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"What's wrong, Kitty Kats!". Today we're checking out Now if you’re anything like me, you know all too well how convenient it is to jerk off to any random video on a popular porn site without a care in the world. It truly is a blissful, carefree feeling to just throw caution to the wind and open up any video with a hot thumbnail on a porn site and bust a nut to it like it’s nobody’s business. But while the previously stated scenario may seem like a wanker’s delight, the truth is that if you keep jerking off to videos like that, sooner or later you’ll get sick of seeing the same limited crap.

If you’re tired of orgasm-ing to the same run-of-the-mill crap you find on the ‘best videos’ sections of popular porn sites like I am, you might wanna make the switch to Kitty-Kats. It might seem like an unconventional place to jerk off on, but looks can be deceiving – this place actually has some of the most dedicated porn addicts uploading rare and premium content on a daily basis, and the stuff it has is enough to satisfy any avid porno fan.

It Has All Your Dirty Desires Stored in Categories

This forum is run by dozens of dedicated porno fans who take their hobby seriously, almost as seriously as I take my job of reviewing porn as accurately as I can. All it took for me was one visit to see that this place has an enormous collection of categories and fetishes that would please even the most fucked up, serial masturbator. Not only do they have the basic categories like amateur, hardcore, FFM, MMF, cartoons and so on, but it goes way above and beyond that.

The magnificent fuckers running this site have set up several categories that cover fetishes that I imagine only basement-dwelling 30+-year-old virgins have an affinity for. KittyKats has categories for hairy girls, pregnant and lactating women, watersports, body fluid games, flexible girls/gymnasts, body modifications (I seriously do not want to find out what that is), fucking machines, and tattoos/piercings featured on its homepage.

They Take Their Images Seriously

No true serial masturbator can proudly call themselves a dignified wanker unless they’ve jacked off to one of their dad’s old porn mags. I remember the days I used to steal my dad’s 80s vintage mags – jerking off to those extremely bushy women was one of the main rituals which made me a man, I mean it’s almost something all young dudes can relate to, like a rite of passage to adulthood.

This site has a vast collection of raunchy images and actual porn mags, and they come in a staggering amount of varieties. I must admit one of my first urges upon visiting this site was to jack off to one of the many erotic magazines it had featured for download, but I seriously had a hard time choosing which one to pop off to because there are just so fucking many of them. The porn mag collection on here is massive, literally a teenage kid’s dream come true, and they have all the categories covered, from vintage 80s mags that your dad probably hid somewhere to modern-day xxx magazines, and that’s not including the mounds of image sets that feature naked, gaping models of all shapes and sizes.

It’s a Model Showcase Galore

Sometimes when I jerk off, I find myself getting into a make-believe fantasy and imagine the girl I’m fapping to as my own personal fuckslut that will do anything and everything for me. I’m sure most of you can relate with me on this – one of the most satisfying ways to jerk off to internet porn is to think that the girl you’re jerking it to will fulfill your every fantasy and desire. With that being said, I can easily lose myself into this site’s extensive collection of model highlights which feature professional and amateur bitches of all shapes and sizes that can be my desired girl for every night of the week.

This site has a vast collection of featured models in its ‘Kitty Kats *TOP* models’ section, which contains terabytes of videos and images featuring babes of all body types; voluptuous brunettes, big-boobed blondes, skinny teen sluts, hairy matures, and just about every kind of girl and/or woman is featured here in both professional and amateur format. There’s also a ‘Shoutbox’ section which features full HD image-sets of your favorite pornstars in all kinds of positions, from solo to gangbang.

There’s plenty more Where That Came From

Now I don’t usually go too overboard with fantasizing about imaginary virtual girlfriends that I jerk off to on the internet, but I’m sure there are plenty of guys who watch porn and absolutely love that shit, and there’s a plethora of content on here that can hit that urge perfectly. The ‘Kitty Kats *TOP* models’ section on this website is just one of the many sections where individual models are exposed in all their wet glory – there’s a webcam girls section which shows some of the hottest webcam models playing with their pussies, getting sodomized and so on.

Most of the content on this section is premium too – I’m talking high-profile Instagram and SuicideGirls models whose videos you’ll have to pay to see. I was so surprised to see that this section has an in-depth selection of some of the most notorious, well-known webcam models who finesse horny guys out of their money on a daily basis by posting half-nude pictures of themselves on their Instagram pages. Luckily you can finesse them back and download some of their most explicit live shows from this page for free, and you really should because these webcam models are stunning, and watching them fuck themselves with 12-inch dildos while wearing sexy lingerie is something no porn fan should miss out on.

This Site Has A Dynamic, Interactive Community

The guys that are literally keeping this site alive deserve to be praised by all masturbators worldwide. I mean they upload some of the most top-quality content of the most beautiful bitches on the internet all within the confines of this site, and I say they’re really doing the lord’s work because fuck paying a monthly subscription to some slutty internet-famous bitch just to see some free nude shows on her Snapchat.

The fine members of this website have hundreds of open discussions about their favorite bitches to fap to. You can talk about how lovely the tits of your favorite camwhore are with a fellow fan, or you can do what everyone else does and ask for ‘sauce’ on a random video you stumbled upon which featured one of the hottest girls you’ve ever seen in porn. You’re sure to get your prayers answered here because the community is always super knowledgeable and responsive when it comes to, well, porn.

It’s a Haven for Premium Content forum might just become your new favorite place to fap on because there’s a high possibility that it has content containing your favorite Instagram-famous sluts exposing themselves to the fullest extent. Now you might be pissed to find out that all of the content on here has to be downloaded first before being viewed, but I say it’s worth waiting for. Every damn minute you wait for your video or image set of choice to be downloaded is worth it because you sure as hell can’t afford to pay for this shit seeing as how all you do is jerk off all day.

I mean you’re basically getting pay-to-view content on here for free, and if that doesn’t seal the deal for you, then you should just go back to fapping to those bullshit normie videos that get uploaded to the front page of PornHub. If you’re curious to see how some of your favorite internet-famous sluts behave during their private shows, then you really should sign up for a membership on this site.



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