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Be Naughty! I had a dream over the weekend that was so vivid it has to be true. Why else would it feel that real? The universe is beckoning me to believe in its truth and that is exactly what I am doing. I want to thank the universe for letting me know that the Asian delivery driver I have been trying to court for months has a twin sister. Since I already knew where the house was I started there. I slept outside of their house in a ditch for a few nights. Yes, a few nights! Sacrifices for true love must be made! I didn’t see a twin sister or anyone I had not already identified but I knew the universe couldn’t be lying to me. I gave up after day four and once I realized mother had filed a missing person’s report. I arose out of the ditch but ducked back down immediately: the mother was leaving the home. She wore a low cut shirt that made my penis move an inch. It is extremely rare that my penis moves at all, so when it happens I take it as another sign that the universe is talking to me. I jumped in the back seat of the automobile and rode with the mom. Though she was unaware of my presence, I would like to think that she somehow sensed my presence and enjoyed my company. We arrived at the supermarket and I snuck out of the backseat, following into the store and keeping my distance. Every time I could get close I couldn’t help but sniff her hair, imaging her being her daughter but we’re 30 years older and doing out weekly grocery shopping. It was so intoxicating! I visited BeNaughty to see if she had a picture I could stare at for hours. I wanted to uplift her telepathically so bad I could taste it. Speaking of BeNaughty, have you checked it out? If you’re unfamiliar, pay a visit and see what it’s all about. Better yet friend, let’s look at it together...

Users notorious for spamming and scamming marked, ‘unsafe’

If you have ever browsed around a sex dating site before then you know that you’re constantly being bombarded by bots. It’s obvious that they’re bots too: females don’t message me for any reason; the fact so many do at once on such sites is a red flag for me. BeNaughty knows this is a problem and they’ve actually tried to solve the problem to avoid users getting plagued with spam and worst of all being scammed out of their money. I mean if you get scammed out of your money from a robot you probably deserve it because that makes you a complete moron. Sorry, I don’t have any sympathy for Chads that think with their weenie instead of their brain and lose their fortune to bots working on an abandoned island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. When a message pops up, BeNaughty will immediately alert you inside the window that the user has been flagged for suspicious activity. You can choose to turn off these security measures and talk to anyone regardless if BeNaughty feels they are real or not so if you choose to do that and lose your life’s savings just because you’re too much of an idiot to know the difference between human conversation and bot conversation you probably deserved it. I mean come on, who can’t tell if you’re talking to a robot? I talk to this female that lives in a large bubble under the ocean studying whales: she wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t give her $500 a month. Do you think a robot could come up with an elaborate story like that? No, I just happen to be such a charitable male feminist and ladies are just now figuring that out!

Site is attractive, looks great

The first thing you will notice when you load up BeNaughty is just how attractive the site looks. I don’t mean that lightly either: the site looks amazing. It doesn’t look like some scammy sex dating site you find in a pop-up ad: it looks like a legitimate place to finally find someone that wants to spoon in Cylon outfits. Browsing around BeNaughty makes this apparent. While you have to sign up to do anything – and even then signing up doesn’t let you do much more of anything without becoming a member (more on that later) – it becomes obvious what kind of site BeNaughty is trying to be. It doesn’t want to be spam site that people avoid like the second coming of the Bubonic plague: it wants to be a competitor in the sex dating niche. With an attractive site design like this, it’s a good step in the right direction.

Thumbnails are large

Continuing to praise the site design of BeNaughty, one of the first things I noticed was how large the thumbnails are as you browse the site. This is a good design decision because it lets you obviously see just how attractive each female looks on BeNaughty. That isn’t to say that they aren’t all beautiful in their own way because they are, but we all have preferences of course. The large thumbnails let you identify if you want to click on the profile without having to do that in the first place. This saves time, it lets you browse easily and without having to open up a ton of tabs just to see if the lass is worth your time or not, it’s just a good design choice.

Can’t do a lot without a membership

One of the biggest gripes lies in the fact that you can’t do a lot without a membership. While you can send up to five free chats to members you cannot reply back to them without first signing up for a membership. In fact, you can’t even look at profiles! While they want to earn an income it feels like BeNaughty is cutting off the functionality of their site just to earn a few dollars. I can understand limiting messaging and things of that nature but to not allow users to view profiles to begin with? It will almost make you log off, delete your account, and move onto another sex dating site that doesn’t feel as limiting for free users. Not a good idea, BeNaughty.

Too many fake profiles

If you use BeNaughty for more than a few minutes it’s going to become clear that it has a fake profile problem. I signed up for another account during this review and didn’t add a picture or any kind of details just to see if I would get bombarded by spam messages. While I can’t say I was bombarded I did get a handful within a few hours. They were obviously fake profiles because they were praising my pictures and details of my profile; I’m not interesting anyway so I would have taken these as lies regardless. Although BeNaughty is flagging scam and spam accounts it isn’t doing it enough. You have to ask yourself before becoming a member if it’s even worth it due to these problems. I can’t answer that for you but I’ll tell you this much: if I’m a paying customer, I don’t want scam and spam accounts bothering me.

Membership rate is reasonable

BeNaughty will cut you a decent deal if you’re new and want to sign up. These deals may differ, but during the summer I was offered 30% off my membership (roughly $73 for six months). If you have money to spare it isn’t a bad deal especially if you want to see what BeNaughty is all about. If you want a taste-test, BeNaughty also offers three-day trials for around $3. The flexibility of letting you figure out if the site is right for you is there and if you decide to become a full member there are more expensive memberships you could spend your money on.

Play Cute or Not to connect with people around you

If you do decide to become a member then you can play Cute or Not: a game that lets you essentially break the ice with other members and message them. While you can technically play the game for free you can’t message the other members once you’ve matched with them (defeating the whole purpose of the game). It’s a good way to say, ‘hey,’ without coming across like a creep. We cannot all be able to look at ladies like ThePornDude and have them fall in love with us just by eye contact alone. For people like me, BeNaughty is a good way to let beautiful creatures know, ‘female, I don’t want to breed with you, I just want to uplift you.’



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