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3DX Chat! I’m sure there are quite a few people who’ll brand me a loser for playing sex games. I actually don’t mind that. It’s no secret that there are no prospects of me ever having a girlfriend or even getting involved in a sexual relationship, so you can call me whatever you want. As a man who isn’t so much into socializing with others and who rarely leaves the house unless it’s absolutely necessary, you have to agree that there is plenty of time to fill. I pass most of my time watching porn, but I find porn games more challenging as they allow me to bust a nut while testing my co-ordination skills. So yeah, I enjoy playing video games mostly because I have nothing better to do, or at least that’s what I have convinced myself. I suck at flirting with girls anyway, and it’s not that I’d stand a chance with any. But if you think about it really, I might just be the luckiest on earth now that I don’t have all those relationship dramas. ThePornDude would probably call me out for such kind of a loser mentality, but if I’m not as prolific with women as he is, I have to do the next best thing; watch porn and play adult games alone in between peeping into windows and spying on women in the shower whenever I get the chance. It’s miserable and pathetic, I know, but do I have choices? Today I want to introduce you to a multiplayer 3D sex game that should be on top of your list if, like me, you fuck with sex games. I’m talking about 3dxchat.com or simply 3DX Chat. Sit tight as I tell you all there is to know about this stunning world of virtual sex.

What is 3DX Chat?

Launched in 2012, 3DX Chat is a multiplayer virtual world that allows players to socialize and interact with other users sexually. The game is downloadable and functions as a chat service as well where players can create a virtual version of themselves in the form of an avatar so they can live an online fantasy life. It sounds exactly like the kind of shit I would want. Before I continue, it’s good to inform you that unlike other porn games, 3DX Chat doesn’t give you some useless objectives or missions to accomplish. Here you just need to create an avatar, and you can disappear into this virtual world and interact (read fuck) with other players as you concentrate on the mission at hand; jizz emission. No wonder the game has won multiple awards including; ‘Most Innovative 3D Sex Game of the Year’, ‘The Best Virtual Sex’ and ‘The Best Adult MMO Graphics.’ The game is also compatible with VR devices, and with such realistic graphics, I can’t help but imagine how the game would look on any kind of VR gear. This is one development that blows most other projects out of the water if you ask me. One important note though; the game is designed for Windows PC only, and while it is possible to play 3DX Chat on a Mac (if you download a program like PlayOnMac to run Windows games), the staff at 3DXChat don’t offer support for this.

Creating your avatar

Once you sign up for 3DX Chat, the first order of business is creating an avatar. You can decide your gender (male, female, Trans), customize plenty of body features (including body part sizes, skin tone, face type, etc.), and help yourself to an assortment of sexy clothing and accessories. Membership includes options for one-month, six-month, and one-year periods, each coming with one free avatar. Note that you can create additional avatars, but this costs 10,000 XGold each. Damn, you almost get to be whoever and whatever you like. If only this were possible in the real world. Just so you know, XGold is the in-game currency that you can earn by logging onto the game for consecutive days or simply purchase them using credit cards, Bitcoin, or PaySafeCard. Looking forward to creating multiple avatars? I suggest you purchase XGold to speed up the process. A pack of 20,000 XGold, for instance, will set you back some $24.98.

Select whereabouts in the virtual world

After creating an avatar, the next step involves picking the virtual space you want to hang out in. The game offers you two private apartments that can be customized to your liking with furniture and props. Even better, the apartments can be made public to invite players with similar sexual tastes. Other places include a nightclub, beach, Love Island, yacht and sin club where some of the activities include partying, taking a dip in a hot bathtub, and of course, have public sex. Remember you can visit other users’ houses and also invite them to your place. There are user-generated locations as well that are equally fun, especially for those with specific erotic preferences. There are places meant for women, men, and Trans avatars, while others welcome players with particular fantasies and fetishes. Plenty of activities to look forward to in this virtual world. If you wanna dance, there are 15 dancing styles to pick from. Chatting with other users is also super easy as all you need to do is click on them and chat them up. Even better, some users have included their real pictures in their profiles which kind of blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Like in real life, some effort is required to get your dick wet, but I must admit, I had more luck with the girls here than in real life. Read a user’s profile to see what they are open to trying as some are taking this alternate reality a bit too seriously and won’t even allow you to kiss their cheeks.

Getting into virtual, graphic 3D sex

I’m thinking this is what you have been waiting for; the prospects of sex. The good news is there is plenty of sex to be had. Once you see a player you find attractive, click on their name to see the profile to find out of their interests are aligned with yours. You will see plenty of avatars around your chosen location and picking a potential fuck mate is easy. Spot a hottie (or whatever your dick craves) and decide whether to send them a private message or buy them a virtual gift with XGold. Make sure your profile is as detailed as possible to make it easier to gain interest from other players if, like me, you hate being always the one to make the first move. Some players have included their dislikes in their profiles, and you’d be wise to read them to know what to avoid so as not to scare potential fuck mates. Small talks bother you, and you like getting straight into the act? Simply send someone a request to add them as a sexual partner. However, be warned that not everyone appreciates that kind of directness and it can get you blocked by any user so you won’t be able to send them messages or see them online. 3DX Chat offers plenty of sex positions and acts that include foreplay options (cuddle, make out, handjob, etc.), oral (facesitting, 69, old fashioned BJ) and all your classic anal and vaginal positions. Other options include a button for kinks and plenty of cum shots to pick from. The sex is pretty realistic and even offers the option of ‘cumming on command.’ Even better, you can bust a nut as many times as you want with absolutely zero limitations. Additionally, control the speed of your fucking, watch yourself fucking from different angles, and even zoom in for a better view of the penetration. This is the closest I came to tasting a pussy people! Another feature I loved is the link between 3DX Chat and the VStroker – a Fleshlight that connects to the game and lets you enjoy that virtual pussy experience.

Reasons to try 3DXChat

High-quality sex game; with polished graphics, sound, and perfect video animation, I really couldn’t have hoped for more. Supports VR; enjoy the best of an immersive 3D virtual reality world. Excellent sex scene graphics; everything comes out in precise details, and the sex scenes are simply out of this world. An active community; interact with a vibrant and engaged community of users.

Possible concerns

Occasional glitches; the gameplay can get glitchy every now and then, and you will need a fancy gaming computer with a high-end graphics card. Navigating in tight spaces can be challenging.

The money shot

All in all, 3DXChat is a wonderful adult MMO with all the major features you could ever want. The game scores high marks for beautifully rendered graphics, sound, and animation. Other gamers are friendly and eager to indulge in naughty fantasies making it easy to get laid. It's adult gaming at its best, and I can’t wait to see what other innovative developments are in store.

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