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If you’ve seen my review of PornTrex, you already know how I feel about the free porn tube. A lot of motherfuckers are giving out porn these days, but PornTrex is one of the better ones. Take my word for it or not, they get more than 40 million hits a month. I checked them out again today because I wanted to see what kind of perversion they had in their Anal category.

A Fucking Paradise of Anal Fuck Films

PornTrex opts for a white background behind their standard porn-tube layout. My ad-blocker says it’s already blocked a couple pieces of spam, but the overall layout looks clean as hell. Aside from the logo with a stylized letter O, all the text on the page is the same basic font. There’s nothing to distract you from all the filthy, nasty butt-fucking porno.

The screen is just an endless wall of anal depravity. Well, not quite endless. There are 120 free anal movies on the front page alone. Every single one of them has been uploaded within the last 2 days. PornTrex’s Anal category is basically an endless faucet of funky butt-loving.

What are you into, butt-wise? It’s probably here. There’s a damn good chance it’s even on the front page.

The newest video is a MILF sucking on some hard, young cock before giving up her asshole to the stud. The one before that is a bondage freak show with multiple bound slaves getting hot wax poured on their skin and dicks shoved in their asses. Busty cougars get anal on the floor and wet-ass teens take it on a couch.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find fingering, fisting, and toys. There’s lesbian anal and butthole-themed orgies. Fans of kinky bondage and fetish porn will have plenty to beat off to. You’ll find both men and women being dominated and butt-fucked. I’m not talking about gay porn; all these subby men are getting pounded by bitches wearing strap-on dildos.

I tried to make my way to the last page of Anal movies to see how many there were, but you can only jump ahead by 9 pages. I have crippling RSI from the chronic and intense masturbation, so I was hurting by page 420. Then I realized I didn’t have to do that, because PornTrex posts the number of videos in each category along the sidebar. They’ve currently got around 26k buttfucking flicks.

Watching Asses Wrecked for Free

PornTrex doesn’t give you a moving preview of the action when you hover your mouse over a screengrab, but they do give you a series of stills from the movie. Slide left or right to switch images. It’s pretty damn useful for picking your butt-slut scene.

There’s a fucking lot to choose from, though. If you get overwhelmed, click randomly and see what you get. Will it be hot Latinas ass-popping, anal MILF-fucking, or a teen losing her rectal virginity? There are thick Ebony broads and tiny Asians, big-name pornstars and anal amateurs, playful goth chicks and horny grandmas.

One thing that stood out to me was the length of the videos. There’s a busty MILF getting banged up the ass for 5 minutes, but most of them are much longer. I’m talking full-length sex scenes here. Most of them seem like they’re between 30 to 60 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time for hands-free viewing.

Some of the videos are tagged with “Private” in the corner of the screencap. It’s small enough to miss over and over again, but once you click through to the video page you can’t watch. Hey, PornTrex, give the private sharers their own links. There’s no reason to crap up the list with shit we can’t watch.

I was about to pick a random one, but then I saw this redhead in little shorts, smiling at the camera. I pushed the mouse over the screencap and saw some more scenes from inside: the tight young slut plays with another girl, sucks cock, and gets that ass hammered. Yeah, that seems like a damn fine place to dive in.

What’s That Booty-Hole Taste Like?

The video loads quicker and in a better resolution than I was expecting for a free site. It’s adjustable from 360p to 720p. It’s not 4k or anything, but it’s more than adequate for a free anal sex wank. Don’t tell me you need higher quality to beat off to your iPhone, you pretentious prick.

You’ll find the same screen resolutions available as options under the download tab. The downside is you’ll have to sign up and log in before they’ll let you download anything. I really prefer not to give out an email address, but I also have a lot of other sources for dirty mp4 downloads. Access to PornTrex’s stash may be worth a few spam emails about knock-off Chinese Viagra.

There’s no buffering when I skip ahead to the ravenous ass-eating a few minutes into the video. The teen slut and the MILF are really into each other. After the salad tossing, they make out like thirsty chihuahuas. Goddamn, that’s passion that can’t be faked.

It’s a great piece of free anal porn, but I’m not surprised. I figured I was in for a treat when I saw the hottie in the screencap out front, but as soon as I saw the watermark in the corner I knew exactly what level of quality to expect. This is an EvilAngel video.

Before you tell me it’s probably just a sample video, no, it’s not. It’s an hour-long scene of a young slut and a more experienced MILF experimenting with anal play, and it’s the final third of an EvilAngel movie called Anal Heartbreakers 4.

Whose Anal Sex Movies Are These?

PornTrex takes user uploads, which pretty much means it’s going to be full of pirated porno. There’s only so much they can do the stop it. It sucks for the producers, but what can you do about it?

You could get all high and mighty about it and go sign up for TrueAnal instead of watching their Nina Elle movie on PornTrex. You could jack off to the BangBros video here and tell yourself you’ll sign up with them later. It’s just quicker that way, right? The problem is, by the time you’ve beaten off to the stolen anal movies from LegalPorno, and then PervMom, and then MomPOV, you’ll have run up a high imaginary porn bill.

I don’t know what the answer is. I do know that for a site full of stolen dirty movies, this one works pretty well. The pirate sites usually hit you with a savage ass-rape of spam, but it’s mild enough here for my spam blocker to kill it completely. Most pirate sites have shitty buffer times and low-quality vids. Neither are issues with PornTrex’s Anal clips.

And the selection. Christ on a goddamn cracker. Twenty-six thousand free anal movies is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s even better when the quality is this good. Look, I’m just saying you’d go broke subscribing to every premium site with good butt-porn on PornTrex. I can’t blame library masturbators and basement-dwellers if they want to shave a few bucks off their monthly pornograhpy bill.

If you love anal sex movies and have a few extra bucks a month to spare, I really recommend subscribing to a premium site or two at least occasionally. They offer much better user experiences and slightly better porn. If you’re broke or just want to supplement your regular smut-viewing habits, the Anal section at PornTrex is a decent choice. They’ve got a damn fine selection, served up in an easy format that just works really well.



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