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Adult Friend Finder before aka! I don’t know why, but getting a girl is hard these days. I mean you go out for a night on the town with a lovely lady in your renovated DeLorean and take her to a Dave & Buster’s to show her your high score on Q*bert, and she suddenly says that she needs to check on her grandmother or wash her hair or ends up leaving the building through the bathroom window. And then when you try to text her, she ends up saying something like "we're better as friends" but doesn't want to hang out anymore…ever. Well, if you've ever had to deal with that or something like it, there are a ton of dating and hookup websites out there, but I find that they tend to be hit or miss. However, I finally got around to joining Adult Friend Finder and so far have not been disappointed. To find out why keep on reading.

Where This Hot Cum Site Came From

From what I can tell from noodling around online – after playing with my noodle for a bit – Adult Friend Finder was built by Andrew Conru in 1996. Over the years, he managed to build this site into one of the biggest hookup/dating sites on the web. This site is so big now that there are hundreds of thousands of affiliates, hundreds of millions of members from all over the world, and has an Alexa rating in the 2200 range.

Browse Around For Boobs Of All Kinds

When you first check out the site's main page, you'll find a signup option that caters to your interests. What I mean by that is you're going to be asked as you set up your profile what your gender is or if you're apart of a couple, what gender your interested in meeting, what your age is, and your country and zip code. Once that's put into the system, and your account is verified you are given page after page of pud pounding profiles to chose from.

Score Hot Hookups

In addition to the main dating tools, there are several pages which you can use if you are looking for specific "services." For example, there are pages for casual sex that caters to people looking for a quick hook up. Besides that, there are pages to allow swingers to connect with other polyamorous people, pages for folks looking to threeway fuck, cybersex pages, and more. For those of you who are a bit queer, there are specialty sections for lesbians and gay dudes, too. And, of course, there are pages for trans people as well. If you are interested in staying updated about the site or different cultures promoted on AFF, there are several blogs you can check. In addition to the dating blog maintained by editors at Adult Friend Finder, the site has a Twitter and Tumblr account. On top of that, they even have a fricking magazine, too. If you like to read posts by others “normal” people or like posting your own opinions, there is also a section for user blogs. I don't know what all of the rules are, but I do know that there are, as of right now, over 19 million posts, you'll probably be able to get your opinion published on AFF. I, for one, am working on a new blog, "Why White Knights Make the Best Boyfriends." And speaking of writing, there is a huge section for erotic stories. While I thought it was kinda weird to be on a dating site, it’s actually a pretty fun little place to pull it to after sending off a few dozen emails to girls on the site.

Chat With Chicks Live

If reading erotic literature doesn't quite do it for you, and you're a bit more visual person, there is a massive live chat service, too. Guess what, there are not only cam services from users on the site but also of professional porn stars. So, not only can you see pros getting nude and naughty, but maybe even a girl who you fancy on AFF.

How Do Versions Of The Site Stack Up?

I often say that these days that the quality of a website should be not only how it looks on a traditional website but what it looks like on a mobile device. Fortunately, AFF looks great on both! Both versions run well, have lighting fast load times, and has the same great aesthetic. The big difference between the two is complexity. The desktop version shows off all of the features of the site and provides links to everything. To make things easier, the mobile version of AFF has a simpler design which, if you don't have an account, loads a homepage which encourages you to get an account. Besides that, you can log in into your account or check out all of the amateur made erotic stories for free. You’ll have to get login or sign up to get access to all of the rest of the content – unlike the desktop version where you get a free preview of almost everything else.

A Website Worthy Of Awards

Obviously, with so many members who have stayed on the site for so long, this is a well put together website. Over the years, AFF has wracked up a bunch of new awards from different organizations. For instance, AFF started getting a massive following in the middle of the 2000s until it became one of the most popular sites online and even got into the top 100 websites in the United States. Years after it first blew up, it started getting recognition from web developers and from the porn industry. Besides getting accreditation from the skin industry, people on voted it as the Best Adult Dating Site from 2012 catching up with far more boring dating sites like Then AFF was the winner of YNOT’s ‘Best Dating Company’ award in 2015. A year later, Adult Friend Finder received the same award from Go Fuck Yourself as well as a similar trophy from the XBIZ in 2010 and in 2016.

What I Would Make Better

As an extremely horny nerd who has logged in hundreds of hours developing board game forums and video game emulators, I know about how to create a great website. And as a personal friend of ThePornDude who I tots do talk to all of the time and share web design notes with I’ve got a great handle on how a site facilitating sexual services, too. And with all of that said, it’s hard for me to find something to criticize about this site. Seriously, this site has so much to offer and nothing to really complain about. AFF’s design is excellent whether you look at on a traditional format or on a mobile device. Navigating around the site is super simple and interacting with the many features is as satisfying as a well-lubed fleshjack. The one thing that I've noticed is that some girls on the site get a little bitchy when it comes trying to talk to them. Apparently, sending pics of your penis is "offensive" or "gross" or "not welcome if it's only a handful." Oh, and asking for tit pics during the first few volleys of convo is too much to ask, apparently. But ignoring some of the stuck up harpies who don’t recognize a fellow feminist who wants to date them, there really isn’t much that I would change.

Should You Sign Up?

What else can I say to promote this site? There are millions of girls which you can talk to, try to get to meet, and if you're smooth enough, take out to dinner and a movie. I checked, and it seems like no matter which part of the world that you live in, there is a huge variety of women to talk to. In can't guarantee that they'll all like you – cause for some reason they didn't all like me – but with so many fish in the digital sea I'm sure you'll hook up with at least one who tolerates you. (I know eventually I’ll find one.) There are pages geared toward hooking up, finding a girlfriend, and even options to choose from girls, trannies, or even guys. Not that I'm interested in the latter (and I'm tired of you fuckers sending me email suggesting that I am), but I have been chatting up some t-girls, and they're really nice on AFF. Besides that, there are live cam shows hosted by hundreds of amateurs and professionals which you can see at any time. On top of that, there are hundreds of pages of erotic stories to do a bit of a read n’ wank to as well. For all of these reasons, I give Adult Friend Finder (often misspelled as "adultfrinendfinder" and "adult friend fimder") five out of five hands and recommend all you guys get on it. And when you sign up, tell them that ThePornDude’s bestie sent ya.



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