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Picture these women; Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Angelina Jolie. They all have one thing in common- all three are sexy as hell, have incredible bodies, and are waaaay out of my league. Don’t get me wrong, I would want nothing than to suck their clits and hear them moan as I work on their muffs, but who am I kidding? If I can’t get the cheap hood chicks to part their legs for me, what chance do I possibly stand of fucking a celebrity? I’m a 21st-century loser, and I know my limits. But the day these women show up to my door and beg me for sex is the day I find the cure for AIDs. I’m not even kidding. Funny enough, my first thought wouldn’t be to drag them to my bed. It would be ‘Oh my god, is my small prick good enough for them?’ How embarrassing, but realistic at the same time. I imagine Hollywood ladies have a long line of well-hung, moneyed, and connected dudes waiting to have a taste of the cherry and they wouldn’t look at my excuse of a cock twice, but who is to stop me from dreaming? I have a long list of celebs I’d love to jump in the sheets with, but that’s not the way the world works, is it? We regular freaks like fantasizing about famous women falling for us because we know that won’t happen. But ultimately, the ‘forbidden fruit’ angle massages my ego to think I could land something close to my ideas of perfection. We all know that’s not happening. Well, unless I’m ThePornDude (who probably shags Hollywood celebs left to right and center), which I’m clearly not. But I think I found a site that may help me use less of my limited imagination and more of my lustful eyes. I’m talking about, which is a fantastic platform for celeb nudity-loving freaks to see how their favorite singers, actresses, TV hosts, and other famous women look underneath their clothes. Ready for the erotic ride? Hold on to your lubes and tissue and sit tight as I tell you everything there is to know.

The naked statistics

If you look at the site’s ‘About Us’ section, the site states that they have a bunch of pervs who have dedicated the last 10 years to building the biggest stash of celebrity nudes. Many sites claim to have the biggest collection but ultimately fail to live up to the hype, but the numbers at are quite impressive. The site has +153,010 videos and over 928,866 pictures with content coming from movies, TV shows, and appearances, as well as professional photoshoots and celebrity leaks. There are 51,888 files from movies and TV shows. Those raunchy scenes from blockbuster show Game of Thrones? You are likely to find them here. Unlike other sites that only bring you stars from the US and UK, you can expect to bust a nut to famous hotties from decades ago as well as current stars from just about anywhere in the world. Needless to say, quality varies, but that’s to be expected of the entire celebrity niche.

Spank-it to the hottest naked celebs

The first time you land on the site, you might mistake it for your average celebrity news blog site. However, the sneaky dude with a camera on the logo gives you a hint of what you should expect, and if he is as good as he’d like us to believe, you can expect some hot shit. You can kick off your journey from the ‘Today’s Featured and Popular Celebrities’ which is more like a ranking of the hottest celebs based on user ratings. Some of the names here include Elizabeth Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Matilda De Angelis, and Bella Thorne among others. Admittedly, I don’t know some of these ladies, but if their nudes can provide masturbation fodder, you can bet I’ll be checking them out. There are certainly plenty of sumptuous tits and muffs to cool off with. That said, I have gripes with how the content is presented. When you do click on a celeb, the site starts by redirecting you to some pretty messed up pages with spam that were strong enough to break through my adblocker. Sometimes closing the window is a challenge and it’s an absolute mood-killer especially if it pops up when you are trying to nut to Jessica Rose’s sex tape.

Who else is down for some premium cable titties?

You can bet I’m first in that lane. Like earlier mentioned, has a TV Shows and Movies section, which is a fantastic way to look for nudes and nude scenes from popular movies. You saw a naked girl on a certain movie and can’t remember her name? Don’t fret. Just look up the show’s name from this section and fap your night away. However, you’ll need to brace yourself for more ads each time you try to access the TV Show link at the header. Damn, not again! Can’t these folks make it easier to access these nudes? Anyway, when you do manage to negotiate the sometimes full-screen ads, you will absolutely love the specimen on show. I really enjoyed jerking it to Kristen Bell’s nude scenes in Veronica Mars. Given how sexy she looks with no clothes on, it is actually a surprise that no one has managed to hack her phone for more of this sauce. Anyway, there is plenty of sexy flesh to see in this section, and with a stash of over 50k files from TV shows and movies, quantity should be the least of your worries. However, it’s good to note that not all pics/videos feature full nudity. Sometimes you will have to make do with just a cleavage.

Celebrity nudity galore

One thing I have to give it up to Ancensored is how neatly the content in the celebrities section is cataloged. The celebrities’ database is divided into sections and apart from ‘Todays Featured & Popular Celebrities,’ you can pick your fap materials from Hollywood celebrities, singer/musician celebrities, model celebrities, Asian, skinny, black, blonde hair, brunette, pro athletes, Hispanic, and Mideast celebrities. Each section has the option to view the nudity by Today Top 100 and all-time Top 100. If a star has nude photos or sex tapes, you can expect to find them here.

Functional design, smooth navigation

The site has certainly not broken any new grounds in terms of innovation as far as the design is concerned, but most importantly, it gets the job done. I don’t like the bright background, but the content is generally well presented, and anyone will find something to float their boat. Everything is where it is supposed to be, the fonts are just the right size, and there is a good mixture of colors. Navigating the site is also super smooth. The first thing of note is the advanced search feature and the option for users to search for celebrities using the first letter of their names. At the top right corner is the option to switch languages between English, German, Spanish, Russian, and French among others. Language won’t be an obstacle for you to sling jizz. Other browsing options include the tags cloud near the bottom right, which includes tags like great nudity, has shown bush, large breasts, and hall of fame nudity, among others.

Things to love about

A large collection of celebrity content; the numbers say it all. There is a whole lot of celebrity content for you to stroke it too. Hot celeb videos; there are thousands of celebrity nude scenes and sex tapes with everything involving fast, smooth streams. Great indexing; the content at is well organized and categorized, making it easy to retrieve.

Things to hate about

Plenty of ads; the content on this site is free, but it comes with a hefty price with ads and awful redirects being the order of the day. No free download; to download anything from the site, you will need to be a registered user which almost sounds like blackmail. Plenty of non-nude scenes/pictures; not everything is about nudity as I came across plenty of pictures and videos where the woman in question was actually fully clothed.

The verdict

With a large number of celebrity clips and nude photos from all around the world, (often misspelled as "ancnesored", "ancesored", "ancencored" and "acensored") is a solid pick for anyone who likes the celebrity niche. There is an excellent mixture of established and rising stars, and you can never be bored with new content added regularly. I particularly liked the great indexing and organization. And although more improvements could be made, we’ll take the good with the bad.



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