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Whenever I do reviews of specific PornHub categories I find myself a little out of my element, because even though I use the damn site on the daily, I’m a bit of a one-trick pony when it comes to my jack off sessions. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m biased when it comes to my smut. I exclusively jack off to Asian girls when given the chance, and preferably the animated kind. There’s something especially immersive about hentai tentacle porn that I just can’t seem to get away from. But we’re not here today to talk about tentacles. We’re here to talk about Latina women with giant asses. Wow, what a segue! Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t have any experience with Latina women, ok? To be fair, I have no experience with any women - my 2-inch flagstaff remains ever unpolished, but when it comes to smut I usually stay away from Latina women. And before you label me a bigot, let me stop you right there. I am a progressive feminist and a strong ally to women of all ethnic backgrounds. It’s just that… Latina women scare me. All of them seem to have beautiful curvaceous asses and big beautiful breasts that I’d be afraid to stick my dick into because, well… I doubt I could actually reach all the way to their vaginas through all of that. It’s not their fault I’ve got a penis dick. I’m sure ThePornDude has never had this problem. That guy could probably go all the way down the street and around the corner and still have enough rope down there to give these girls a good dicking. But I’m done complaining about how Latina girls are too hot for me. Let’s just jump right into the review!

The Hottest of the Hot

I’m not gonna go out of my way to explain why PornHub is the place to be if you’re looking for quality smut. It’s the only website that holds a candle to ThePornDude - we all know that. On the matter of their Latina section though, I gotta throw around praise in the form of dick confetti like it’s the 4th of July and I happen to be celebrating my first erection. Every single girl on here is worth chopping your hand off for. Every. Single. One. Latina girls really don’t mess around when it comes to pleasuring their men. Granted, most of the men that get to fuck them are the kind of alphas that scare me into hiding in a corner and sobbing uncontrollably. But when I get past my personal inadequacies and actually jack off to Latina porn, I feel like an actual god. These girls are above and beyond any words that I can muster. Their asses are huge, round and taut, and practically made for anal penetration. And when they’re riding cocks vaginally, by golly do they go wild. You’d think they could break your goddamn dick off from all the excitement. They seem really eager to please and they can get quite loud when they’re satisfied. Except unlike the Asian squealing that I’ve grown accustomed to, they seem to have more of a sensual growl - the kind of noise only a truly strong woman makes, when you’ve truly satisfied her. I have no doubt that it’s the kind of sound ThePornDude hears on the daily when he’s out and about, populating the continent of South America.

Genres within Genres

Usually, PornHub break up their porn in tags and categories with model tags on top of that so you can find the girl that’s featured in the video and see more of her if you happen to have developed a crush. When you’re browsing Latina as a sub-section of the site however, even though that’s technically a tag in and of itself, you can cross-reference if you’d like to stay well within Latino circles, but you’ve got a hunger for that particular flavor of smut. That’s why I’d recommend that you check out the Latina section then hop further into the lesbian only tag, because the only thing hotter than one Latina is two Latinas violently finger-banging each other into a squirt orgasm. It’s such a hot sight to behold that I’m kind of wishing I was currently watching that instead of writing this review. Latina women are dangerous, man. They will steal your heart and your boner until nothing else can get you going again. I love it! Now for a personal recommendation from yours truly. - Check out Latina camwhores on PornHub. Just do it. Do it now. Hop onto the site and look up Latina camwhores and you will not be disappointed. Thanks to the popularity of cam sites these days, PornHub is pretty much taking in demo clips and even entire shows of these girls, with their permission of course, and I think it is the best place to find your next favorite pornstar. I have nothing against triple-A scripted pornography - lord knows it pays my bills. Still, I really love finding that one pornstar with an ass that won’t quit, and watch her swallow and regurgitate the same goddamn dildo over and over again for 50 minutes while she is literally getting drenched in her own spit. Just talking about it gives me a semi. And it didn’t harm the experience that throughout the video she is screaming and moaning in this amazingly seductive way that immersed me more than any hentai ever has. I honestly don't know why, but it felt a lot more real and down to earth. Maybe it’s because I found a girl that I personally find very attractive, or maybe these particular camwhores are just insanely good at making you believe they want your cock. Whatever the case, I was hooked.

The Technical Stuff

It’s kind of hard to comment on the technicalities of being on PornHub, since all of you already know the 411, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s black and orange and sexy all around. There. As for the Latina section, well, I’ll say this. There’s a healthy mix of amateur standard quality videos, with a few proper homemade fuck vids of couples and cuck situations for you to enjoy. Then there’s the absolute clusterfuck of extremely high quality scripted smut along with the surprisingly well-recorded camwhore videos. Camwhores have really stepped up their game in recent years, so now you can really get up close and personal with their vaginas, all for free, all on PornHub. Beyond that, you guys know that the videos load super fast and that you can’t technically download them without paying, but why the hell would you care? If you’ve got an internet subscription you can take your Latinas on the go, on the train, on a plane, and even on your way to Spain, to get some OG Spanish girls.

Hottest Moments

Usually, I just focus on what the site I’m reviewing has to offer and keep it vague and general, but given that this is PornHub and Latinas are so ridiculously glorious, I’m gonna break my own rules a bit and give you a taste of what you can find in this particular porn section. The first Latina video that struck my eye was of a girl that looked 18, from what I could tell, in ridiculously sexy lingerie that she never really took off. She didn’t have to. She would carefully bend sideways exposing her pussy from the sides of her amazingly thin thong, while she carefully fingered herself. She then broke out the dildos and I knew that I was about to see some quality shit. First, she started shoving that bad boy into her pussy, then she broke out another, even bigger one and shoved it in her asshole. The whole scene was so hot that I felt like I was dreaming. And then PornHub graced me with their gentle and loving touch, by shoving recommendations in my face that featured more of the same girl, and more of really similar girls, in the exact same positions, with equal appreciation for anal masturbation. I got sucked into a whirlwind of Latina anal self-penetration and my bookmarks bar is now permanently covered in links to every single one of those bad boys. I still take breaks from my standard hentai fap sessions to hop back to my Latina teen girls who have so generously graced us with high-quality videos of their stretched out assholes. So if you’re a dude who’s into, you know, outrageously hot women who like to stretch their holes for you while they shout “Ay Papi” in your eye, put your headphones in, jump over to PornHub’s Latina section and jack your good old dick off until the damn thing is covered in scabs. You deserve these high-quality Latina videos, and you know it. Treat yourself.



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