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Forum Ophilia? Did you know that forums were still around? Yeah, the ones you used to troubleshoot your old iMac. The one with the blue transparent back that ran on dial-up. Well, those computers may have died and gone obsolete, but forums are still going strong. Sure, their golden age may have passed, but there’s a ton of good forums out there that are still active, especially porn forums. Places to share videos, stories, advice, and all kinds of stuff with fellow porn junkies like yourself. is a porn forum that has been around since 2005 and they show no signs of slowing down with over 5 million-page visits last month alone. They proudly show off their legacy on their front page with “13 years online” in big text up top. They should be proud! They’ve been providing some top-quality content to the horny masses for over a decade. But what makes Forumophillia one of the longer-lasting forums? There’s a lot to that answer. Let’s peel away some of these layers and dig right in.

Good, Simple Site Design

There’s nothing to write home about regarding site design here. It’s a forum and it has the basic forum layout. It’s got a sky-blue themed design with dark text and clearly bordered sections. It’s nothing special, but it is quite nice to look at. It doesn’t feel super dated like a lot of old forums do. For what it is it’s definitely well done. The logo has this sexy succubus looking girl that is also done nicely. It’s all got good balance.

The front page is set-up simply. You’ve got a list of topics that goes generally as follows: VIP & Rules, Teen Babes Fan Club, Popular Models/Pornstars, Entertainment Videos Mega thread, Full Movies, Entertainment Photos, VIP & Chat, and Archive. It might not seem like a lot of categories at first, but these are only the section headers. Each one of these usually has at least 5 subthreads, with the Mega thread having more than 10. They have everything here from softcore porn to the more fetish stuff like BDSM.

Say you want to check out some videos of 18+ Teen sluts. You can head over to the Teen Babes Models Clips tab under the Teen Babes Fanclub and click through. Once you get there you will be greeted by a massive list of topics and threads. You get the title, who uploaded it, what quality it is, how many views it has, and when the last post in the thread was. On forums like this, you usually have to go through one by one and enter the thread to see the content. It’s a huge pain in the ass. But here you get a refreshing change of pace.

HD Preview Images Make Navigation Easy

You can hover your cursor over each thread and you will actually get previews of the content in the thread. One large picture from the gallery/video, and a collage of smaller pics that show off the majority of the gallery/video. It makes it super fucking easy to scroll through and find the good shit. Every section starts off with a rules page that is worth looking at if you plan to upload or comment in the thread. There are a ton of rules you have to follow, but that’s the same with any forum. It helps the community share the best content.

To make a new post in any thread you need to have an account, which is free, and you should get. Why the fuck go to a forum without making an account? It doesn’t make sense. So, do that and then you can upload content to certain topics, but some do have rules that require your account to be of a certain age before you can post there. Like Teen Babes Fan Club usually doesn’t allow new users to post. Probably to lessen the amount of underage/jailbait posts on the forum.

When you do see a topic that you want to check out you just click on it and you’re in. There will be more pictures and shit to peruse. You can also download any of the content on any of the forums through any of their file hosting links. It’s usually The downloads can be slow unless you shell out the money for a premium subscription on that site, but fuck that. Everything here is free, and you shouldn’t fall for any scams like that. If you have more to contribute or want to talk about the video, then you can post replies and talk to other members. Most of the threads that aren’t specifically labeled as discussions don’t have many, if any, comments. So, I’d recommend sticking to the discussion sections if you want to have any sort of conversation. You can always link in that stuff to talk about it.

Tons of Topics/Tags/Models to Search Through

You can search individual topics easily as well if you know the title or pornstar you’re looking for, but if you want everything from a specific model then you’ll have to head over to the “Babes” tab up top. There you will find photos and full descriptions of every model that is posted on the site. There will be a few paragraphs telling you about their general career, when they were last posted on the site, how many times they were posted, and other biographical information. It also links every thread they are in from newest to oldest. Pretty handy for finding everything you possibly could want about a certain star.

But if you don’t know what start at all, then you can go to the tabs page and see every kind of porn that they have on here. And boy is it a lot. Well over a thousand tags to choose from. I would list categories, but it isn’t even worth it. Do yourself a favor and just start going through and finding yourself some new fetishes. You’re guaranteed to find something there. There are sections for stuff even I didn’t know existed, and I’m ThePornDude!

Great Mobile Experience. No Advertisements.

The site works very well on mobile. There’s not a lot going on, so it loads lightning fast. It’s easy to navigate and all of the site scales well with the mobile format. You can login to your account, post, download, and check out all of the same sexy content on your phone or tablet. There’re no ads on mobile or desktop, so you don’t have to worry about that cluttering your experience. The only feature you don’t get is the preview popups when you hover your cursor, because, well, you can’t fucking hover on your phone. Not yet at least. But that’s okay. I’m sure that technology is on its way. Everything else works well and without issue.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about this site is what I just mentioned. Those previews are fucking awesome. Being able to sort through all of the content in the forums so quickly is a huge, huge bonus for forumophilia. It just makes the overall user experience so much better and streamlined. Not having to painstakingly click through every thread really does wonders for my stress. You other sites need to take note here!

The babes' page is another one of my favorite things on this site. You get so much information, even about amateur models. Being able to sort through all of that models’ content, information, and preview images, again, makes the site so much easier to use than many other porn forums. Plus, you can learn whether or not a model’s breasts are natural or fake! No more debates with your friends. Just look it up here and the information is there.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

Man, I usually have some sort of suggestion to make here, but I’m all out of criticism! This forum is really fucking good. You’ve got unique features, sleek and simple design, tons of users, lots of content, and there aren’t any advertisements. What can I say? Nothing. That’s what. This site is fucking awesome. Go check it out.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts (often misspelled as "forumphilia", "forumophelia" and "forumphillia") is a solid porn forum with so much to explore. The name may be hard to spell. I would know. I had to spell it how many fucking times in this review. Bookmark it. It will save you the trouble. But this place is worth checking out. It has a very active community of posters and lots of top-notch content. Join me while I delve into the thousands and thousands of threads and get your freak on!



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