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Now, this is a story all about how, I discovered the greatest porn source of them all, but I accidentally yank on my dick so hard that the damn thing nearly fell off. A bit of rhythm and rhyme to get us started off, and boy am I looking forward to talking to you about this particular porn section. But first, some obligatory background information. I’ll spare you the usual spiel about how I’m strictly into animated Asian pussy because hentai babes can’t say no and I’ve got a tiny penis and I believe that they would better appreciate my tiny penis because they have tiny vaginas. I know you’re busy and I’ll fly past right to the point. Besides, at this point, even ThePornDude must have heard that I’m a hentai loving fuck with a tiny cock. The point has officially gotten across. When I’m not jacking my good old dick off to drawn and usually blurred out pussies, I swap over to the real flesh and blood vaginas, usually while they’re taking several dildos at a time, because I’m that particular kind of sick fuck. If a woman isn’t properly plugged up six ways to Sunday, I’m not having a good time. In my never-ending exploration to find the best hardcore smut on the internet, a few years ago I accidentally stumbled onto a single video on XHamster. I wasn’t paying much attention as to how or why the video was written entirely in Spanish, down to the comments section - I was too busy jacking off. The title of the video was something like “Teen girl in lingerie”, which I had to translate over from Spanish, but naturally, I did that later when I got curious. When I first discovered the video however, I was too busy staring at the screen, slack-jawed because I had never seen something so hot in my entire goddamn life.

The Hottest Girls. Period.

I would never call a particular race or culture of women the most anything, because that would be an extreme bias and kind of culturally insensitive. I know that every country has its beauties and they’re all worth taking a pounding by ThePornDude, followed by me jacking off to their sex tape. But there’s just something about Latinas and porn that I simply can’t put my finger on. The video I mentioned earlier of the teen in lingerie, that was part of XHamster’s Latina section and I genuinely hadn’t noticed until I saw the recommended videos below. As it turns out, I had begun my journey down a rabbit hole of equally mind-blowing videos that were simply incomparable to the regular smut I’d seen on other websites. Ok so, I’m kind of dragging on here - you probably want to know what it is that makes these girls so special, and the answer is: I don’t fucking know. It seems like every single video that was made by a Latina camwhore, whether she’s taking the dick or shoving dildos up her ass, is better in quality and quantity than any other video I’ve seen on other sections of XHamster, or really any other site. You know that feeling you get when you’re watching a cam girl talk to the camera and you think to yourself: “Yes, that’s very interesting, but I want to see your pink asshole, not listen to you talk about your day”. With other camwhores, you don’t get your wish. You have to wait and wait while the video drags on and she gives the dildo a little peck, then she’ll lick around the tip, then seventeen hours later she might just insert the tip and the stream will end. - Garbage. With Latinas on XHamster, you get none of that. That video I mentioned above, as well as every other similar goddamn video on the site, starts with the girl fully clothed, and by the first minute mark she’s either entirely nude or sporting a very skimpy g-string, and before you can say “Baby, please take it off”, bam, she’s got a giant dildo in her ass. There’s also the sex poses where the girls will stretch out across the bed and just sort of casually pleasure themselves and all you can think to yourself is: Gee, I wish she would bend over so I could see the business end. Bam. Latinas provide. I know it sounds like I’m trying to sell you a goddamn timeshare by telling you everything you want to hear, but this is XHamster. Their videos are free, and I sure as shit don’t have an incentive to lie to you. Every single Latina video on their goddamn site has the same common thread. The girls are either hot or cut-my-dick-off-and-throw-it-at-them super-hot, and every single one of them shows you what you want to see, rather than some sort of camwhore reach around that will bore you to tears.

Culture Shock

Now I don’t want you to freak out over what I’m about to say next, but I think you’re going to have to break out the old “Conversation in Spanish for Dummies” book that’s been gathering dust on your shelf for the past 10 years, because the real OG smut on here is written entirely in Spanish. Don’t get me wrong, there’s tons of porn that you’ll find under the Latina section without having to actually write a single word in Spanish. Most of them are written in English just the same. But in my experience, the ones that are in English are usually the triple-A production preview clips from major sites that feature Latina women directed by American men who are pushing them through the same goddamn carrot and stick game of “20 minutes of non-stop anal with an alpha behemoth”. You don’t want that. Trust me. I’m here to help you jack off better, faster and stronger. Stick to the Latina section, but use Spanish words. And once you arrive at a single Spanish video, the recommendations will flood with other similar smut. Why are these videos better than most? It’s simple. The ones written in Spanish, especially bad Spanish with no capital letters or punctuation, are uploaded by casual perverts like you and me, but like, Spanish speaking casual perverts who either found or made the smut they are uploading. And because these videos are in Spanish the time before they get taken down for being too hot is much longer, so you’re likely to find every kind of smut on here. It’s like a pocket dimension of XHamster that you never knew existed, in which everyone speaks a language you don’t understand, but the vaginas are hotter and wetter than anywhere else. It’s a dream come true in every single way.

Technical Stuff

It’s XHamster, do you seriously need my help with this? All right, well, XHamster is to porn as I am to porn reviews. That is, second best. They’re up there with the greats, and while they are not the absolute best, they always show promise and their library is growing as fast as humanly possible, and that includes the Latina section, so I wouldn’t worry. And who knows, maybe someday they’ll be the biggest domain of Latina-centric pornography. And maybe someday I’ll be the number 1 porn reviewer on the planet. But the only way I see that happening is if ThePornDude has a stroke from having too many Latinas in a row. You never know. In conclusion, if you’re looking for some hot nubile looking girls with irrationally large asses, perfect breasts and an undying thirst for more dildos in their asses, you’ve come to the right place. These videos are unfiltered, usually unchecked, and generally uploaded by perverts like you and me who care about proper smut. Further, XHamster’s recommended or related video section is ridiculously well made. Kudos to whoever programmed that bit of code. If you open up one Latina video that has you writhing in pleasure pains, you’re definitely going to see a ton more of the same stuff, but with different girls, in the related videos. You don’t get bounced around towards different sections of the site. XHamster understands that when you’re looking at hot juicy Latina asses filled with cum or vaginal ooze, you want to stay for as long as possible. And if you make an account on the site you can even download these videos for free, and personally, I would recommend that you do. Some of these Latina vids are so hot that you’re going to want to rewatch them on repeat, preferably forever.



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