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Well, I guess everybody knows what they'll find at Taboo Porns? Have you ever fantasized about fucking your step-sister? How about your stepdaughter? Maybe you’ve verified Freud’s theory and have always dreamt of fucking your mom (ya sick fuck). If so, there has never been a better time for you to be alive. The adult industry is ablaze with taboo videos. In fact, if you aren’t into taboo “incest” porn, then you are kind of shit out of luck.

This genre of porn has quickly risen to prominence and has taken over every tube and paysite there is. It seems like you can’t go anywhere on the xxx web without seeing videos captioned with “Stepsister fucks Stepdaddy for new iPhone,” or “Brother blackmails stepsister into sucking his dick.” If you’re into that kind of kinky shit, then you’re probably jazzing with joy every day. What was once a very small niche category has somehow become one of the most popular types of content made today.

There are even entire tube sites dedicated strictly to “incest” porn. I put “incest” in quotes because I’m sure there are entire sites dedicated to real, capital “I” Incest porn as well. In fact, even though I haven’t been to them, I know they exist. But this is legitimately sick as fuck, and those of you who participate in this kind of irresponsible abuse should get a crisp bullet to the brain.

There’s a big, big difference between fantasizing about your stepdaughter sucking your dick for a new iPhone by watching actors play it out in porn, and actually coercing your stepdaughter into sucking your dick for a new iPhone. Know the difference and don’t fucking blur the lines, rednecks.

That being said, I totally get the allure of taboo “incest” videos. There’s something innately hot about the taboo—about tasting the forbidden fruit, doing something with someone you know you shouldn’t be doing, but finally giving in to the pure passion of the moment. This could certainly heighten the pleasure.

But that’s just human nature. A certain part of us, even if buried deep down, will always want what we can’t have. We want to triumph over being told: “no, you can’t do that.” It’s the same uniquely human characteristic that put a man on the moon. To do what everybody said we couldn’t. Wow, I can’t believe I just fucking compared “incest” porn to the moon landing. Neil Armstrong is probably rolling in his grave right now. Oh well. One small step for man, one giant dick for my step sister!

At any rate, like I was saying, there are tons of taboo porn sites. But, as is true with any kind of site, not all are created equal. So, let’s take a look at

Easy to Navigate Site Layout

From the moment you arrive at the home page, the site looks pretty typical to the porn tube site model. You’ve got a black background, a list of thumbnails that you can click through page after page of, a menu bar, a search bar, and the site’s logo up top. You can choose to view what videos appear based on date, views, or likes. And there are 128 pages worth of videos to choose from, so you would be hard-pressed to ever run out of material to get your sick, twisted incest rocks off to.

The menu bar seems to be mostly devoted to a few main categories. You’ve got “Mom Son Porn,” “Dad Daughter Porn,” and “Brother Sister Porn.” If you want something more specific, like, say, “Auntie Nephew Porn,” you can feel free to use the search bar and type in whatever your heart (or dick) desires. Oh, and the menu bar also includes links to two of the best sites on the web: and! Gotta respect a website with good taste. Even though “good taste” feels a little weird to say in the context of an “incest” site … still, mad respect!

A Manifesto on Mediocre Media Players

That being said, this site (like most sites) definitely has some areas for improvement. Some of their thumbnails, for example, are A.) very low-resolution, B.) sometimes take a few clicks to open, and C.) do not play clips when you hover your mouse. I am also not crazy about their media player. If I had to attach a single word to how it functions, I would have to say “sensitive.” You have to click in a very specific place on the screen in order for the video to play. The search bar often vanishes when you go to use it for seemingly no reason at all (again probably need to place your mouse in a very specific place).

Unfortunately, my issues with Tabooporns’ media player don’t stop there. Videos also seem to take way too long to load for 2018. With so many tubes sites to choose from, this seems like it should be a site’s main concern. If I have to wait around to view content … well, I won’t. I’ll just open a new tab and see if another tube loads faster.

There are also no previews of what’s to come in the video when you over the scrub bar. This is also annoying—I don’t want to have to blindly guess where I’m fast-forwarding to in the video if I want to skip to my preferred position. And, finally, pressing the space bar does not pause the video as I would like it to; instead, it moves the page down. Why would I ever want my space bar to scroll down the page when I have a mouse or arrow key to easily do that for me?

Full Scenes on a Tube Site?

But there are still a few more aspects of Taboo Porns that I think deserve to be applauded. Most of the videos they host, for example, are of good quality, and many of them are full-length scenes. Even the ones that come from paysites. This is the kind of thing that sets a tube site apart—including full scenes from some of the best studios out today—because I have always found it super fucking annoying how other tubes only include excerpts or clips of scenes.

This is especially true when it comes to taboo stuff, since it relies too heavily on exposition and, oftentimes, having a fully completed narrative arc (brother catches sister doing something she isn’t supposed to be doing, she begs him not to tell the parents, he says he will, she begs some more, he says he won’t if she blows him, she does … cut to a week later, they run into each other again, they enjoyed it so much the first time, so they fuck again, etc., etc.; you know how these things go). My point is, everything that happens in the video is necessary to fulfill the fantasy in question in a taboo video, so it becomes even more important that a taboo video site would feature full scenes. And Taboo Porns does, so kudos to them.

Fap Responsibly

Oh, one last thing I have to mention before I go … Yep, you guessed it: ads. Okay, so, if you’ve read my reviews before, you know my stance on ads: fuck ‘em. But they seem to be par for the course with porn sites, so I am sometimes willing to turn a blind eye to ads that aren’t particularly invasive or numerous. As far as Tabooporns’ ads go, there are only two featured on each page, to the right of the content. So, that’s a plus. I would prefer zero, but still, not as bad as it could be.

However, I think it is worth mentioning that my adblocker seemed to be catching a lot of potential popups and zapping them before they could bug me. So, that is something to keep in mind if you aren’t running a popup or ad blocker. And, honestly, if you aren’t running an ad blocker and you look at a lot of porn, quit being a lazy dumb ass and go install an ad blocker.

I don’t know how you don’t rip your fucking hair out watching porn without one. You wouldn’t fuck a hooker without a condom, would you? Fuck it, some of you nasty ass motherfuckers probably would, huh? It wouldn’t surprise me. I bet you already have herpes, so fuck it, right? Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to protect your computer, as well as allow yourself to have an enjoyable porn experience. So, do yourself a favor and go get an ad blocker before you visit this site.

All in all, I like Tabooporns. I wish they would improve their media player and their thumbnail game, but they do have a shit ton of great “incest” videos for you to choke your chicken to. Enjoy, and remember: fap responsibly—download an ad blocker.



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