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FSI Blog aka Free Sex Indians! I assume you've already heard of the website before? There are millions of porn sites available to us on the web. There are plenty of sexy blondes, brunettes, redheads, Latinas, black girls, and Asians to choose from any time we feel that familiar urge to cum. It’s almost too easy. The one thing that I’ve noticed in all of my endless browsing of pornographic content online, though, is that there just are not enough sites that feature beautiful Indian girls. Indian adult content seems, relatively speaking, few and far between when you consider how much porn there is that caters to every other walk of life out there.

Thankfully, though, for those of us who love sexy Indian women, there are sites that cater specifically to our tastes. And FreeSexyIndians.com aka FSIBlog.com is definitely a standout. Free Sexy Indians is exactly what it sounds like: a site dedicated to free images and videos of sexy Indians. Simple enough, am I right? I can definitely appreciate a site that doesn’t beat around the bush with its title. They’re always easy to remember and I love the straightforwardness and down-to-business attitude they exude.

The slogan which appears underneath the logo of Free Sexy Indians is equally honest and blunt: “We Make You Cum Online. Free Indian Sex Blog Updated Every 2 Hours.” Beautiful. No confusion there. From the moment you arrive on the site, there’s no fucking around. The message is heard, loud and clear: get ready to cum from thousands of images and videos of sexy Indian chicks. Alright, I’m locked and loaded, and ready to go. Let’s see what this site has to offer.

The Bi-Hourly Promise

With new photo galleries and videos added to the site every two hours, it seems impossible that you would ever run out of content to fap to. This is another aspect of Free Sexy Indians aka FSI Blog that makes the site stand out among other porn sites and blogs. There’s nothing more half chub than a blog site that updates infrequently or, in some cases, not at all.

As I am not one to easily take people at their word, I tested out that “every two hours” promise. I visited the site at 2:00, and, sure enough, when I refreshed the page at 4:04, there was new content that had been added. I must say, I was honestly surprised that this was the case. It’s rare that you come across a porn site that maintains a sense of professionalism and accountability to its users. So, props to you, Free Sexy Indians. Good work.

Simple and Easy Layout

The site itself has a pretty simple layout. You’ve got the banner up top, complete with the aforementioned logo and tagline (their logo design is pretty fucking baller by the way). Next, you have a pretty typical menu bar: “Homepage/XXX Indian Sex Videos,” “Indian Porn Videos,” “Indian Sex Photos,” “Indian Sex Stories,” “Indian Sex Chat,” “Submit Content,” “The Porn Dude” (what great taste the good people have over at Free Sexy Indians), and “Contact Us.”

To the left of the thumbnails for each blog post, you have a quick navigation bar, which makes browsing the site that much easier. Quickly filter between most liked, recently added, “surprise me,” most viewed, and tags. Underneath the navigation bar, you’ll also find a list of photo categories to jump to. Overall, I like the easy to navigate and minimalist design of the site.

As far as how the posts themselves appear, you have infinite scrolling as opposed to page by page. I actually kind of prefer the infinite scrolling model for websites with lots of content. As long as you have the internet and computer performance necessary, I think it’s much easier than skipping back and forth through page after page to view content. This way, I can scroll down for as long as I see fit, then easily scroll back up if I want to revisit something that caught my eye earlier. No need to try and remember what page it was on, or to fuck around with the cumbersome business of hitting the page back and forward buttons on my browser.

Quality Erotica Alongside Quality Amateur Porn

So far so good. Let’s take a look at how the rest of the site functions though before we get too excited and cream our pants prematurely. One unique aspect to Free Sexy Indians is their “Indian Sex Stories” section. Sure, there are other sites that feature erotica, but not many. They also tend to be more commonly associated with forum sites, which just tend to be annoying and hard to fap to. I really like the way Free Sexy Indians does their erotica, though. This section appears just like the other parts of the site—thumbnails with a quick description of the content. Plus, they pair their erotica with images, which is such a nice touch.

Although I can’t discern whether or not the author of the story also adds the photos (or if the photos are of girls discussed in the story), I don’t know that it matters all that much. The photos paired with the erotica do appear to be thematically appropriate. A story titled “Interracial Sex Story,” for example, features a homemade image of a beautiful, skinny Indian girl being fucked by a white dude. It’s just enough to get you in the headspace of the story you’re about to read, and an example of a website putting in that little bit of extra work and thought to make for a better user experience.

What’s great about all of the content available on Free Sexy Indians is that users can vote and comment on it, even the stories. This really adds that extra sense of interactivity that I expect from a porn site in 2018. You can also submit your own images, videos, or stories by emailing them to [email protected]. In their submissions section, they even encourage you to include your contact information if you wish, to maximize connection with fellow members of the site (as they don’t seem to have a messenger client of their own).

As far as the content is concerned, it does appear to be entirely user submitted and homemade. Which means that, inevitably, the quality (particularly of the videos) takes a bit of a hit. Although, I must say, compared to some of the amateur sites I’ve been on, Free Sexy Indians definitely seems to take care when choosing what content to allow on their site. It’s not like you can just upload whatever you want, whenever, the way you can on sites like xHamster or Porn Hub. The content does have to be approved first by a webmaster. This seems to weed out some of the potentially shitty or morally questionable content you may run into on similarly user-based sites.

Perfection is a Fickle Mistress…

There are only a couple things that I actively dislike about the site. The first is their use of ads. They’re really hard to avoid on Free Sexy Indians. Almost every time you click on something in the menu bar, you get a popup. There are ads that play before videos. There are ads at the bottom of the pages. And there are ads that slide into the corner of your browser. I probably don’t have to say it, but this is really fucking annoying.

The second thing I’m not thrilled about when it comes to Free Sexy Indians is that some of the links appear to be broken. This one seems like a problem that would be pretty easy to avoid … especially seeing as the site is updated every two hours on the dot. How hard would it be to, while you’re already updating the site, also do some basic trouble shooting?

At the end of the day, Free Sexy Indians is a great source for finding videos and photo galleries of hot amateur Indian women. They have an enormous archive of material worth fapping to, and some stories to get you in the mood. I am a fan of how frequently they update the site, and how community-oriented they are. I really wish that they would ditch the ads and fix the broken links, but they do feature theporndude.com on their main menu bar, so I guess I could be willing to look the other way, just this once…

At any rate, I definitely recommend checking it out for yourself. It’s a solid site. I’d even encourage you to try your hand at submitting a story or some videos of you fucking a sexy Indian chick if you have any. Even if Indian ladies aren’t your typical thing, I think it’s worth checking out. You might leave Free Sexy Indians with a whole new admiration for beautiful brown babes. It never hurts to expand your horizons a little bit! Learn to love the swirl.



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