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Looking for male sex toys? Do you own a Flesh Light aka the best male masturbator yet? For many years now Fleshlights have been the most popular masturbation sex toy for men in the market. The ridiculously shaped Fleshlight is basically a flashlight with a fake pussy aka artificial vagina attached to the end, making it easy to hold as you fuck the shit out of it.

While the original model consisted of a pussy-flashlight toy, Flesh light has since expanded to many other products such as blowjob toys, dildos, pornstar-molded Fleshlights, and a whole lot of lube.

The products are generally high quality, with a price point that reflects that. When you feel the toys, you’ll see that the materials are made of flesh-like synthetic material, and the experience can be pretty goddamn real. Best of all, these Fleshlights are always feeling tight. No loose lips on these suckers.

Going into the history, the legendary Fleshlight was invented by Steve Shubin in 1998, who described it as “a device for discreet sperm collection.” That’s pretty fucking funny, not to mention true, since millions of men have busted a nut into these toys since it entered the market. The company started from his garage, but now has a big ass factory pumping these toys out 24/7 for your enjoyment.

No-nonsense online store

Fleshlight.com is a very professional website that is similar to other major product websites where you buy the company’s products. As soon as you enter the site you’ll be greeted with a bunch of special deals, such as packages with free goodies and lots of discount offers.

Below that will be the product gallery. Goddamn, has Fleshlight grown since I last checked it out over a decade ago. There are not only a ton of new Fleshlight products, but the site also focuses a lot on combo deals that include lube, washing liquid, and more. For the molded Fleshlights, you’ll also get a picture of the porn star that the Fleshlight is molded after so you can really know the pussy (or asshole) you’re fucking.

The main categories on the website include the products, best sellers, and a handy “What is Fleshlight?” FAQ. I think we all know what a Fleshlight is, so it was pretty funny to read a bunch of pages about how they painstakingly get the best molds and materials for that ultimate realistic feeling. Good on them!

Fleshlight.com also has an in-site currency called FleshBucks. FleshBucks are used to get discounted prices on the products. You can collect FleshBucks by promoting their website on social media avenues like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Yeah…that’ a no for me dawg. I don’t need my mama finding out I’m buying fake vaginas, let alone advertising for them just to get a couple of bucks discount. But if you are strapped for cash and really horny, fuck it bro tell your friends! 100 FleshBucks equals $1, so you’ll be needing to do a lot of promoting.

Overall, the site’s layout is professional like any other boutique store. You also can read the site in Spanish. Finally, the website is mobile-friendly, and you won’t find any issues shopping on your smartphone for some prime plastic pussy.

How many fake vaginas can they make?

Fleshlight.com is an online store, and all you’ll really find here is a gallery of all their different products. I think Fleshlight could get more business if they actually featured some porn to really motivate buyers, but no such luck.

Diving into the products, we got the classic Fleshlight, Quickshots, Stamina Training Units, Turbo, Anal Toys, and a lot more. We already talked about the Fleshlight, so let’s go into these new state of the art toys.

The Quickshot is a Fleshlight except that it has an opening on the other side. This lets you bust a nut into a napkin, or someone’s face, making the cleanup way easier. Stamina Training Units are special Fleshlights that try to help you build stamina. It’s like lifting weights; the more you practice, the better you get. Finally, Anal Toys are….well…toys for your anus, my friend.

Fleshlight also has products for gayboys, mostly in the form of dildo molds of male pornstars that you can stick up your ass or in your mouth. Must feel weird as a male pornstar knowing that thousands of men all over the world are sticking dildos up their ass shaped just like your pecker, but for me, it’s just hilarious.

There’s also a section for women, which include dildos, beads, and Kegel balls. All the toys are waterproof and easy to clean, so don’t worry about that pussy juice getting all swampy on the toys. You might want to pick up some cleaning solution though.

What I Like

As a website, Fleshlight.com is a no-nonsense online store. Everything is clear and easy to browse, and the presentation is well-done. For the porn star molds, it’s cool that they have the bitch’s picture next to the pussy toy, so that your imagination can get fired up about fucking them.

There is a reason why Fleshlights have become the #1 adult toy, and it’s not just because of the catchy name. The product quality is solid, and the designers worked hard to create the best mold and material to give you that real pussy feel. Once they get these toys to make pussy juice, it’s fucking over. No need for you any more ladies!

It’s also cool that they have plenty of products for the bitches. This is important because if you have a girlfriend and get caught browsing this site, you can just make the excuse that you were looking for shit to buy her. Okay, that probably won’t work, but you might get points for trying…

Overall, I’m glad they haven’t just been sitting on their ass since I last checked them out many years ago. There are so many new products, and I’m sure that the newer models feel way better than they did back then. I also like that they have Fleshlights for anal and mouth, instead of just the vag.

Finally, I like that Fleshlight cares about personal improvement. The Stamina Training Unit (STU) is a Fleshlight designed to help you last longer in bed. This is simply by making the STU extra tight and sensitive, so you’ll bust a nut real fucking quick if you don’t take your training seriously. Edging is a good way to train on these motherfuckers.

What I hate

Fleshlight.com is pretty good for shopping, but also boring for something as fun as sex toys. There aren’t any model pics, and the site just isn’t “fun”. It’s a little too focused on business for my taste.

As for the products, I will tell you that Fleshlights are not the most realistic products I found in the market (although they are very good). If you want a realistic experience with the Fleshlight, I recommend you buy a warmer that warms that shit up before you use it. I also read that the Mini Lotus sleeve can be good for a realistic experience.


The products are good, but the website can definitely make some improvements.

First, I think the website should have some porn. You are a goddamn sex toy site, so act like it and have some eye candy for your shoppers. I get that the site wants to maintain its work-safe status, probably so degenerates can shop while at the office, but some porno could really motivate a man to click that purchase button.

The website should also have some guides or user manuals for download. The main guide it should have is “how to clean your Fleshlight”. Think about it, you are jizzing right into the goddamn toy. Do you think that shit cleans itself?

You keep cumming into a Fleshlight without cleaning it up, sooner or later you are going to have some mutant bacteria babies growing out of that motherfucker. Stay clean!

Still one of the greatest

Overall, it’s nice to see Fleshlight still doing its thing. I still remember when I was a young Padawan, reading about Fleshlight and wondering what it feels like. Well, pretty soon I would find out, and then graduate to real pussy, but to be totally honest, even real pussy gets old when you’re hitting the same one every day.

When it comes to sex toys, I preferred the Japanese brands like Onahole, but it looks like Fleshlight has really stepped up their game. The Fleshlight product lineup increased a lot, and the product reviews talk about a much more realistic experience than they had years ago when the plastic was harder and felt faker.

If you haven’t fucked in a while and are tired of using your left hand, you should check out Fleshlight.com. The best part of Fleshlight (often misspelled as "fleshlite") is that the toys don’t talk back, let alone constantly spending your cash. One day, we will have robot sex doll slaves, but until then, Fleshlights aren’t a bad way to get your nut off.



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