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When ThePornDude first made the universe and populated it with men and women, man came to ThePornDude and asked: PornDude, what is the hole between my wife’s legs? And ThePornDude replied: That is the pleasure dome, my son, you must earn it, cherish it, and use it to make tiny humans so that they too can enjoy porn in the future. Then man asked: But PornDude, what about the other hole, the one around the corner? And ThePornDude replied: My son, that’s where you stick it when you actually want to have fun and not end up on the hook for alimony payments 9 months down the line. And so anal was invented, a few seconds after vaginal was discovered. And these days’ anal sex is viewed in such high regard in the porn industry that it’s considered bread and butter. I’ve heard from my friends who are not virgins like myself that real everyday girls are not so keen on taking it up the pooper, but that’s hardly my problem as women wouldn’t let me touch them one way or another. In porn though, both the really prudish and the really flexible girls that take cock for money have gotten used to the idea of stretching their assholes far and wide for the dollar, and for the camera, and for us to enjoy. I’m very glad that this is the standard because there’s something super satisfying about watching a girl take cock up a hole that’s really mostly made for expending rather than taking. But these girls are professionals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a medical anal specialist behind the scenes to guide them through the experience in a safe and controlled way. Either way, as a consumer it’s all the same to me. I want to see prolapsed and destroyed anuses, over and over again, and pretend that my 2-incher might someday do similar damage to a similarly hot girl.

An Odd Place to Find Anal Porn

So before we segue into the anal on YesPornPlease I gotta give a bit of information on the site because this place has me very confused. I’ve known YesPornPlease for a while and have jacked it to their content quite a few times before, but I never bothered to dig into them a little deeper and figure out what they’re actually serving up and how. What I mean by this is that their content doesn’t make a lot of sense. I mean, it’s all high-quality content from other third-party websites that are very famous triple-A studios, mostly from the US. I’m talking names like Brazzers and Reality Kings here, so you know this is the crème de la crème of the porn world. The weird thing is, they serve up entire videos, not just previews, for you to enjoy for free. Normally these sites market themselves on aggregate tube sites like Beeg for instance, where you can see either tons of previews or some long videos that they sites are serving up for free, as samples. But on YesPornPlease it’s very different. You get the entire videos, the premium shit, the fresh smut that has just come out and you don’t have to pay a cent. So let’s assume for a second that the site is actually being paid by these sites to market their porn. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense because they’re already supplying the porn. The money has to move in the other direction. Ok, so that would mean that YesPornPlease is making money from ads, except… there are no ads. Seriously, there are no ads, at all. The entire site is a ghost town other than the videos that they serve up. So they’re not marketing the triple-A sites, nor are they on their payroll, so what does that mean? Well if I had to venture a guess I’d say that this is a pirating website, given that the community can serve up content freely, and you can see the watermarks in most of the videos, blatantly sitting there. So it’s less of a tube site and more of a community sharing tube for premium videos. But who am I to judge? I can neither endorse nor criticize what they’re doing. And who knows, maybe they are legitimate in some way that I am not informed of.

The Butts!

Let’s get to the good stuff already. So the site is free and it’s loaded with videos, and thanks to the community they’re properly tagged and categorized. That means that when you land on their anal section you see the butt, the butt, and nothing but the butt. There are tons of high-quality anal videos on here, and because they come from different sites, the niches in between vary like crazy. You get a lot of diversity and variety, so it’s not all the same kind of smut, over and over again. You’ve got skinny girls, big girls, tall girls, small girls, blondes and brunettes with some gingers in between, sometimes shoved together in one bed, but always and without exception taking something large up their poopers. Sometimes it’s a shared dildo, other times it’s a strapon, but most of the time it’s a huge, expertly trained, alpha male, ThePornDude inspired, super-cock. Half of the girls in these videos don’t even look like they could handle anal penetration, if you know what I mean. They look innocent and very… tight. They give you the impression that they might be complete and utter virgins by the looks of things, but a minute into the video they take a 12 incher, thick ass dad-meat up their poopers and you know you’ve been had. They take the meat like a pro and they do so 30 minutes at a time. It’s absolutely amazing.

Quality Anal

Since the anal on this site is taken straight from quality production companies, it’s no surprise that it’s all extremely well made and well directed. The videos are pristine and crystal clear. You can see the anal prolapse up and close and you can sure as hell see the pain in these girls’ eyes as they take it up the poop chute. But there is bad news too, I’m afraid. The site hosts all of the videos in up to 720p, with the option to watch them in 480p and 360p. For mobile users, this is awesome, because 480p videos look great on tiny screens and load relatively fast. On the other hand, for PC users, 720p is a bit of a compromise, but the high quality of the original recording kind of makes up for it. You don’t lose much to compression in the end, as far as I’m concerned.

The Website

Whether we’re focused on the anal or not, there’s very little to be said about YesPornPlease’s website. On the one hand, their design is absolutely wonderful, because there isn’t any design to speak of. The site is an absolute ghost town of nothing but a black background, a title, and porn videos. And sure, there’s a categories section, but in between these features and the fact that there are no ads, you’ve pretty much-seen everything they have to offer. I have to give them props for keeping the site clean though, because the more screen space allocated for the smut, the better. I appreciate websites that let me enjoy the content I’ve come for, instead of cramming colors and graphics in my face. This ain’t a video game – it’s a smut site. On the other hand, I really hate their video player to the point that I genuinely don’t enjoy the site sometimes because of it. Now, I’m not sure whether it’s the player itself or their servers, or the possibility that they might be hosting their videos on third party websites and just embedding them – I do not know. One way or another the problem is that the videos load really slowly, and you can’t skip through them without having to wait for them to load again. Even 480p is a nightmare to load and watch. But once the video starts and you’re jacking off already, it won’t stop unless you try to skip ahead, so at least there’s that. Finally, I’ll give them props for having the option to download videos, if you sign up for a free account. Free signups are never a problem, and it’s not like they make you give them your credit card information or anything. It’s a proper free account with which you can download any of the videos to your computer, and I’d advise that you do just that. They’re much easier to watch once you’ve downloaded them because streaming on the site is, as I just mentioned, very tedious.



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