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Incest Flix? Ever wonder what would happen if Netflix started featuring "taboo" or "incest" porn? Well, you don't need to wonder any longer. You’ve found it in The logo, even, uses the same bold font and iconic red lettering, reading “Incestflix” on the top of the page. I’m surprised the owners of this porn aggregator site hasn’t received a cease and desist letter from the video streaming giant. I can’t imagine that Netflix would be crazy about their brand being used for incest porn. Or, who the fuck knows, maybe they’re all uncle fuckers over at Netflix and they love it.

The name and the logo (and black background), however, are where the similarities between Incest Flix and Netflix stop. The website’s layout is unlike any other tube or aggregator site I’ve ever seen. Instead of breaking their featured videos into different categories (recently added, most viewed, featured, etc.), they present you with a bunch of random thumbnails on the homepage. You also don’t have a list of pages to click through.

They have foregone the typical tube site design in favor of a bundle of 20 or so thumbnails, with a “refresh” button at the bottom. Good luck saving your spot to come back to a particular thumbnail later on. Every time you hit refresh, you get another bundle of equally random videos. From the jump, I am far from a fan of the way this website is laid out. Why make my life any harder? It should be your job as the owner of a porn site to help me navigate your content.

Another strange thing about the way the videos are laid out on this site is that they appear as a collection of screenshots, as opposed to the usual single video screenshot that maybe gives you a preview if you hover your mouse over it. On top of the bunch of videos to choose from, you can toggle menus to be shown either “being watched,” “latest,” or “random.” Even though the results look pretty fucking “random” to begin with.

Very unorthodox website design here, and it doesn’t particularly seem to pay off for them. The frustration over the layout is somehow compounded in light of the Netflix comparisons that they are clearly begging for.

…No, it is Not

If you want to be compared to Netflix, why not borrow more than just their logo and a play on their name? I would love it if this site was actually laid out similarly to Netflix. That would be fucking awesome—categories with a horizontal list of videos to choose from, and a preview when you hover.

Fuck it, maybe even take this a little further and give me the option of creating an account. From there, let me rate videos and recommend others for me based on my taste. You can’t compare yourself to the number one streaming platform in the world and then half-ass the site design and include zero user-friendly features!

Convenience in Aggregation?

As far as the content is concerned, well, it’s exactly what you’d expect. All incest-play videos available across all the tube sites out there are aggregated for you to stumble upon. That is one of the positive aspects of the site—you can find a lot of really high-quality content without having to sift through everything on a bunch of tube sites. It’s all randomly generated for you right there. Sick of what you’re finding? Click that refresh button and have a new random collection to choose from.

I suppose this is convenient in a way. Although I can’t really attribute credit to Incestflix for this. They are certainly not the first porn aggregator site, and they definitely won’t be the last. Any credit for the convenience to be enjoyed by this is reserved for the first coder to create an aggregator. And, somehow, Incestflix seems to have figured out a way to take a convenient format and make it slightly less convenient.

Shouldn’t Have to be Applauded, But No Illegal Content—Kudos

Another positive element of Incestflix is that they don’t seem to feature content that could potentially include real, illegal incest. Thank the fucking lord for that. Nobody needs the trouble of potentially accidentally clicking on some gross illegal content. They seem to avoid this by not aggregating homemade videos. I think that this is a really smart move on Incestflix’s behalf. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous about the possibility that this site would feature illegal content based on the site’s crass and straightforward name. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it all seemed to be fantasy-driven and not reality-based.

As a porn aggregator site, Incestflix does not host any material on the site themselves. Every thumbnail, instead, is a link to a third-party tube site. I don’t love aggregator sites for this very reason. You can blink and then have like 30 tabs open on your browser, unnecessarily slowing everything down. But, you know, aggregator sites are what they are. Speaking of this, I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Incestflix didn’t send me off to any sketchy tube sites—most of the sites they brought me to were sites I’d frequented before (or at least have heard of and know are above board).

One of the Worst Sites for Ads

Incestflix is fucking riddled with secret popup ads like landmines. Literally every fucking where you click opens a new tab. It doesn’t even matter where—video thumbnails, menu buttons, the background. You can’t even fucking click on the scroll bar without opening a new tab ad. I visit a lot of sites in my line of work that have really annoying and aggressive advertising, but it’s really rare that I come across a site that is this fucking bad about it.

The only thing I hate more than an invasive ad that takes over the site or plays before your video (without skip option) is an ad that you don’t even see coming. Fuck. A. Hidden. Fucking. Ad. Get the fuck out of here with that shit. After that shit, I don’t even want to jack off anymore. A porn site should turn me on, not piss me off. With shit like that, you will piss me off in a heartbeat. And if you’ve pissed me off then, in my estimation, you have failed as a porn site. Word.

Step Your Game Up…

There are hundreds of thousands of porn sites out there. If you’re going to throw your hat in the ring, you really have to try harder. It’s not enough anymore to just throw a bunch of porn up on a site and expect it to succeed because it’s porn. Lots of free tube and aggregator sites have raised the bar too high for shit like this to pass. Plus, given all of the fucking ads on Incestflix, I know they have enough money to pay for better web design than this.

All in all, this site really needs to step its game up in a lot of ways if it expects to stick around in 2018. Competition is too stiff for lazy sites like this to survive for long. Maybe you’ll like this site if you want a quick burst of random ‘incest’ videos, but, in my opinion, you’re better off going somewhere else and just searching “step sister” or “step-daughter.” If you don’t care about popup ads and poor layout, however, then (often misspelled as "Incesflix") is the perfect site for you.



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