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The members' area wasn't especially organised in a particularly great way, with just a bunch of thumbnails to the individual sites. Not inspired, but at least it's easy enough. The sites themselves all have pretty much the same navigation, with good update information on them all but not much of a description of any of the videos that are on board until you click a thumbnail. There was a decent amount of browsing options but nothing spectacular. It pretty much summed up the whole navigation really - solid but nothing fantastic. XxxPicss could probably make some improvements in their navigation and user interface and do a bit of trimming, but all in all is a really good network at a fantastic price. They also now have added Ultra 4 K high definition movies since our last review, which I really like. It is hard to think of a network that so completely caters for its specified audience like this does. It really is impressive stuff and highly recommended to fans of the type of content on this network. The network has 3,840 videos, and about 80% of them also have photo galleries included. These display at best at 1600x900. Older galleries will have lower specs. The videos are available to stream or download in MP4 format with 109 videos displaying in Ultra 4K at 3840x2160(25,000kbps). 476 videos display at best at 1920x1080 (3000kbps). The remaining older videos display in SD quality. Well, at least the straight men. I won't be sugarcoating the entire thing by saying that the content of this page is good enough to make a gay man want to start jacking it to girls. So, before my ego gets inflated like Mia Khalifa's fake titties (sorry to burst the bubble for the 3 of you who believed those were real), I should start going. I mean, even though we're technically still in the intro, barely a hundred words in, we still have to dish out some facts...and by facts, I don't mean facts about Mia's Breasts, but rather, facts that are totally related to Porn Streams.


plenty of hd content, tons of free video


ads pop up here and there

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