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Seven Angels! The first time I came across this game my mother had actually rattled me out for caging myself in the bedroom during my sister’s birthday; asking me whether am cursed or just scared to face some young pussies. Forgive her language, although I have kind of started considering that I might actually be cursed to die a virgin. And from my gaming habits when I finally came across this game, 7 Angels, somehow; I thought the cursed theme was relatable at heart, and probably my fairy godmother would take some pity on me after I have laid 7 babes repeatedly. However, unfortunately, she hasn’t, but I guess I'll just keep playing be on because it’s actually pretty fun and besides providing some engaging fap material, it’s also spectacular in terms of graphics. And I’ll be letting you in on its real drill.

The basics

The game is divided into episodes, or chapters, making it easy to work through. Therefore, it is only after conquering the first episode that you will be able to proceed to the next. Also, while the game is free to play, you will have to sign up first to play. And it’s as simple as a confirmatory email that will actually enable you to save your progress as you proceed with the game. It is important to note that; the game takes place on what pretty much looks like an iPhone, where all the dialogue occurs as if it’s some dating app messaging service. Only that the toon babes are way nicer than the typical girls and are actually down to sharing lots of delightful erotic photos. The game uses lightning bolt currency (called Energy) to move forward. Unfortunately, as the story progresses through these phone chats, you’ll need to dig into your pocket to purchase some more energy to be able to move on. Also, after some time, the game will throw in a puzzle game that you need to overcome to proceed. Winning these puzzle games will also give you in-game currencies like Rubies and Energy, as well as in-game items like Kitty Ears. Awesome, right? Remember, there are over forty items that will help you win these magnificent, beautiful hearts help you access their dripping wet pussies. The puzzles are of decent quality; simple and easy to understand, although the levels may be somewhat difficult as you move higher through the game. The good thing, however being that, early levels will give you unlimited retries which you could use to learn one or two things on how to sharpen your skills. Bottom-line is that the main task will be to actually pick the best responses for a chat, beat the puzzle games, and fap to the pictures she sends you!

The iPhone chat

As I had earlier mentioned, the entire game is based on some phone format. Also, fortunately, or unfortunately, there is no town to trek around or hotties to meet up with. And basically, all the action takes place through pictures and text. At the top left, you’ll see a picture of the girl’s face; the one that you are chatting with on the chat window below it. When it’s time to choose the responses, other options will appear at the bottom. What you should take note of being the Energy costs that fall next to each. Also, you should be wise with your responses because some options cost more Energy than others. If you are wondering whether more expensive Energy options are worth it? Well, it will certainly help unlock her pussy pics faster. At the top right of the screen are various currencies; diamonds and Rubies to help you recharge the lightning bolt that charges the chat system.

Erotic photos rewards

From the Photo Gallery, you will be able to access all the pics you have already unlocked during the game. Also, there are basically no surprises as the game tells you how many pictures you are yet to unlock from each of the girls you have been chatting with, assuming you have been relentlessly saving up your progress. Personally, I usually do you know, to ensure I have some hentai erotic photos gallery somewhere at my disposal. On the inventory section is where you can actually see what items you’re holding, as well as what items you can buy. These will come in handy at various episodes of the game. Spin the Wheel sometime! Have some fun gambling using the wheel, who knows what you might end up with after spending 50 rubies on a spin a wheel? While it might actually end well or bad for you, the wheel has awards for you like; random exciting items or even some more rubies. Their sweetest prize, however, might be pussy, some sweet pinky delight I guess. As for the puzzle, you'll find a bunch of balls fall that fall rightfully into the container. These balls have different faces, pussies, titties, and dicks. All you will be required to do is connect three or more identical balls to clear them and score points. However, there is a minimum number of moves, so I'll advise you to take your time and choose carefully. Also, it is notable that the puzzle doesn’t necessarily have to look perfect, so there is no need to stress yourself out.

What I like about the game

7Angels is a high-quality game; from the game’s graphics and features, you can tell that a lot of work has been put into developing this game. Also, the art is great, the story is intriguing, and the overall design highly authentic. The dialogue is really good; the girls show personality, interests, among other aspects of a good conversation that leave you feeling impressed at times, even hornified. This is because they chat using lots of feminine slangs etc. not ignoring the fact that their very beauty is alluring. The puzzle game is actually pretty fun, and the game makes it challenging. These are like a lot of popular mobile games you might have played, where you need to quickly recognize patterns and shit. They did a good job of adjusting the difficulty to really make you work for it. Good random features; 7Angels features include; prize roulette, collectible cards, achievements, etc. These are pretty endearing, and you can always use some rubies on the prize roulette. After all, the cast of girls is dynamic with my favorite one being, Castitas, a busty horny nun begging to be sinful. There is also this nerdy countryside beauty, who is excessively possessive. Once you finish the first seven girls, you can also unlock new ones; I am under the impression that they basically release new girls every month because there are always new sexier ones to look forward to. Also, I wouldn’t blame the developers for wanting to uphold the game as very polished.

Possible concerns

The little annoying pauses; while you can say that game tries to maintain relevance at its best. The little pauses in between replies during the conversations can be a tad annoying. Notwithstanding that the whole conversation actually takes place in some phone format, which makes it sort of boring with no scenes or locations, which makes it a little boring compared to other hentai games. The narration; there are no real scenes but words to describe situations and expectations which might be actually kinda gloomy, however, it does make the girls’ personalities more evident; making it even easier to get into ‘virtual relationships.’ Dialogue loops; at times when you say the wrong thing, the game sends you back to a previous message. This is actually sneaky and annoying because it means repeating some episodes you are already past hindering your progress. Episodes; well, it’s kinda annoying that the game is in the form of episodes that you will have to follow to the latter without fail, which is a little too draining.

My Verdict

Generally, to this day, I am still fascinated by this game, and I know you might relate that to the theme but am guilty as charged. After all, it’s not every day that I get to chat with extremely beautiful babes toon or real ones. Also, in as much as there is no much in terms of eroticism with the pinballs rewards basically being some erotic pics. I basically find the puzzle game refreshing, mainly because I am looking forward to something naughty. Now, if erotic photos don’t just do it for you, probably this might not be the game for you.



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