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Are you a fan of leaked celebrity nudes, because if you are there is a great site you are bound to love, and it is called I mean, when you see the ‘wiki’ in the name, you can already expect the city to be a bit more informative than action-driven, and that somewhat applies here. While they do have loads and loads of content, there are no actual videos, just images.

Just a basic-looking site for naughty pictures.

And the reward to the most simplistic website design goes to, the I do not really have anything against shit like this, but sometimes I am really triggered when I see that a site does not really have a good-looking website and even better content. At least offer one of the two… and while this place does have solid content, the design is pretty shit.

There is no structure, you will just have o randomly browse to see what they have to offer, and the crap that you find is not as satisfying. However, this is just my opinion, because I am really not a fan of porn images in general… you could say that I just do onto see the point of that shit, this does not fall under my ‘must-see’ category.

Unless there is some actual action on the screen, my willy will not get hard. I can see how people can get interested in the content has to offer, since here you will mostly have images of celebrities… you know, the leaked shit everyone gets bat-shit crazy over. Well, this is a site dedicated to that, if that is what makes you happy.

On top, you can choose to browse the home, where everything is hella messy… or you can browse celebrities instead. There are a shit-ton of celebrities, so I think it is safe to say that you will find whoever you are looking for. The browsing and all that shit are rather simple, so I do not think I need to speak about that bullshit.

Though, I do want to say that their flashy ads were fucking annoying. I understand the fact that free sites will use ads and all that crap to earn a living, but at the same time, I was hoping that they would not have all those gif kinds. They can be rather distracting when you are in the right mood for some fapping… and well, I fucking was.

If you like picture sites I am sure you will appreciate everything has to offer, because, at the end of the day, that is what the site is all about. You will probably think I am full of shit when you see the “Sex Tapes” offered on top, but do not get your dick or hopes up because that is basically a link that will take you to a premium site where you can subscribe if you want to see that type of content.

The last tab is labeled as “Webcam Girls” and that is exactly what the fuck you will get. You will be taken to, which basically looks like any other porn site out there, and then you can choose which bitch from the crowd you would like to watch. The webcam site is not bad, but then again there are many better ones out there.

Now, this goes without saying, but if this place is not enough to satisfy your dirty desires, you should explore my site first. I have taken my sweet time and explore the online world for the best porno websites out there, and I have also listed them neatly under the categories. However, if you love to browse and look at leaked nudes from celebrities, there is no doubt that you will love

So, what kind of content can I expect?

As I already mentioned, you have loads of content concerning celebrities, and this includes the known and not-so-known bitches as well. We all see these figures as people who can do no wrong or whatever the fuck, but deep down we all know that the celebrity sluts are known to be the craziest when it comes down to fucking.

The first time I opened the site, I was welcomed by countless of nudes and some articles on the side. The first article featured Emma Watson, where some proof surfaced that her nudes have leaked. However, is that proof really enough to get my donger hard, I did not think so… I need solid proof before I will believe that Emma Watson will do such shit.

While we are on the topic, there were a couple of categories featuring the same Harry Potter chick, but it was so fucking obvious that all those images were photoshopped. I want to know who takes time out of their life to do this… but whatever. You have a little bit of everything here, from actual nudes to photoshopped shit. If you squint your eyes, they all look real.

There are a total of 1965 celebs (at the time I visited the site), with over 42500 photos. It looks like they do update the site quite frequently or well they follow the crap that is happening, which I a good thing. In the beginning, I saw all the known celebrities, such as Jenifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Rihanna, Kim K, Miley Cyrus and so on.

So, as far as the celebrity variety goes, I think that you will find the beauty who suits your taste, or you already have one chick in mind. I tried searching for a couple of celebrities I wanted to see here, and I was able to find everything. However, they do have a couple of issues that I would like for them to work on.

Search options are questionable.

When you see a database of nearly 2k celebrities, one would expect them to have proper search options, but to nobody’s surprise, they do not have it. If you want to find a celebrity on this site, you will have to check out their tab labeled as “Celebs:” where you will have a big list of all the celebrities they have to offer.

Now, that is all fun and games, but you do not really have a search box, you do not have the categories or the tags… basically, what you need to do is choose the first letter of that chick’s name and then either manually browse until you find the celebrity you are looking for or Ctrl+F and then search that way… there is no other way to do it.

I refuse to believe that they were not able to create a proper search system, with just the basic categories or at least the actual search box… oh well. At least, this is one of the biggest celebrity databases I have seen so far, and when it comes to the nude content, they have not disappointed me… obviously.

Now, one thing I do wish that they would change or add is the fact that they have no celebrity tapes. I understand that is a site dedicated to just the images and that crap, but I cannot help but wish for them to add the videos. However, those who are here for that leaked nudes, will surely be satisfied, believe me.

I mean, when it comes to the number of naughty celebrities they have to offer, I am pretty sure you will find a beauty you are searching for. They have everyone, from the known babes who are active in the industry currently, to the old-school actresses who were famous once, and now nobody talks about them anymore.

Keep in mind that some of these images are photoshopped, and I think that it is quite obvious which ones are legit and which ones are not, with just one glance at the shit they have to offer. Overall, there is a lot has to offer, and if you have a favorite celebrity you would like to see in some dirty action, you are more than welcome to explore what this place has to offer.

The best part about is the fact that they have the biggest database of hot celebrities out there, and to make things even better, everything they have to offer is free. You can browse as much as you want, read what they have to say about each celebrity leaked photos, and do whatever comes naturally; whether that’ll be fapping or saving these images to your PC.



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