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Red GIFs! In the caveman days, dudes had to crank it to cave drawings of boobs. Things got a lot better with the advent of photography, which is why your grandpa still has a collection of old Playboys and Hustlers under his bed. Porno has continued to evolve, and still pictures have given way to crisp 4k Ultra-HD smut. There’s also a middle ground occupied by the kind of fap fodder you’ll find at RedGIFs.

If you’re under 80 years old, you’ve probably already guessed from the name what is all about: animated GIFs. I wouldn’t be talking about the site here at ThePornDude if these were SFW memes you could work into your social media comments, validating your lonely existence through Likes. No, these just help make that lonely existence a little more tolerable, with explicit animated GIFs depicting naked girls and hardcore sex. The site sprang up at the tail end of 2019, but they already get over 4,000 visitors a day. I wouldn’t jump off a bridge if all my friends did, but thousands of dicks shaking at a porn site is a pretty good indicator that I should get lubed up.

A Wall of Sluts Exposing Themselves and Fucking

I’ll be honest; I really wasn’t sure what to expect when somebody sent me a link to I see a lot of weird shit in my travels around the Internet’s porn landscape, so I was worried it’d be a fetish website about period blood. I held my breath a little as I clicked through. I can’t tell you how relieved and excited I was by what I found.

The top section of the front page is a handful of Hot Porn GIFs. There’s a loop of a tight-bodied hottie lifting up her negligee before taking it all off. Another one was clearly taken from someone’s home fuck movie, with a ripe-bootied girl bouncing her cunt backwards cowgirl on her dude. There’s also a goth slut with fishnets and a buttplug, a babe aggressively humping her pillow, and an exhibitionist babe exposing herself in a library.

Goddamn. With just a few images, they’ve managed to get my dick all hard and ready to procreate. It helps that a few of my favorite porn genres are trending on RedGifs. A sidebar links to a couple dozen of the site’s 100+ categories of perversion. There’s that Public indecency that always gets me excited, plus Facefucks, Outdoor and Rough Sex. They must have a kinky clientele around here, because Cuckold, Hairy, and Preggo are also doing well on the charts.

But Wait, There’s More (Porn)!

Scroll down the front page just a bit, and you’ll find some more masturbatory offerings. After the Hot stuff are a few moving pictures from their Porn GIFs with Sound. GIFs technically can’t have sound, but since this ain’t Reddit, we don’t have to go into a lengthy rant about it. Whatever magic they’ve worked here, I’m down with it, because I like to fap to short porn loops with sound.

The unmute icon on these porn loops doesn’t work on the front page. I’ve got to click through to the pink-haired girl getting her face fucked and cummed on to hear her gagging and moaning. Likewise, with the Bratty Sis loop of sis acting like a brat and then riding brosef’s ding-dong, as well as the hot Latina pumping gas with her ass, jugs, and cooter out. My español is rusty as fuck, but I do speak the universal language of getting naked at the gas station. Hopefully, señorita doesn’t get arrested like when I did it.

I’ve got to say, I really fucking like the format. Raise your hand or your raging hard erection if you rewind your favorite moments in porn scenes, watching them over and over again as you rub out a really goddamn satisfying load. Animated Porn GIFs have always been a good way to scratch that itch, but the sound has always been a missing link. The way Red GIFs has rolled it into the package pretty much nails it.

The site’s got an advanced GIF player baked in. Instead of having to wait for the loop to come back around to that cumshot, that jiggly booty or that dominatrix stepping on that guy’s dick, you can just tap the timeline like it’s just another free sex video. The player’s got other playback features associated with the better free movie tubes out there, like full-screen, SD/HD modes, and even a speed control so you can really savor those squirting sluts and deeply penetrated buttholes.

Fresh Content from Real Amateurs, Pros and Studios

The similarities between Red GIFs and the web’s better sex tubes doesn’t stop there. I kind of assumed the collection was built with the free labor of thousands of horny perverts capturing and uploading their favorite moments from their favorite porn flicks. That’s definitely part of the equation, but they also have a growing number of verified content creators uploading fresh sex loops.

It’s a good mix of content creators, too. I love the amateur sluts uploading their own masturbation GIFs, handjobs, and cum-guzzling sessions, as well as the porn companies uploading similar moments from their movies. There are lesbians uploading intimate moments, and CG sex GIFs to get you going. And that’s just the “normal” porn!

One studio posting on Red GIFs specializes in porno where the girls get covered in cake, slime, and other messy substances while getting their fuck on. There’s also a golden showers couple pissing all over each other, a dude who fucks Fleshlights and blows big loads all over his home, and a Patreon weeaboo who adds a lot of furry hentai, tentacle groping and elf blowjobs to the collection. My favorite Verified Creator is this dude in the Netherlands who makes videos of girls stripping and sucking cock in public. He’s got this white girl with dreads exposing herself at a supermarket and then riding a playground see-saw with her moist, naked twat against the seat.

There’s a lot of overlap between the Verified and Models sections of the site, and I’m not sure exactly what the distinction is. Some of the Models are Verified, but not all Verified Creators are models. Make of it what you will, but I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. I got distracted by a big-titted redhead who enjoys getting fucked on video, or at least in GIFs.

The Pornstar section is a little more self-explanatory, with a bunch of your favorite video whores in XXX GIFs. It’s actually a pretty slim selection with just a couple dozen popular chicks in the business, but is a pretty new site. I expect this section to grow. In the meantime, they’ve already got a bunch of my personal favorite fap fantasies, like Adriana Chechik, Remy LaCroix, and Abella Danger. I see a couple of shemales on the list, so even you tranny fans are covered.

How Much Do You Like Add-Ons?

The stash of NSFW GIFs at Red Gifs is free to browse and utilize for your intense crank sessions and bathroom quickies, no registration required at all. They do offer a free membership if you want to put together your own GIF collection or album, or want to really join in the fun and upload your own content.

They’ve also got a paid membership called RedGIFs Pro. It’s $4 a month, or a little cheaper if you spring for a yearly membership. That’s cheap for any kind of paysite, though the perks are a bit limited at this point. I’d recommend it to power users who want HD GIFs by default, a RedGIFs Pro Badge by their name, and no ads. (With my ad-blocker running, I didn’t feel like spam was an issue. Nothing popped up while I was browsing except my own excited pecker.) is a rare free porn site that I can’t find much to complain about. Some people won’t like that the clips max out at a minute long, but that’s kind of the whole point! Porn GIFs have always been like bite-sized packets of sex, but Red GIFs really pimp out the presentation so you can get the most out of them. The short, X-rated loops are instantly accessible, but there’s a good chance you’ll fall in for a nice, long fap. I speak from experience.



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