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Fuck Book! Being a male virgin sucks, and that is especially if your family and friends know about it and mock you for it. I can’t get my mother to shut up about how my mates in our neighborhood are hanging out with girls while I’m locked in our garage whipping my Weenie. What she doesn’t understand is that those girls are 10’s and I don’t even know how to impress a 5. I bet it takes a boatload of confidence, charm, humor, and charisma, all of which I don’t have. I’m already feeling so much behind my mates who are actively having sex and enjoying love and relations. It is very confusing how my friends can easily attract women while they seem so out of reach for me. Well, perhaps my natural looks haven’t helped me much in the getting laid department. I am kinda short, skinny, and squint-eyed. Even amongst all virgins, I still wouldn’t be a decent catch. It is quite exhausting walking around saying “I’m still a virgin” in an age where everyone, including grannies, are enjoying loads of sex. A truckload of insecurities and anxieties have filled my mind lowering my self-esteem. This got me thinking, probably a hookup site would be my best bet. Yeah, I have experienced cases of crappy sites which spammed my hard to come by bucks. But hey, all is not lost, recently I met the all-knowing PornDude. He had a few suggestions, but FuckBook was the most enticing one. The site is packed with lots of beautiful girls. Most of them are just looking to fuck, but definitely, there are those who still find thrill in being chased. So, I’m having loads of hope on this site to finally land me home. I’m still checking the girls out, it can be a bit of a dilemma. I will also probably come across a lot of swings along the way, but I’m willing to wait.


Well, the name gives it all away, doesn’t it? Fuckbook is a platform for casual sexual encounters. You don’t get on this site looking for a life partner or even someone to date. However, sometimes you may meet people that you click, but bear in mind that that wasn’t the whole point. Fuckbook is very straightforward and has a reputation for being an exclusive host for casual hookups. I know exactly what I’m getting myself into here. The homepage really seems like a classic flirty sex site. It doesn’t exactly give away the fact that Fuckbook is more of a social media site. They always ask to verify your email after registration, which is probably to avoid spam accounts. Nonetheless, you can still use the site and access searches until you are in a position to access your mailbox. Again, Fuckbook does insist on you to add a photo of you holding a paper with the current date and username on your profile. This adds a verification “tick” on your profile. Most importantly, you will be able to access single beauties you are searching that have gone through the process.

Awesome social media platform design

The platform quickly transforms into a social media face as soon as you get your profile set up. Setting up the profile is incredibly easy. You just need to add a few photos, state what you are looking for and probably a few specifics and you are on. You will have a news feed that you can go through anytime at your pleasure. Theirs is always the choice to go for global feeds or just those from your friends. I can tell you for sure guys that I’m having a great time fapping unto the naked and expressive photos that girls posts every day. And it is awesome that I’m allowed to comment and like. Of course, you can craft your posts; share your own pics, write a blog, or simply just a text to express yourself. The more attention your post gets, the more likely other people are likely to see it. Hopefully, beautiful girls. Fuckbook has a menu bar. It is quite straightforward and easy to use, making the site incredibly accessible. A click on the grid button switches to the full-on menu and dims the page behind. Now you can easily just jump to different sections of the site including; feed, “Find Your Love” (redirects to a partner site), Fuckbook live cam page, among others. Also, you can quickly do a search, view matches, and access notifications from other tabs on the menu bar. To chat with a girl, you only have to click on her name, and a separate message box opens up on the left of the list that you already searched. The whole messaging thing looks exactly the same as Facebook’s messenger. I am very impressed by Fuckbook’s karma system. Unlike other comparable sites, Fuckbook has a quality control measure system that rates member’s interactions. A girl you identified can either be bronze, silver, or gold; the lower the rating means that she barely does anything on the site. This way, you can always pick out the spammers and get going to the singles that are hot and horny around you.

Home of casual encounters

Fuckbook is precisely designed for guys like myself looking to get laid. It is also sometimes referred to as the Facebook of casual sex. At first sight, the site looks purely legit and has nothing comparable to other spammer sites. Here, unlike other dating sites, I might actually have some potential of getting my dick wet. The site is more of a social media platform than a dating site. It is not entirely focused on the individual chats but inspires wider interaction. It is more of an adult site, making it debatably the top X-rated social platform. However, just like any other dating site, you will need to be attractive and have some game. Honestly, I’m still working on that and seeking some good advice, and hopefully, it turns out well. It is not like girls will come running and offering pussy if I ain’t got no swag. I hear it takes effort, good looks, and game to actually look fuckable. I’m a long way to go, but trying doesn’t hurt, does it? Folks on Fuckbook seem to get it though. They will give you a shot if you are average looking, you dressed decently in your photos, and can hold an average conversation. As far as I can tell, girls on this site are super sexy; I’m definitely going to try my luck. You will also meet a few average looking girls. A bit disappointing that you might come across a few spammers and bots. However, that soon fades away as soon as you upgrade your account.

Fuckbook’s billing

For membership, you can choose silver or gold. Of course, silver is cheaper with fewer privileges. But it is a good place to start then upgrade later for more hookups. CC is accepted, and the 3-day trial costs $1.95. For silver, 29.95 monthly and $59.95 for a 3 months subscription. As for gold, $34.95 monthly, $69.95 in 3 months, and $149.99 for the whole year. A gold subscription comes with access to video chat. As a beginner, I can attest that finding someone to have sex with isn’t easy at first. I bet great hookups come along with time.

The good of Fuckbook

Awesome site concept; Fuckbook is a great concept that has connected several people in a kind of fun, happy-go-lucky sexual experiences. Social media features; the site has Facebook-like features which are pretty familiar with almost everyone. Gives the site a homely kinda feel. Awesome design; again, the design is more of a social platform. This makes it easy to navigate and meet new people. Karma system; based on how active you are on the site, the karma system rates your interactions and other members too. It is therefore easy to pick out the inactive probably spammers accounts. Customizable profiles; I bet this is a good thing that you can always change it to favor yourself in a certain situation. Lots of girls to chat with; isn’t that the prime reason you are here? Of course, it is. You gotta talk to the ladies so they can want to lay with you. Compatible with all devices.

The bad of Fuckbook

Uncertainty of getting laid; well, you will need to be attractive and have a semblance of game to get a real pussy on Fuckbook. Efforts will change your success rate much. A few ads; Fuckbook is an awesome interactive platform once you get through the ads and pop-ups.


Despite the uncertainty of whether you will get laid or not on Fuckbook, it is an awesomely designed social site that allows you to leave out the bullshit and access horny persons near you. The features of the site make the whole experience quite bearable not to mention there’s always fap content on the feed. I think I will eventually have loads of fun here.



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