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Celebrity Fun at Scandal Planet

Everyone wants to get their hands on the best celebrity sex material, right? Sadly, very few websites are doing well enough these days that people think they’re worth visiting exactly for that purpose. In this review, Mr. Porn Geek is going to suggest a place that is doing well – it goes by the name of Scandal Planet and it was actually recommended to me by a friend who works on the celebrity niche in online porn. I’m super keen to take a look around inside and see what’s up for grabs, so let’s get down to business and write up a full review of Continue reading down below for Mr. Porn Geek’s coverage – you know it makes sense!

First impressions of Scandal Planet

On the homepage of Scandal Planet, you’ll be presented with what I believe to be a thumbnail post display of the latest content added to the platform as the primary area of material. Alongside a thumbnail, you also get a title such as ‘Miley Cyrus Nipples in Music Video’ and ‘Jenny Frost Nude Leaked Photos’ – these just help you navigate around the content a little better if you’re not sure who’s featured in all of the releases. Scrolling down to the bottom of this content area, you’ll see that Scandal Planet has 425 archive pages of posts. Pulling out the old calculator, this means that with 12 entries on each page, Scandal Planet has managed to build up a cache of 5,000+ celebrity posts – that’s a metric buttload of material!

On the right-hand side of the page, Scandal Planet has a collection of the most ‘popular’ sex tapes. There are some very big issues here that I’m going to talk about in a little bit, but for now, I’m just going to move on to the next section of the homepage: the header. You’ll see a few links here for nude celebrity material and sex tapes, with some more options that take you to third-party destinations. The best feature on the header is the search bar, which allows you to look for essentially any celebrity that you could want to see in action. I decided to type in Kim Kardashian and was greeted with quite a decent amount of entries – some of which were also focused on Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian in addition to the big-butt behemoth I originally wanted to see in action.

The biggest issue on Scandal Planet

I often like to wait until I’ve reviewed the majority of the website I’m looking at before jumping into negatives, but it’s of vital importance that I mention this sooner rather than later: a lot of the entries at Scandal Planet are completely fake. Sure, they have genuine sex videos here with the likes of YesJulz getting railed, but the ‘popular sex tapes’ category also has posts entitled ‘Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape Leaked From ICloud’ and ‘Miley Cyrus Blowjob VIDEO After Concert’ – neither of these are true. In the words of Donald Trump, they’re fake news – complete fabrications that don’t feature the women alleged to appear in them. People in the comments have even called this bullshit out: the reason why it’s here is to push you toward a premium website by the name of Celeb Porn Archive, which itself doesn’t have this sex tape. In the opinion of Mr. Porn Geek, this is some pretty shady and unethical shit: I can’t support it in the slightest, so yeah – thumbs down from Mr. Porn Geek for this. Lots of other celeb sites do it too, but that doesn’t justify the situation.

I also want to touch on the fact that when you connect to Scandal Planet, it’s done so via HTTP – they don’t have the ability for you to get material from their website via encrypted means. I dislike this immensely and I’d really rather all porn websites made the switch over to HTTPS – it’s not like it’s hard! Okay, I’ll stop bitching now and get back to some of the genuine stuff that they have on offer: probably a good idea since I do actually think that on the whole, Scandal Planet isn’t all that bad.

Exploring content at Scandal Planet

Perhaps one of the best examples of Scandal Planet’s genuine content is the epic amateur sex video of YesJulz getting hole slammed by a huge cock: she really knows how to take a good cock. That fat white booty was railed something chronic: once you go black, you don’t go back. The website also has some racy photoshoot material from professional sources, such as this entry on Jessica Lee Buchanan. Not sure who this skinny goddess is? With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, she’s something of a celebrity. You’ll find the same type of material from the likes of Emily Ratajkowski and others too: it’s a non-shop show of world-class ass getting their tits and booty out for the camera. Mr. Porn Geek really did enjoy a majority of the posts here on Scandal Planet – he just wishes that they didn’t have fake links buried in various posts to content that doesn’t exist!

Closing remarks on Scandal Planet

If you can fish out the bullshit and just hunt for the golden nuggets, Scandal Planet is probably a pretty good website for you to check out at some point. I had a decent experience here and I think you will too – you’ve just got to be careful what you click on and which titles you believe. Pro tip: if the sound of the video is too good to be true, don’t think for a second that it’s real. Sure, you’ll see full nude pictures of Emily Ratajkowski – she practically loves everyone seeing her naked – but don’t think that Emma Watson will be getting gangbanged at the beach or whatever lie Scandal Planet pumps out there. So the bottom line here is that so long as you’re smart and think about the content that allegedly appears on a website, you should be fine. Thanks for reading as always – Mr. Porn Geek is now going to go and jerk off to some celebrity porn. I’ve been fixing to bust a nut for the last hour: glad I finally get the chance to!