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As much porn as I watch, sometimes I just can't help but get lonely. I know what you're thinking,  aren't you used to loneliness after being a forever alone your entire sad life?" Yes, my waifu pillow does help me with my loneliness, but even I have dreams of actually touching and smelling a real-life woman sometimes. It's just not enough trying to take a whiff of a lady's hair as she walks by me in the supermarket you know? Plus rubbing shampoo on my waifu pillow to smell it seems to fuck up the fabric. Fling is a casual dating and sex hookup site in the spirit of sites like Plenty of Fish. There will be no in-depth matchmaking bullshit here, where you have to talk about crap like your hobbies, religion, etc. What’s my sign? How about deez nuts! Instead, Fling is all about that boom-boom in the sheets, and that means pictures, pictures, and more pictures. You better load that Photoshop up and touch up on your skills, and you'll be rewarded with local babes ready to suck and fuck your night away. Hell, you can even try your hand at catfishing. Get some handsome Chad photos in your profile, and thirsty bitches will be sending you pussy pictures in no time. Just don’t blame me if you get caught and your account gets banned. Remember this IS a premium site. Registration is super quick: just put in your email and get to it. Fling will ask you some basic questions like your age, what kind of action you're looking for, and what kind of bitches you like. I thought it was hilarious that Fling asks “are you willing to have sex with someone within three hours?” Like bitch, don’t get my hopes up! Do you love huge titty Latinas? Well, fling will filter those Mamacita's for you straight from the get-go. You tell the site what kind of girl you want, and they will automatically filter for you. I bet  would tear this place up. I can just imagine his inbox getting so flooded with hookup requests that he would need ten dicks just to satisfy all these hos. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed like . But that’s what fake profile photos are for right? Fling has all the basics you need to get to know bitches. There is instant messaging, video chat, photo sharing, and tons more. Fling also has a pretty solid userbase, and they promise you that fake accounts are dealt with 24/7 by their dedicated staff. But for me, hell, I'll even take a fake girl. Ignorance is bliss, and quite necessary, for a geek like me. Just a single message from a hot photo would make my week you know? I might even print out her picture and tape it to my pillow. Sometimes a guy has to live in self-delusion to get by... My estimate is that the male to female ratio is about 1:5. That’s honestly not bad for any dating site, but just be prepared for some “stiff” competition if you get my drift. Just remember – if nobody is responding to your messages, find uglier/older women and try again. You’ll find out where you stand really quickly (which for me is apparently grandmas and trannies). One thing to keep in mind is that Fling is a paid site. It used to have a free membership, but now the best they'll give you is a two-day $1 trial. This should be more than enough to give you an idea of what kind of ladies they have to offer. You can check out profile pictures for free, but messaging, photo viewing, and other features are blocked unless you open that wallet. Classic personals layout Once you get in Fling, it's easy to start hunting for that fresh pussy. You'll land on your homepage, where you'll be given galleries of who's online now and girls that live in your state. You'll also see galleries for the popular member photos and videos. That's right, Fling hosts all kinds of sexy member videos for you to fap to. If you still like her after you cum, well, the message button will be right there so you can say hello. Imagine every time you watch a porno video you get an option to DM the porn star. I would spend hours trying to come up with the perfect pick up line. From the galleries, you should notice that these girls aren't afraid to get nasty. Fling is all about the hookup, so these sexy babes will reveal their tits and ass to lure all the alpha cocks in. There are more selfie tits and pussy pics than I can handle. I gotta tell ThePornDude to get on this shit, there would be so many mouths on his Ubermensch cock! Along the top of the page is a scrolling gallery of different users you can hit up. This is like the stock ticker for hookups. I always keep one eye on the ticker in case some sexy babe happens to pop up. The main menu on the top left will give you options like Search, Online Now, Members Live Streaming, and Photo and Video galleries too. I always start with Online Now so I can see who else is ready to go for some action. Another fun little feature is the Premium Content. This is where members can upload their homemade porno videos that you unlock using Fling's credits. Other features include a Tinder type swipe game and a What's Trending gallery where you can check out the hottest photos and videos that others are hitting up. If you are serious about hooking up with the locals, I'd recommend you head to the Browse links in the main menu. The SMS users seem more authentic based on the pictures I saw, and you'll get to check out their age and city for each chick. The SMS link lets you filter only the girls that have phones, so you can hit them up via text right away. New Faces is another great feature since these hookup sites will have so many dead and outdated accounts that can waste a lot of time. It's always important to make sure they logged in recently, otherwise, you'll just be talking to thin air. Believe me, it's happened to me a lot. Then again, it's not like anyone responds to me anyway, so how would I know? Fling also displays verified users. Verified users are members who have proven to the site admins that they are real people. This is another reason why Fling is so popular; we all know that the porn world is plagued with fakes. What I Like Fling seems more legit than most hookup sites I've been to. It has a huge userbase and is backed by an industry leader in the online dating game. While I did see a lot of accounts that look BS, it wasn't hard to filter these out and discover some real locals. Browsing is also a breeze. I thought Fling had a nice clean layout where it's easy to try out the cool features and games while also checking out plenty of titties. Fling is also rated highly in all kinds of polls and rankings when it comes to dating and hookups. They've been in the game for over twenty years, so don't be so quick to dismiss it as a scam. This bitch has some legs. What I Hate I don't have money for the monthly membership! It's like $30-$50 per month based on your membership length, which I thought was pretty expensive. I’ll stick to the cheaper one week trials, thank you very much. Then again, I guess this is how they separate the wheat from the chaff. Goddamn it, I might have to steal from my mom's purse again.... Last time she didn't make me tendies for a whole month when she found out I ordered Japanese lube online. At least they give you a deal that if you don't get laid within three months, they will give you another three months free for you to try your luck. I might need an extra three years goddamn it. A troubled history Fling has been around for a long ass time, but I don’t know how much longer the site will hang on. In 2017 the site actually went bankrupt, and the founder apparently spent all the company cash on himself rather than growing the business. It even had an Apple app, although that got shut down when Steve Jobs found all that tits and ass action. Fling is now owned by Globalpersonalmedias, one of the biggest dating site networks on the internet. But despite all that, Fling has proven its popularity and staying power, and there are still plenty of users around to try to get your fuck on with. I just hope you’re more like  than a geek like me, cause then you are sure to get laid.



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