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FapTitans another one of RPG games on HooligApps and a typical action-adventure game that’s available for download, kinda like slams the term fap unto my ugly face. I mean fapping isn’t something I am proud of and wouldn’t want to be associated with it in public any day. It’s sort of understandable, I guess, considering that my dick knows no other warmth other than that of my feeble hands and of course some lotion. It’s actually funny how I discovered fapping on a fateful day when my mother’s say 3rd ex-husband, a typical well-built brunt who pretty much looked like my big brother, had lost his job thanks to late morning hours of digging into my mom’s cunt. Sometimes I can swear it was the idleness of being home doing nothing that was slowly eating him up. And it so happened that as I was doing laundry, I overheard some really beckoning moans coming from my mum’s bedroom, and you can imagine I was confused knowing that she was not at home. So, I wanted to catch this cheat red-handed, tiptoeing to make sure he didn’t hear me coming. I knelt on the doorknob to peep only to see him fully nude holding his long, girthy cock on one hand and lube on the other stroking hard with his eyes fixed on the screen. I can swear that I was so perplexed and my sister, who was leaving for school, had me knock the door over. And I almost died when he spat his spew onto my face perhaps from his climax or fear. But my hot naughty sister certainly saved me with her coochie ranting that she had something on each of us. And to keep that shit buried he should bang her, and you can bet that there was no fixing it otherwise my mum would have skinned the both of us alive. The way I see it right now, however, maybe if It was I who had to hit that pussy, I wouldn’t be fapping my miserable life away on fap Titans today. Need I say that the babes are pretty hot and the adventures have me by my cock. These are exactly the kind of sex gaming adventures every porn enthusiast should look forward to.

What to expect

Fap Titans gives it’s players the opportunity to play hero, slaying monsters to get the girls, and in a world dominated by monsters it’s the hero's job to recruit warriors to keep them off. With the recruits being some of the most provocative hotties with hidden talents to unleash both in the bedroom and battlefield; you can expect some really steamy NSFW animated sex scenes.

The fapping

For starters, there is no registration nor payment required to at least start playing. And it only involves faps or clicks gamers have to undertake through the various levels as they explore the glories of Fap land. It’s actually simple and at the same time, a tad complicated for those who haven’t got some solid skills to help them tackle monsters and at the same time toughened their horde of fierce, sexy fighters by undressing them. This is actually the real deal here and just so you know; as you get higher up the radar your female warrior's armor becomes even more viscously hot/revealing. Myself, I've got all the time in the world to play and do the actual fapping. No wonder I managed to join the guild to battle out with the fap leaders like me and fill it with arcane knowledge. And I know it’s difficult to believe that a loser like me would end up even earning some money by keeping up the fight. Somehow, even managing to summon and fight monsters even while away from my old PC. Awesome, right?

First Tasks First

At the start of the game, there is some monster that you are required to kill by ultimately left-clicking speedily until it weakens and fades off. Onwards, you are awarded gold for every preceding conquest which means that you will have to be some super clicker. It’s only after defeating the first 9 enemies that Fap Titans gives you the ability to hire Heroes that will attack on your behalf. Some of the options include; Akira Hitsujikai, who is worth only 10 coins without mentioning that she’s skilled and actually pretty inexpensive! The following task will be to take down the Normal Tentacle Beast who has got 116 hit points, so I hope you’ve got the ump to actually score yourself all those points. Scoring those points gives one the ability to purchase a starter pack which stays in your store as a special deal for 48 hours only. The other two starter packs include; a novice one for $2 and a much larger one at $29.99. And if you are actually serious about playing this challenging sex game long term, you can always pay through Epoch for a secure transfer.

More details on the gameplay

This is where your mouse choices actually matter because; if you are using say, the SteelSeries mouse, then you’ll be able to enjoy some brilliant left clicks, but if you are still Android like me you better hope your Millennial sister uses one of those. Also, there are the awesome rewards that actually serve up your desired hentai erotism. And once you are given the option to verify your email address, you sure should take it because it means some whooping +10 DPC, 5 tickets and 100% drop rate increase on coins. You can bet I sure don’t let this kind of opportunity simply slip away from me. And even if I tried to explain to you the speed at which hentai collection developed, I doubt you would even begin to understand. Not that it’s actually an out of this world thingy, but the bigger the fights, the more the sexy spoils! I am even more intrigued by the fact that even the smallest of achievements at Fap Titans give you some bonuses for reaching certain requirements. For instance, saving up 500,000 gold will give you a 1% DPS reward points. There is also stuff like initial click damage boosts for managing to click a certain number of times within a second. Like damn! I am not too familiar with the concept of celebrating small wins but I am sure as hell that; if I had someone pulling this kind of shit on me whenever I went in pursuit for pussy, probably I wouldn’t cower every time.

Difficulty escalates pretty fast

So Fap Titans seem pretty much simple at first but become even more challenging onwards to level 24. Also, getting this far means that you must have purposed to utilize your coins well throughout all the other levels. Otherwise, you'll have no game once you get there. The trick being; to always leave Fap Titans running in the background if your army is strong enough. Because somehow, they always drum up more than enough coins for you. Giving you leverage on the game any day and most essentially on any goddamned level. And by this I mean; having guns blazing on the boss after upgrading your chicks. Well, I guess that it’s only proper that Fap Titans is a clicker game with elements of strategy and resource management. Also, it’s not that challenging to actually go through the motions of what to do or what not to do. But if you ask your boy here, I'll advise you to invest your coins wisely because they can buy you the power to wreak havoc on these monsters, get some nice erotic showdown, and of course, level advancements. And that’s where most people go wrong; being unable to enjoy this freemium deal but who knows, if you are well loaded unlike me. Maybe you could always go for a better hentai game that’s actually less challenging.

Extra Info

Fap Titans might be available for download on Nutaku.net but is actually owned and operated by a company called Hooligapps. Also responsible for other game titles such as; Pussy Saga, Sex Gangsters and Cunt Wars. I must also say that the theme of Fap Titans feels a bit cramped and gamers might actually find their way around leave alone farm out gaming equipment. The clicking might also be a little skimpy unless you equip yourself with a crazy mouse that’s capable of doing macros.


While there are other better games out there, Fap Titans is still a good place to start especially if you are looking to be some RPG champ like myself. After all, good players are borne out of this sort of humble beginnings; easy clicks with clear heads up that explode into unlocked sexual adventures that are both equally thrilling and fantastic.



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