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Porn videos are too long, and pictures are fucking boring. I don’t want to sit through the dumb ass “plot” of these 40 minutes porn vids or look at still images like I’m breaking out a secret playboy from the pre-internet days. I want the best moments from these videos without having to sift through all of the boring scenes and shit. I’m talking about gifs. Those sweet, sweet clips that capture the best moments in porn. The cumshot, first insertion, squirt, o-face, and all the other best parts. Looking at gifs lets you see all the good shit that you want to. And I have a great site for these gems. is a massive hub of porn gifs. Yeah, What a great domain name. It sounds like something I would have googled as a horny teenager who didn’t know anything about the internet. I wonder how much of their traffic comes from people like that. It should be no surprise that this site has been around since 1995. But holy shit that’s a long time. Longer than some of you have been alive I bet. And their legacy is still going strong with over 40 million site visits every month. And has certainly earned their place as one of the most popular porn sites out there with all the content they have here.

Busy Front Page with Lots of Sexy Gifs

Fuck, this page is overwhelming in the best of ways when you first go to it. You are bombarded with a full page of incredibly sexy gifs that all start playing at once. It’s nearly impossible to look away. It makes you feel like that dude at the end Clockwork Orange, but with porn. There’s just so much going on here that it takes a minute to figure out where to go. But damn is it nice that all of the gifs will just autoplay if you want. You don’t have to click through to watch them or anything. You get the full show just by scrolling through.

If you can’t handle all of the gifs playing at once, there’s a helpful button up in the top right that lets you turn the gifs off while you scroll. If you click that it’ll turn them off and make them still images that you have to click through to view. You still get the same info in the previews regardless if the gifs are on or off, which is handy. You can see the tags for each gif, the title, how many comments it has, and how many people have pinned or favorited it.

When you do click through to a gif you get the options I mentioned above, plus you can report shady looking content. When you scroll down past the gif you can check out a mini selection of hot sluts that share the same gif tags. So, you can browse through similar content that way.

User Uploaded Content Makes for a Lot of Different Content

Everything here is user uploaded, so you get great titles like “Random Big Titty Slut” or “ass.” The downside of this is that it can be a bit difficult to find exact pornstars or models here. The plus side is that you can see tons of amateur content here that you might not see anywhere else. It’s more of a luck of the draw-type deal on this site. You might not be able to find specific clips from specific videos, but you will be able to find just about any type of porn you could ever think of. Some of the more popular pornstars are easy to find, but more niche ones can be a bit tougher to get around to if the user who uploaded them didn’t know or didn’t bother to find their name or scene. With a free account, you can comment on, upload, pin, and favorite gifs yourself.

Clunky Search Features Can Make It Difficult to Find Specific Gifs

On the gif page you can do a basic search with the bar up top, but, unfortunately, there’s no option for advanced searches. I would have liked to see a place where you could sort by certain tags or some shit, but nope. You’re pretty much shit out of luck on that end. If you hover your cursor over the gif tab then you can click on certain categories and go there, but you still can’t really narrow a search in that category. For example, if you go to the creampies tag and type in “Riley Reid” in the search bar, you won’t get results with just her receiving creampies. It’s clunky to use and kind of difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Aside from the tags, you can sort the gifs by popularity, date uploaded, best of all time, and how many pins it has. It’s pretty nice when you’re just looking for a wide selection of gifs. You have to treat this place kind of like a buffet. Get a little bit of all the good shit.

This site is free, and it has a widely accessible domain name, so, as you probably guessed, the ad experience is shit. Every click gets you a pop-up for cam sites, games, etc. There are also quite a few ads around the gifs themselves, but those aren’t a big deal. On the bright side, I didn’t get any suspicious downloads or any of that kind of bullshit. Just annoying pop-ups that come through even with AdBlock enabled. But, if you can put up with that, it’s pretty worth it for the amount of content you get.

Surprisingly Great Mobile Experience

The mobile experience is surprisingly good. I got fewer pop-ups and fewer ads in general. The layout on mobile is a bit different, but it works well. It was super easy to jump from gif to gif and each one loaded pretty much instantly. You also have access to all of the regular site features like favoriting, pinning, commenting, and all of that good shit. The only feature that I didn’t see was the option to turn the gifs off on mobile, but that’s not a deal-breaker for me. With less on the screen overall, it was easier to navigate and not get overwhelmed by the slew of hot chicks getting fucked.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature of the page has got to be simply how it’s all laid out. The main page is full of sexy gifs of varying sizes, speeds, quality, and categories. You get this smorgasbord of sluts to pick from. I like the fact that the gifs autoplay and that you don’t have to click on or hover over every single one. Just throw in a tag and scroll through the thousands of clips all at once. It’s pretty fucking great. Plus, if that’s not your speed then you can click the gifs off and go that way. It makes it an easy site to navigate through.

The sheer variety in content here is great too. Since it’s all user-uploaded you get so much different shit here, even more than what you would get on a user-driven video site. There’s less commitment here and you could post short clips of your girlfriend or wife flashing their tits if you wanted. It doesn’t have to be a full-length sex movie.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I would suggest a more advanced search function though. I talked about it earlier but being able to narrow your search a bit would be a welcome addition to an already great site. Also, maybe some naming restrictions of gifs would help. There are so many unnamed gifs that you might never find again. Fortunately, this is helped a bit by the fact that you can favorite or pin a video to make your own playlist, but still. I know the site is free and all, but the desktop pop-ups could use some toning down. Make it just on the first couple clicks or something, but one popping up nearly every single time I click was making more frustrated than horny, and that’s not what you really want for visitors to your porn site.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a great fucking page to check out if you love these short, hot clips. Find new favorites, drool over the kinky amateur babes, and jerk it to one of the biggest catalogs of content there is. And the best part is that it’s all absolutely free! You really can’t fucking beat that.



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