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Today, we're paying a visit to aka Sometimes it seems like you have to go to five or six porn sites at once just to find what it is that you are looking for. I can’t even count the number of times I have done this. You open one tab, direct it to your default porn tube site, see that it’s a little dry at the moment, so you open another, head over to your backup site, but there’s nothing too steamy going on there either. You keep this going for about a half hour or so, and the next thing you know, you have 50 fucking tabs open and you aren’t even close to cumming.

We watch porn and jack off because we’re already sexually frustrated, not because we want to become sexually frustrated. But sometimes it is unavoidable. Porn tubes, as vast as they are, based on the fact that they all seem to provide basically the same kind of content over and over again, can be surprisingly limited. Oftentimes you are, after all, merely browsing through what a certain porn tube’s community of users have decided to upload.

This means that what you are able to jerk off to is, to a certain degree, at the whim of other people; which, unless you want to actually do the work of hunting down content to add to the site, is not necessarily always going to be what you would choose. And, of course, you don’t want to be bothered with doing that … the reason we use porn tubes to begin with is for the convenience, right? Oh, and the fact that they are free as a bitch.

If only there was a site that compiled all of the content from a huge list of porn tube sites all in one convenient location. Well, my friend, if that is what you are looking for, I am happy to report that you might just be in luck. Savor it, this might be the only time you get lucky for the rest of the year…

A Juggernaut of Porn is something of a porn tube aggregator. If a porn tube hosts content uploaded by a variety of sources (users and/or moderators), and a porn aggregator site merely collects and indexes links to content from external sources, Rexxx combines the best of both worlds by indexing all of the content from a wide variety of porn tube sites, all accessible without having to leave (previously known as

The result is an unthinkably enormous archive of porn. You thought Porn Hub was big? Well, Rexxx makes Porn Hub look like a small dicked little bitch. The number of videos that fall under the “teen” category alone is staggering … I’m talking around 8.5 million videos and counting.

By the time I finish this review and publish it, that number will most certainly be even larger. Rexxx is constantly expanding. The moment a new video gets uploaded to one of the 18 tube sites that they get their content from, Rexxx gets yet another upload as well. Why go to a single porn tube site for your fapping when you could go to 18 all at one time? Say goodbye to juggling dozens of tabs that slow your computer down.

In addition to scanning the entire internet, worldwide, and indexing new porn as it arrives, Rexxx also allows users to upload content, which expands their library exponentially as well. You’d be hard pressed, I think, to find a more massive, comprehensive porn tube out there.

The only thing, off the top of my head, that might come close is Porn MD; but even that only draws from the Porn Hub network. Rexxx gets videos from sites within the Porn Hub network, plus numerous others, including xHamster, Porner Brothers, and The result? One of the most diverse sites I’ve ever been on.

One great feature about Rexxx is that you can filter search results to only feature a few of the sites they draw from, all of them, or none. It’s all in your hands (just like your jizz will be when you’re done … unless you’re a sock guy … no, I bet you’re a no hands, straight on the belly kind of guy, you fucking perv).

More Full-Length Scenes and Films than Most

Another testament to Rexxx’s diverse selection of videos is the fact that you can easily access full-length films and scenes, far more frequently than I’ve seen on any other tube. No more sifting through endless 20-second or minute-long clips to find the good stuff. In fact, another filtering option on Rexxx is length, and they let you get pretty specific about it. Choose from Short (< 5 minutes), Medium (5 – 15 minutes), Long (15 – 25 minutes), Full (25 minutes+), or choose an exact time range, from however many seconds to however many minutes you prefer.

Sure, being able to choose a precise length video is pretty cool I guess, but I’m not sure how practical it really is. When have you ever said to yourself, “You know what I need right now? Exactly 7 minutes and 32 seconds of porn … ah, yes, that should do the trick!” I don’t know, maybe it could be useful if you’re looking for a specific and hard to find video and all that you remember about it for some reason is how long it was.

There are other possible filtration options that I feel like would be more helpful and are glaringly missing here … especially with such a massive site. Where is, for instance, the ability to toggle between amateur and professional content? How about by specific studio? Ethnicity?

You can, of course, access some of these customizations by heading over to the categories section of the site, but why make it more difficult than it has to be? There is just way too much porn here to not be allowing additional customizable search options.

Some Unique Features

In addition to providing one of the largest libraries of porn available on the net, Rexxx has some pretty cool features that it allows for. First of all, you can register as a user in order to create playlists, like/dislike videos, and leave comments. The comments sections, however, seem to be pretty quiet, so there are no signs of a particularly actively engaged user-base.

They also have an interesting “detach” option for their media player, which opens the video as a separate small window … detached, as it were, from the page itself. I’m not sure how useful this will be, though, since the new window just becomes minimized whenever you click anywhere else on the page.

Opening videos in new tabs like we’re used to doing will probably be more convenient than this. I appreciate the effort, though, Rexxx … if you can figure out how to anchor detached videos to the page, allowing you to continue to browse (like in Hulu’s newer design), I’ll be all for it, though.

Blue Balls

One thing I am definitely not all for with Rexxx, however, is the fact that they use some really fucking annoying forms of advertising. Not only do they have ads to the right of videos and search results, they do the unthinkable … they play ads before videos load as well.

Listen, if you really need to advertise for your site to stay afloat, fine, whatever—I don’t love it, but unfortunately, I know that is sort of par for the course—but, whatever you do, do not interrupt my porn viewing experience with your stupid fucking ads. As a porn site, you have one job, and that job is making me cum.

You know what does not make me cum, and what, in fact, is more likely to deflate my boner than anything? Having to put my jerking off on hold so you can try to sell some stupid fucking 3D cartoon game of half human, half rabbit bitches getting fucked. Nobody fucking cares. Just give me the porn that I came for, so I can cum and be done with it … until, of course, I inevitably come back to your site in three to four hours. Damn, these porn sites really have me by the balls, don’t they?

All in all, minus the annoying fucking ads, I really like Rexxx. They have an enormous library of porn to choose from that is constantly being expanded, the site design is pretty good (easy to navigate, no major glitches or slow-buffering times or anything), they have a great variety of good porn, and a decent mobile site as well. Rexxx, you were so close to becoming my go-to site of choice, but you went and fucked it up by being shitty with advertising.

Will I be going back to Rexxx? Probably. Begrudgingly. You just can’t beat the variety, even with the ads fucking everything up. Besides, with a decent ad blocker, you hardly notice them anyway. And, on that note, I think it’s been about three hours … time to go back and fap some more.