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One of my favorite things to do is sit down and play video games. I need to pass the time in between faps somehow...or do I? I’ve taken to finding games with cutie hentai babes in them. That way I can fap and play games at the same time! No more wasting precious minutes before I can cum again by playing some game that doesn’t even have any titties in it. That’s just no fun. But I have had a lot of trouble finding the right game. It has to be fast-paced, have sexy art, and be fun to play. I don’t want to sit around playing some game for hours on end before I get to see a sexy school girl’s naughty bits. I want it to happen quickly! My search usually takes me over to This site is full of kinky games of hotties getting a pounding. Oh, what I would do to have a girl like the ones on here pay attention to me in real life. So petite and with perky tits, preferably in a tight little schoolgirl uniform. Ugh, if only ThePornDude didn’t draw all of those hot babes to him. I wish he would tell me how he does it. I’ve tried everything. I watch a lot of porn like he does. I love hot ladies like he does. I just don’t get it. If only he would take me under his beefy arm and tell me how to get pussy. Oh, right, I’m not here to tell you about the entire site. That would be a lot to cover. I want to tell you about one of the games that I came across on there recently. Cosmic Shock League is the name of it. It doesn’t sound very sexy, I know. But it is! Still, I’d probably change the name to something a little more suggestive like Cosmic Cock League or Sexy Ladies in Space… okay, those need some workshopping. Anyway, if you haven’t heard of, it is a free site full of sexy hentai games. It has been around since 2014 and brings in over 120 million horny people like me every single month.

Assemble a Space Team of Hot Anime Girls to Do Battle Throughout the Universe

Alright, so let’s talk story. You have risen from some sort of cryosleep to lead a team of cutie hentai girls called the Cosmic Shock League. Your goal is to travel through space and defeat baddies on your quest to conquer the galaxy...or something. I got distracted staring at the hottie in the skin-tight space suit who was telling me how to play the game. She’s just the cutest little loli babe, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Anyway, the story isn’t the most important thing here. This game is all about the fast-paced and tough to master gameplay. This isn’t one of those games where you need a 15-page manual just to get started. It’s easy. You match gems. The more gems you match the more damage you do to your opponent and the more you charge up color-specific ultimate abilities. Drain all of your opponent's life points before they do it to you and you’ll have won. That’s it. That’s the primary loop. It’s pretty simple as far as hentai games go. Some can be so complex that I lose my boner trying to figure out how to keep going.

Fun and Engaging Gameplay Loop With a Lot of Layers

That primary gameplay has a couple of layers added on to keep it fresh though. You can collect over 50 sexy hero babes to add to your lineup of Cosmic Shock League fighters. Each cutie has her own special ability that is linked to a certain card color. You can improve their abilities by leveling them up! And guess what happens when you level them up? That’s right. They let you have your way with them. I love seeing these hotties spread their legs for me and show me their glorious pink princess parts. But leveling your cards takes more than just winning battles. Each battle will usually net you a chest that you get to unlock. In it will be experience for certain cards, coins, gems, and sometimes a new honey to add to your team. It’s all luck of the draw, so it might only take you a few minutes to start leveling your cuties up, or it might take hours before you get to see some perky robot babes boobies.

Play to Unlock Hot Sex Scenes of Your Favorite Characters

Of course, you can buy currency using your own money to speed things along or to get more booster packs. It helps, but for once it’s actually not necessary to buy all of that stuff. You can unlock everything on your own. It just takes more time, which I have plenty of! No more bothering mom for more money for my favorite hentai games. Now I can set it aside for important things like a new Tenga egg or a tail butt plug for my future Japanese waifu. The game is pretty easy to hop into and play, but the difficulty definitely goes up as you keep playing. I won my first dozen or so battles without any issues, but then things started getting intense. You really have to start strategizing, leveling your cards, and stuff like that. I had more fun with it than I expected for what I thought was a pretty basic gem match game. And the sex scenes you unlock are so good. You get fully voiced dialog and hot artwork of cuties showing it all for you. I love the little moans they add it. Had me fapping in no time at all.

Easy to Download Mobile App

The mobile version of the game is fantastic. They have an app you can download for Android and it works just like it does on desktop. You can probably get away with playing this game in public. Sure, there are some scantily-clad cuties on the home screen, but there won’t be anything graphic unless you click on your unlocked sex scenes. The game looks like any other gem game, so take it on the road with you! And just sneak away to a bathroom or something to rub a quick one out like I do. It’s easy.

PornGeek’s Favorite Features

It was actually a pretty fun game. Yeah, the story isn’t great, but I’m not in it for that. I just want to see some cutie space girl get on her knees and blow me. And that is exactly the kind of stuff you get. The game is a fast-paced gem game that is actually challenging. Way too many hentai games are so easy that it becomes a bore to play, hot sex scenes or not. And the sex scenes for this game are awesome. I was fapping to hot space chick after hot space chick for hours. The unlocks felt worth it and it wasn’t completely pay to win. That’s a lot more than most other hentai games can say.

PornGeek’s Suggestions

This game was actually good. The kinky voice acting was on point, and the game itself was fun. I don’t have any complaints this time around. So let me give you some advice, one weeb to another. If you don’t want your hentai figures to stay all crusty with your cum, then make sure to invest in some alcohol wipes and a toothbrush. They work like a charm and don’t fade the paint. Sometimes I like to just sit and clean them for hours before I get them all messy later that night.

PornGeek’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Cosmic Shock League over at was a really fun gem swap game that I would actually play again. I usually don’t feel that way about hentai games. I mean, I could go fap to hentai a dozen times by the time I unlock a single-sex scene in most of these. But not in this case. Hot sex scenes are unlocked fairly often, and the other gameplay features are enough to keep me playing for more. Even without the hot babes, this is a decent game. If this sounds like your kind of game, then I highly recommend you give Cosmic Shock League a shot.



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