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At first glance this site does seem very ‘barebones’ in style, only having the essential navigation options alongside the content without any unnecessary options or bullshit there to distract its users. While this may largely be true, there is a part of this website that does present at least some variety of options which might come in ‘handy’ for those of you who prefer a ‘hands on’ experience while watching your porn. Below any given porn video are the related videos which contain similar categories to it (no tags on this site, only categories) – and below the related videos, are three different categorized sections that contain different kinds of porn. There’s the classic ‘categories’ section, which contains most of this site’s most popular categories (there’s a whole standalone category section as well). There’s also the ‘Pornstars’ section, which contains a list of the site’s most popular or featured pornstars (there’s also a standalone pornstar section on this site too). And last but not least, there’s the very special ‘Studios’ section, which seems to only appear on this part of the site. The studios' section is special in my opinion because rarely does a porn website categorize its content via the studios that produced it – you have studios like ‘PerfectGonzo’, ‘NastyDollars’, ‘FetishHitsGallery’ & other admittedly lesser-known studios here which can all be viewed. Most of the studios are admittedly ones with money-oriented themes which involve a guy paying a ‘random girl’ to fuck him, but there are some more unique and interesting ones too. Pick your Virtual Girl for your Fap Session Ah yes, where would internet porn be without sites that have sections dedicated to pornstars. Let me tell you a little fact: A lot of people who frequently masturbate to internet porn tend to develop virtual obsessions/’crushes’ on a certain pornstar that tickles their fancy (maybe she subconsciously reminds them of their mother, or perhaps looks like an ex), and experienced porn site moderators and experts like myself are aware of this. This is why literally every functioning porn website has its own dedicated pornstar section which contains all the models that are featured in its content, so that the users can find their virtual crush and fap to her in order to get that extra boost of dopamine when blowing their load. This site’s pornstar section is your standard A-Z pornstar list which includes individual profiles of every girl that contain all the videos she’s featured in. The only way to filter the models on this site is by searching for them via the first letter of their name, so if you were hoping to develop a virtual crush by searching for a pornstar with black raven hair, D-size bra and blue eyes, you’re out of luck because those look-based options are absent here. More Categories than You have Sperm Cells I’m quite impressed with the large number of categories on Sex TVx (often misspelled as "") because I honestly wasn’t expecting it to have any more than a hundred or so, judging by the kinds of videos that were popping up in ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Popular’. There are hundreds of different categories on this website which have quite the range when it comes to sexual intensity – there’s the standard blowjob, cumshot, MILF, doggystyle, blonde and other shit like that, but there’s also some more hardcore themes and genres like ‘Whip’, ‘Urine’, ‘Transgirl’, ‘Saggy’ and other, more ‘out there’ categories that would definitely be appreciated by someone whose into more alternative and bizarre pornography. Best of Week/Best of Month Just like the ‘Popular’ section of this site, there’s a ‘Best of Week’ & ‘Best of Month’ section on this website which contains, well, the best videos of the week and month judging by their views and overall reception. This is just another section where you can find some quality, fap-worthy videos that are sure to cut down your browsing time in half and finally let you fap to some good shit.


lots of categories, full 1080p hd videos


no tags whatsoever, most of the content is second-grade quality

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