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Who doesn't know Tube Galore, aka Galore Tube? One of the keys to success is to leverage other people’s work. For example, Amazon is the #1 place people go to buy stuff, but Amazon itself doesn’t actually make or market the shit it's selling. Amazon is just a platform for you to find products that other companies make., just like iXXX, is like Amazon in that it connects you to a bunch of different porn sites that host all the videos. TubeGalore doesn’t make or host its own videos, but instead links you to dozens of other porn sites where you can watch the video to jerk off to. So when you are browsing through TubeGalore and find something that gets your dick hard, when you click on the actual video, you’ll find yourself some other place.

This makes TubeGalore a really convenient place for browsing a shitload of videos, but there are some cons. Obviously, it gets annoying when you are going to all these different porn sites during your jackoff journey, and it can even get confusing when you have a lot of windows open like I do. But this is the model that TubeGalore decided to use, and they do a good job at it.

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TubeGalore gets the job done

TubeGalore looks kind of old-fashioned, but it works just fine. The graphics are clean but pretty basic, and the general layout doesn’t use any fancy tricks that you’ll see on some modern websites. I appreciate the no-bullshit approach.

When you first go to Tube Galore, you’ll be thrown hundreds of categories to browse. You can either start your jackoff journey from these categories or use the search bar at the time to snipe that pussy you want to see. I love that the first category on the list is “mom”. I guess there’s a lot of motherfuckers with Oedipus complexes out there…

It’s interesting that the front page of TubeGalore doesn’t have any recommended videos, meaning that you’re forced to select a category if you just want to browse. Along the top of the site are category links, including links to browse the most popular videos and also new videos. Tube Galore is also part of a network, so you’ll see links to the affiliated websites serving other kinks and niches.

One thing I really appreciate is that TubeGalore shows you where each video is hosted. This is important because you don’t want to accidentally go to a shady ass fucking spyware filled dumpster while you’re trying to fap. Luckily, most of the videos come from really mainstream sites like PornHub, RedTube, etc.

The mobile site of Tube Galore doesn’t have any major issues and is very similar to the desktop. You won’t have any problems jerking off watching your phone, although again, your ultimate experience largely depends on where your video is hosted.

A ridiculous selection of (other people’s) content

The place has everything, and I really enjoy looking through the categories. In addition to the basics like teens, Asians, big tits, etc., TubeGalore also has more “interesting” categories like “Indian Hot Mom”, “10+ Inch Cock”, “Aged Arab” (what the fuck), and my favorite “9 Months Pregnant”. There are literally hundreds of categories, and you’ll definitely find some you want to check out. The amount of categories is pretty impressive.

There isn’t much more to say about TubeGalore's content except that it’ll be hard to find a bigger collection anywhere else. I think this site, just likeThumbzilla, has a program that just constantly scans hundreds of other porn sites and automatically updates for new videos. It is like a Skynet for porn, constantly looking, scanning, and linking hundreds of videos regularly. If Tube Galore was a man, he’d be jacking it 24/7/365.

Also, note that there are videos and only videos on TubeGalore. No pictures, no forum, no cams, nothing except for videos. You might want to check out one of the affiliates if you’re looking for other stuff.

What's special about this website

I really like this site. I think that for an aggregation type website, TubeGalore does it the best. See, when you’re just straight-up ripping videos from other places, and doing no hosting of your own, it’s going to be pretty damn cheap to run the site. Therefore, the motherfucker better not have a ton of annoying ads, or give me a lot of shit, because obviously, I can just go straight to the host website for the actual content.

TubeGalore really respects this concept and minimizes the bullshit. First, there are no ads. No fucking ads, on a porn site! Is this…is this reality? The only “ads” that TubeGalore has are the links to the affiliate websites, but this is hardly a sin, in my opinion. I do have to mention, however, that no ads on TubeGalore does NOT mean any ads on the videos. Remember the videos are hosted on different websites? Well, chances are those websites will shove ads right down your throat and out your ass.

I also enjoy the crazy amount of categories on Tube Galore. They are fun to browse, and you find interesting shit like VR porn and 3d porn. The site also conveniently organizes young pussy (18-25), and not just that, but organizes the teens by race as well. Super convenient for a guy like me.

I'm just not a fan of that aged salami, if you catch my drift.

Finally, I need to mention again that all the video links show where the host website is. This is so important because you don’t want to accidentally go to some fucking shady virus bitcoin mining asshole site just to bust a nut. Luckily with Tube Galore, it looks like they mostly use good reputable sites, but still, I’d rather stay away from or some shit like that.

The things that I hate

The main thing to nitpick is that doesn’t actually host the videos. Although Tube Galore does a good job of minimizing the bullshit in this, the bottom line is that it is a pain in the ass to go to the actual host site. It just adds that one extra annoying step, and having to deal with an entirely new website with a new layout, new colors, etc. just isn’t Feng Shui when you’re jacking it.

Also, the host site usually has advertisements, so it’s not like you’re able to avoid ads. Depending on the host site, the ads can be really annoying or just okay. A lot of the links on TubeGalore are for mainstream sites like PornHub, RedTube, and xHamster, and these sites have pretty reasonable ads that I think we’re all used to.

But then there are sites like SpyCock, which can get pretty fucking annoying not just with the ads, but the site performance in general. You realize that TubeGalore has to have no ads, because if it had ads, nobody would go there. Who the fuck could possibly tolerate double ads? It’s like double taxation!

A great foundation

TubeGalore is a great site, but I think it can definitely expand and improve to grow in popularity.

It might do TubeGalore some good to have a section where they host their own videos. I like the site in general, and if they can do me a solid by having some videos I can stream straight from the site, then I would probably check it out. This can also help build their brand. They should look into hosting their affiliates’ videos, if possible.

TubeGalore also might want to expand to other types of porn, or establish a community. I could see this site getting a pretty good community, and having users is good for getting ratings and comments on the videos. Tube Galore does have a “most popular” category where you can check out what everyone else is jerking off to, but having a rating system gives you a better idea of which videos will really let you nut a hard one.

I also think they should work on their video previews. Basically, you just get a small ass screenshot of the video, and you’re supposed to risk your fap time on that!? A lot of porn sites now actually show a preview video in the thumbnail, so TubeGalore should look into integrating that.

This is one of those sites where a bitch can look fine as fuck on the preview, but be wack in the actual video. I hate feeling hoodwinked.

What's my conclusion

If you need some new shit to jerk off to, TubeGalore (often misspelled as "galore tube", "tubes galore", "tubesgalore", and "tubeglore") is a good bet. You’ll definitely run into content that you haven’t seen before, plus maybe you can find some new vid sites to add to your bookmarks.

On the other hand, it CAN be a pain in the ass to always require one extra step in going to a different website. That’s really what it boils down to- the fact you have to take that extra time to open a new page for the video. But TubeGalore makes this process as easy as possible.



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