store.

My GF Never Said No To Me When I Wanted A Cocksucking! Public Sucking? Jump In And See! POV: The Best Cowgirl I Had! Ever! This MILF Wants It Doggystyle On A Regular Basis! She Wants To Feel A Huge Boner Deep Inside Her Butt!

A big banner stretched across the top declares the site home of The Absolute Largest Collection of Amateur Porn. At the bottom, you’ll find the total number of videos listed as 77,137. It’s an impressive stash, don’t get me wrong, but I have seen amateur sites claiming more.

The Categories page gives a deeper glimpse and quick links into the catalog. Unlike sites with page after page of subgenres, YourFreePorn keeps it trimmed to one page of thumbnailed porn types. It’s your standard smut fare, filtered through an amateur lens. Expect the usual, from Lesbians to Interracial, Cuckold to Facial. The Webcam area is especially rich because of all the lovely camwhores here.

Your Chance To See a Redhead’s Pussy

One of the videos at the top asked me if I Ever Saw A Redhead’s Pussy and offers me a chance. I have seen one, but I wouldn’t mind seeing another one. Hovering over the image, stills from the show flicker by. She’s got her hand over her pussy after she takes her panties off, so I won’t know if the carpets match the drapes until I watch the whole thing.

I clicked through to the video page and then clicked the Play button hovering over that red-haired beauty’s face. YourFreePorn gave me a red box with a message saying, “Sorry, only for premium members!”

I’m then asked to choose my username and password, supply my email, and sign up. The Premium membership is thirty bucks and includes “Full access with no limits”. The Regular membership is free and includes “Limited access”.

The page also offers a link back to the Free Videos, so I follow that. I’d like to poke around and see what I can see without signing up. I did come for the Free Porn part of MyFreePorn, after all.

The Free Amateur Porn at YourFreePorn

Out front, I’d noticed the stash ran 3,297 pages deep. The Free Porn page is only 1,370, which ain’t too shabby. The best part about these videos is that I can actually watch them. It might be my imagination, but the girls seem less young and less hot here.

First I watch a video called Sexy Wife Needs To Be Satisfied. It’s two minutes of a bitch getting railed from behind in a motel room. All she’s wearing is a rope around her neck and collars on her wrists, but she’s not restrained. There’s a download button, but it just sends me to the Premium upsell page.

Next, I watch an old VHS dub from 1988, timestamped by the camcorder they recorded it with. The vintage amateur scene has a dude smashing his wife from behind in a shower. Something about the wet, splashing sex noises makes me want more of the same, so I click the Shower tag.

Forty pages of results come back, which is a ton of shower-themed amateur porn. Couples of all ages, races, sizes, and colors get it on in bathrooms all across the globe, the thumbnails presented like the kinkiest tileset you’ve ever seen.

The search results have a mix of Free and Premium content. There’s a filter at the top, but it will only let you narrow it by category. You can search for Shower scenes with Anal, Creampies, Latinas or Voyeurism, but you can’t filter it down to the Free stuff.

Again, I can’t prove it, but it looks like the hotter ones are more likely to be Premium scenes. Most of the ones I like are behind the paywall, so I watch Kinky Pierced Slut Loves Doggystyle Pose and Teen With Smoking Hot Body Teasing On Webcam.

I was trying to watch Naughty Couple Having Hot Sex Under The Shower when I got another red box and the sign-up information. I thought I’d accidentally clicked another Premium clip, then I realized I was just being cut off.

“You have reached your free daily limit,” they said, mocking the raging boner in my hand. “Time to think about going premium!”

Thinking About Going Premium at YourFreePorn

Some would call a Freemium amateur porn site, while others would call it a blatant bait-and-switch scam. However you want to classify it, it’s pretty effective marketing. By the time they cut off your stream, you’re well into a masturbatory session, primed not only to pop but to spend money in quest of that pop.

The $29.99 YourFreePorn is asking for a month of access is the same price almost every other porn site is charging right now. With nearly 80k videos on tap, that’s a bigger collection than most paysites. If you like amateur sluts, that’s a value. I didn’t see an option to buy months in bulk for cheaper rates.

I looked around to see if you could pay for a membership by uploading original content. There is an Upload Video page, but they wouldn’t let me even look at anything without signing up. They must not want my collection of homemade webcam voyeur porn.

One of the biggest downsides to the porn here is that it tends to run short. Most of the videos are well under ten minutes, with many clocking in at under two. You could hold your breath through some of these, which I’m sure is a fetish. That’s just the nature of amateur porn though, and not really YourFreePorn’s fault. Homegrown sluts don’t have camera crews and Viagra on hand all the time. An option to sort or search videos by duration would be helpful here.

Honestly, my issue with YourFreePorn is still the name. If you put Free in the name, you should offer more free samples than the other paysites. I know their surprise-cutoff business model has to work, but there’s no way it ever makes a customer happy. I’m sure a lot of amateur fans are downright pissed.

YourFreePorn is not a bad site if you know what you’re getting into. If they rebranded with a different name but kept the same content, this wouldn’t be a hard paysite to recommend. Their collection of homegrown amateur smut is huge and growing, and the presentation maintains a fine balance between form and function. What I’m saying is it’s a good site with good DIY porn, but don’t let ‘em trick you with that “free” bullshit.



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