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Gif Sauce? I bet it's your cock's favorite sauce! I’m not even gonna lie, gifs are usually far from my preferred medium of porn. I just never really got the appeal of watching a looped clip of 5-20 seconds of a porn scene when I could just watch the whole scene itself. I guess it could be a decent way to cut through all the shit you don’t care about (I’ve never been a huge fan of the often too long, drawn-out blowjobs, for example … just give me like a minute, two minutes tops of oral in porn and I’m content).

So, maybe gif porn would be useful for me in that regard. But, still, I need more variety in my porn than one clip repeated over and over again could provide. I need multiple positions, different movements, angles, and sound to get off. The lack of sound to gifs is a huge reason why I’ve never really gotten into them. Sound is so crucial to porn! One of the best parts of the porn viewing experience is hearing her moan, scream, and tell you to fuck her like the dirty little slut that she is.

I mean, are people out there seriously fapping to gifs like that? If so, is gif porn made with premature ejaculators in mind? Are there really guys out there who start fapping and, 20 seconds later, are already cumming from one clip? Hell, I would not be at all surprised. If that is the case, though, you losers should not be watching gif porn.

You should be endurance training, not giving into and catering to your pathetic inability to last. Even if you sorry virginal basement dwellers ever do get laid, I’ll feel so bad for the girl who lets you hit. You’ll bust the moment your dick even grazes a pussy lip. And what a waste that will be. Well, at least you won’t be wasting too much of her time, I guess.

But, regardless of whether or not I personally enjoy gif porn (frankly it doesn’t matter), it has quickly become one of the more popular types of porn on the web. Almost immediately after the invention of the gif, people were making gifs of their favorite moments in porn. Today, there are tons of sites dedicated solely to the medium. is just one of those sites.

An Exceptional Porn Site

Well, let me rephrase that a little bit. To say Gif Sauce is “just one of those sites” is to imply that it is an average, run of the mill gif porn site with nothing going for it but an extreme sense of mediocrity. That is definitely not the case. Believe you me, there are some unthinkably shitty gif porn sites out there. And Gif Sauce is not one of them. In fact, Gif Sauce is one of the better porn sites I’ve seen in general in terms of site design, ease of use, features, interface, etc.

From the moment you land of Gif Sauce’s homepage, you should be delighted at how well-organized, designed, customizable, and intuitive it is. At first, it looks something like a porn tube site, in its familiar layout … black background, gallery of thumbnails, menu bar to the left of the thumbnails, search bar up top.

Streamlined, Customizable, Intuitive Site Design

What sets it apart, though, is that, in the spirit of the gif itself, no time is wasted. The second you arrive on the website, you are inundated with a fuck ton of porn, and all you have to do is hover your mouse over your chosen gif in order to make it play. It is nearly instantaneous. I love that about Gif Sauce. There’s no bullshit. No hoops to jump through, no manual searching that you need to do. Just type into your browser (often misspelled as "gifwithsauce") and, boom, sit back, unzip, and enjoy, just like that.

To the left of the gifs, you have a simple yet effective site menu bar, listing its options down the margin of the page. Quickly choose between Hottest, Newest, Top Rated, Without Source, Random, Reddits, Categories, Porn Stars, and Tags. Below this is a list of popular categories, allowing you to also conveniently browse content by category without having to click through to the categories page.

Surprisingly, all of this information (probably because it is so neatly tucked into the margin) is presented in a very neat and organized fashion. Also, better yet, don’t want to have your gif-viewing experience encumbered by the menu bar? No problem … just click on the menu icon above it and it will be hidden. Click it again and there it is.

I love how customizable this site is. So much so, you can easily toggle between day and night mode, a white or black background respectively. That’s some pretty fucking awesome site design if you ask me. In addition to altering the background color, you can choose how you want your gifs to be filtered too. Sort by Time (dropdown: Anytime, Past 24 hours, Past Week, Past Month), and/or Size (dropdown: Any Size, Large, Medium, Small).

Unique Features

So, at least two of those aforementioned buttons on the menu bar need to be discussed a little, being as unique as they are. The section titled “Without Source” is in reference to the site’s mission: “Our goal is to build the world's largest NSFW gifs library without forgetting to give you the vidéo source whenever it's possible, in other words, we strive to be the best porn site ever.” Sauce, I learned on Gif Sauce’s About page is actually a play on the word “Source.” Something like how someone from Staten Island might pronounce the word.

So, clicking on “Without Source” automatically allows you to filter through all gifs with unknown sources. Plus, if you know the source, feel free to be a good Samaritan and add it so the site can better archive it. That’s another cool thing about this site: it is very user-oriented, utilizing the Wikipedia user-contribution model to build their library of sourced, organized, and appropriately archived content.

Another unique feature on Gif Sauce is its Reddits section. Click on this button and be brought to an alphabetized list of NSFW subreddits. Not only is this super fucking convenient for any Redditor who doubles as a porn addict (which, come on, let’s be honest, is most of us), but this also provides you with a fuck ton of places to help in the quest of sourcing unsourced gifs.

Great Overall Porn Experience

I mentioned earlier that you can hover your mouse over a gif and it will play that way, which is cool. But that, of course, is not the only (and is far from the best) way to view the gif. Click on it, of course, and be brought to its page, where you can watch the gif full-screen if you like, view the source, rate the gif, share it, save it to your favorites, choose from a selection of related gifs, or just click the “next” or “previous” buttons to continue browsing without having to even go back to the thumbnails to select a new one.

Clicking on the source of a gif, I found out, brings you to the full video that the gif was taken from. Which is, actually, really fucking convenient. Okay, I may be starting to understand this whole gif porn thing after all. I could see myself using this as a way to speed up the browsing process when trying to find new porn. I’m still not sold on the idea of fapping to just gifs, though. But I do fucking love this site, so I’m sure I’ll be back. Who knows, maybe Gif Sauce will convert me to a gif fapper.

Additionally, to the right of your chosen gif is a list of girls who are currently online over in Gif Sauce’s own cam site, which I took a quick peek at because I can’t resist a sexy live girl. I must say, from what I saw, this is one of the better cam sites I’ve ever seen to. I’ll do a separate review on that one, but I’m just saying … Gif Sauce has a lot going for it beyond just gifs, that’s for sure.

I am also happy to report that, although the mobile version of the site had one, I didn’t have any ads fuck with my enjoyment of Gif Sauce when I visited either. I turned my adblocker off and everything. Didn’t find a single ad in the margins or below or before gifs. Not a single pop-up, pop-under, or redirect. Gif Sauce deserves a round of applause for providing such an overall positive online experience. Even if they do only have gifs and cams.

With plenty of customizable site features, an actively engaged user-base, a well-designed site, high-quality content, and an overall very enjoyable experience, I would definitely recommend Gif Sauce to anyone who likes their porn in small portions. You gif fappers out there, this should probably be your home page (if it isn’t already).



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