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So you want to know what Find Tubes is all about? Internet porn is something that goes hand-in-hand with instant availability – nowadays, if you’re feeling an urge to fap you go right ahead and open up a certain XXX website from your device and are greeted instantly with dozens upon dozens of instantly accessible porn videos which you can fap to at your delight, and it’s truly something that every masturbator regardless if they fap daily or not, has grown familiar with.

No one whose itching to fap and blow a load to some good old fashioned internet porn has the patience to wait too long in order to witness some of that overly-stimulating, dopamine-inducing eye candy that is internet porn – everyone whose ever wanted to fap has gotten used to getting to their desired content in no time, but sometimes even the fastest porn tubes out there can fail to deliver, and there are a number of reasons why – the main reason as to why these websites can fail to deliver is the fact that they almost always show you the same old XXX videos that you’ve probably seen before, either on their landing page, in the recommended video section or both.

FindTubes here was made with swiftness in mind – this website’s all about finding the right porn video for you. It uses a comprehensive category/tag-based search engine which filters in/out all the most well-known and most frequently used categories/tags on popular porn tubes, allowing you to search for the video you’re looking for…

Basically It’s a Search Engine for Online XXX Videos

Let’s say you go online and you’re thinking “damn, I want to fap to some mature porn but I want the old ladies in it to be wearing lingerie” – this of course would usually lead you on a wild goose chase through the porn tube of your choice, and you might even actually find your desired video, but the only problem is that you’ll be bombarded with countless other choices on your journey and you could likely steer away from your goal and get lost in an endless supply of porn videos/video thumbnails that will result in you spending more time searching for your video of choice than actually fapping. That’s what I like to call “Fapper’s Indecision” - A pretty common phenomenon that equates to you fapping in a very time-inefficient way.

This is precisely why this website was made, so that you can find what you’re looking for even if it spans across multiple websites – this website’s search engine filters through various popular porn tubes such as KeezMovies, ProPorn, XHamster, PornHub, HD21, NuPorn, IcePorn, NuVid and so on, so you’re bound to find something that fits your desired criteria regardless if it’s a POV video of a big booty blonde babe or something ridiculously specific like a guy in a police costume being taken hostage by two female criminals who proceed to rape him.

The Search Parameters are Category-Based

The search parameters which this website’s wide-spanning search bar uses are category-based, and they’re all stored on a standalone category section which contains hundreds of different themes, kinks, genres and fetishes that can all be combined to no end in order to help you find precisely the stuff you’re willing to blow a load to. This can be something like Anal + Mature, or Forced + Schoolgirl + Oral Creampie – now granted, not every possible combination will yield results (or quality ones at least), but you do have all possible combinations at your disposal, readily available for you to experiment with in order to find exactly the kind of stuff you’re looking for – no, not something that barely or partially fits the search criteria, something that contains exactly the themes which your horny brain is imagining and needs in order to get you aroused and fapping.

And the categories are as Widespread as Can be

Another thing about this site’s searchable categories is that they cover practically every intensity and genre of pornography there is, including hundreds of extremely specific themes that are so damn specific they’d barely pass as tags on other XXX domains – I’m talking things like ‘pierced pussy’, ‘cum in eyes’, ‘rich’ and ‘penis pump’ – things which are definitely fetish-based and literally some of the most specific things I’ve ever seen pop up in a porn site’s tag section.

Then, of course, there’s the standard stuff like ‘Bonde’, ‘Anal’, ‘Costume’ and ‘Cuckold’, which can literally be found as tags and/or categories on every existing porn tube on the internet. With that being said, this site’s categories really do cover every nook and cranny of the genre and intensity spectrum of pornography, and there’s really something for everyone here in the hundreds of categories

And Every Search comes with Its Own Filters

If You’ve Ever Needed to Find the Right Video to Fap to, This Is the Place to Do it

Findtubes isn’t called ‘Findtubes’ for nothing – this site’s otherwise barebones introduction and lack of visual appeal may seem discouraging at first, but that’s because they’re all about the functionality here and couldn’t care less about the visual appeal of things. Sure, they may be mostly a backend-oriented kind of website that doesn’t care to lure you in with glitzy-glam visuals, but when it comes to finding the porn that you’re willing to fap to, this site definitely gets the job done.

Anyone who’s ever wanted to stop getting caught in the time-wasting “fapper’s indecision” syndrome should definitely check out this site and by extension all the sites that it links to, because not only is its service completely unique, it’s also got a comprehensive filtering system and hundreds of thematic tag-like categories which allow you to pin down the most specific of videos. As a professional on all things internet porn, I praise this sites standout services and the effective way in which it offers them, and I definitely recommend you check it out especially if you’re the kind of person who leans on frequent masturbation in order to get your mind right and be functional for the day. In addition, this site’s also usable by all you on-the-go fappers who like to consume your porn of choice via mobile or tablet device…

Wanna Use this Site on The Go?

Last but not least, this site is fully optimized for mobile use – there’s never a shortage of porn websites out there, but by now it’s only natural that the ones which care about their traffic be optimized for mobile use, because over half of all internet users access the World Wide Web via a mobile or tablet device. If you’re the type of porn consumer to sneak away in a certain bathroom while at some sort of gathering or at work, then you’ll be pleased to know that this site is fully optimized for mobile use, and you’ll be able to access all those lovely porn videos that you can find through FindTubes from your own personal smartphone or any other handheld electronic device.