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Have you ever heard about xHamster.com? I mean, of course, you fucking have. Only a complete virgin or a person who has been cut off from the internet would not know about xhamster.com, and I am not here to talk about the site as much as I want to discuss their certain category. So, do you love Indian pornography? Well, if you are not a fan, you might as well ignore the rest of the review.

Everyone loves xhamster.com!

When a porn site is this popular, there must be a good reason for it? Well, xhamster.com is one of the OGs, which means that they have been here for quite some time, and there is a lot they have to offer. If you are searching for a site that is filled with lots of great free pornographic content, you have just found it.

Keep in mind that this review is designed for the Indian content, but xhamster.com is known to have lots and lots of categories, which means that no matter what shit you might be into, you are bound to find it here. There is a lot for you to explore, and while you will be sent to the Indian category when you click on the link I provided on the side, you can explore their other categories.

Their overall presentation is quite dope and simple. Sometimes it is good to have a simple free porn site where they have lots of great content offered but they do not try to look too flashy. Well, that Is what xhamster.com is all about. There are lots of great porn videos here and because of their simple design, you will find your way around with ease.

On top of the site, you have all the shit that they have to offer, from the mainstream porn videos to the actual categories where you can check out what their content is all about. At the end of the day, if you are just searching for a free porn site with lots of naughty content, you have just found it.

Indian cuties just love to bang!

What everyone loves about Indian pornography is the fact that all their videos are genuine, as in most cases these are amateurs filming their naughty sessions. We can all appreciate watching naughty amateurs show us what they love to do in their free say, right?

There is just something about the fact that they are spontaneous and happy to get fucked, that makes every person’s dick hard. Well, if you were never that much into the Indian pornography, maybe now is the time that you start exploring, because as longa s you love homemade videos, I am pretty sure that you will love xhamster.com’s Indian section as well.

Keep in mind that if Indian porn is still not your thing, there are lots of other categories to be explored, so you should not give up on xhamster.com just yet. This site is one of the most popular free porn sites, simply because they have a lot of content to offer, and they are ready to show you everything for free… I mean what else could you possibly fucking want?

Well, if you are still unsure whether this is something you’d like to watch or not, you are more than welcome to do some private exploring! We all have different tastes, but the Indian chicks tend to be some of the kinkiest babes in the industry… I mean they are not even doing this shit for money, but they are giving 100% to please dicks.

In addition, it is always nice to see amateur chicks doing something that comes natural, pleasure a cock. I mean, we all know that women were designed for just that, and thus seeing them in action, makes my small heart very happy. Of course, even though all of the chicks here are Indian, you still have babes of all shapes and sizes… and it is known that Indian chicks vary a lot when it comes to their body-type, aka there is no real stereotype!

What kind of porn videos can I expect?

Here, I will be talking about the videos that you can find in the Indian section only, and not anywhere else. However, this still does not mean that they do not have any other porn videos for you to watch. If you have clicked on the link I provided on the side, then you will automatically be sent to the Indian porn section and from the first glance, you will be able to see that they offer lots and lots of videos.

I was happy to see their variety, especially when it comes to the type of chicks they have to offer. There were lots of hot Latinas, from chubby babes, too skinny bitches, busty sluts, and so on. You also have babes of all ages, legal obviously, and for some reason, I prefer watching the experienced Indian chicks instead of teens, but you are free to choose whatever the fuck you want.

The first clip I decided to watch featured a group of four friends who decided to have some dirty fun. They fucked each other, exchanged partners, and then engaged in some group fucking all together. Well, needless to say, everyone’s mouth was filled with something, and that was an even hotter session since it lasted for an hour and they got very creative.

That’s the spark, right? We love to watch bitches get creative with cock pleasing, and the amateurs tend to be the very best at this. Not to mention that the Indian chicks are the ones who do not like to hold back. They prefer to show everything and try out many new things, especially the older muffs who already have a lot of banking experience.

Of course, this is all the matter of taste, if you prefer younger bitches, then explore those videos instead. One video I watched here that made me nut, featured a lovely Indian chick in pov, with huge tits, who was sucking and riding her lover’s hard cock… now, she was very beautiful and quite eager to drink some of his delicious juices.

As you can see, this really does all depend on what the fuck makes your dick hard, since when it comes to the type of content, they really do offer everything. Although, one could say that there are not many professional Indian pornstars, there are lots and lots of amateurs who love to share their kinkiest lovemaking videos with everyone around them.

Another video that stole all my attention featured a gorgeous Indian wife, in the traditional outfit, who did a belly dance for her man. After that, she got down to her knees, sucked him off, used her tits as well, and eventually, both of them proceeded to have a much kinkier session instead. I think we all know what I mean.

Of course, there are many different videos for you to explore here, so just open xhamster.com and have some dirty fun. The site is free, so you can spend as much time as you want here. From the simple blowjob clips to the mainstream fucking, and even the solo babes who love to use toys… there is a little bit of everything for everyone out there.

A site with a lot of content, xhamster.com.

With all that said, I want you to understand that xhamster.com is a site that has a lot of shit, so no matter what your dick desires I am pretty sure that you will find it here. On top, you can choose whether you want gay, straight or tranny porn, and then you will be given all kinds of categories to explore. Most of the categories will have a subcategory or whatever the fuck… I mean their search options are pretty solid, believe me.

This is a user-managed site, which means that you can also become a member of the site and upload your own crap. Of course, all the videos that are submitted to xhamster.com are verified by a real person, so you cannot post any illegal shit, duh!

Simply put, xhamster.com is a site that has a lot to offer, and you are bound to love exploring all their dirty details. You have lots of naughty Indian pornographic clips featuring some of the hottest chicks in the industry… and there are many other categories that you might want to explore. The quality of the videos will vary depending on the clip, and so will the length, but overall xhamster.com offers solid amateur/professional content for everyone to enjoy.



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