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Adult Time! Once in a while, I get to review a porn site that’s so cock explodingly good that I realize I enjoy talking about it as much as I do jacking off on it. Such is the case with AdultTime. I guess it’s like what they say about misery loving company – when I’m alone and miserable, which is every goddamn night of my life, I like to enjoy some quality porn in the privacy of my room, with my body pillow by my side, and my battery-powered masturbator in my hand. And when I’m done jacking off I’m filled with this sense of intensified loneliness that makes me want to share the porn I just enjoyed with other people so that I can perhaps lessen their lonely misery as well. To that end, I’d like to share AdultTime with just about everyone I meet, though I don’t exactly meet a lot of people – most of my friends are either imaginary or anime characters. – So they’re all imaginary, I guess. Either way, I can share this website with you and tell you all about how it might just your one-stop-shop for all kinds of porn, forever. I’d like to imagine that this website is the porn equivalent to ThePornDude. It’s got everything you might want, it’s fun to look at and even more fun to talk about. So it’s exactly like ThePornDude.

A Huge Network

AdultTime is different from most porn websites out there because it is not a centralized porn production company. They don’t gather pornstars and record them taking it up the ass for money. It’s also not a site that’s part of a network. Better than that, AdultTime is a network. Now before you start running for the hills, thinking that this is another one of those cases where 20 sites owned by one dude are trying to get you to pay tenfold for a bunch of content you don’t even need, pump the brakes and listen up. AdultTime is a network that as of right now has 177 websites under its wing, 7 of which are tranny-specific, and the rest are mixed and matched across every fucking porn genre you can think of. It’s literally like they took ThePornDude’s entire review career and mashed it together into one website. But AdultTime doesn’t charge like other porn networks do, and that’s why I think it is the holy grail of modern pornography. AdultTime costs, get this, $9.95 a month if you pay yearly. That’s less than 90% of all genre-specific sites out there, with a thousand times the amount of content. How they can afford to charge that little, I don’t know – But I honestly don’t care, either, because they seem to be super successful and I am not about to rock the boat. I’m in the game to get my rocks off then play some World of Warcraft. I don’t need to ask questions.

177 Reasons to Fap

Between Cumming Matures which features nothing but 50+ old attractive grannies and Future Darkly, which is a sci-fi themed porn website that features episodic porn series, you’re going to discover porn genres that you never knew existed. The site is cheaper than Netflix, with twice the goddamn content. And if you’re a stay at home, lonely pervert like myself you could just stop watching television shows altogether and just focus all your time on AdultTime. Half of these porn series have better plots than most TV shows these days anyways, so who gives a shit. The interesting thing about the sites under AdultTime that I personally don’t understand is how they can maintain the quality of the shows that they produce given their super low price. Every single site, with all these weird and unique scenarios, is filmed on location or in a very expensive studio, with props, lighting, and everything else they might need. It’s insane. Combine that with the fact that they only hire the most marketable, most sought after porn stars you’ve ever heard of, and you’ll be scratching your head too, trying to wrap your mind around the fact that yes, this site is in fact 100% real.

The Stars

Speaking of recognizable cocks and pussies, you will find every triple-A star in this network, on one site or another. If you’re checking out the trannies, then superstar Natalie Mars will be the first thing you see. If you head on over to the Asian section, bam! – You’ve got Kendra Spade featuring Lexi Belle for some yellow fever – white lesbian action. Hell, you can even lookup big dicks as a tag and check out videos of James Deen with the hottest, youngest, sluttiest whores in the industry. You can, of course, sort through all of the porn stars on the site, no matter how many times they’re featured. They all have extensive profiles that you can use to see everything they’ve done for AdultTime across all of the channels in the network, and even see who they’ve collaborated with. And yes, even the pornstars are tagged to heaven and back, and you can sort them by the network, as well as by the categories of porn that they’re involved in. So if you’re looking for, say, anal and creampies, but you’re not sure which video to watch, instead of searching for a video, you can sort all the girls that are down to fuck given those parameters. If that’s not living in the future, I don’t know what is.

Quality. Quantity. Pussy.

This website is the yardstick with which other sites will be measured for quality, quantity, and love for the pornography industry. First of all, everything on the website is available in up to 4K, as if that wasn’t clear already from my overwhelming flattery. You’re free to watch and download anything on the entire fucking website, as much as you’d like. There are no limits. And beyond just the videos being in a high resolution – they’re in high quality as well. These aren’t your typical over-the-counter cameras they’re using to record this smut – This is Hollywood level equipment. You’re officially experiencing the best that the 21st century has to offer.

The Website Design

Normally I hate porn websites that have any kind of clutter. If they’re trying to have a search sidebar plus a top bar, they always manage to piss me off. This is because most web developers don’t develop with their dick in their hands – And they should. Because most websites push you away from the action any chance they get. – Not AdultTime. The entire goddamn website is comprised of 3 sections that never change. You have the sidebar on the left, which lets you sort whatever it is you’re looking through with whatever category you can think of. There’s the top bar that you can use to quickly get to a section on the site, and the remaining 95% of the site is just quality smut. They also use colors that are, what I’d like to call, very porn appropriate. Pure blacks and greys, with a bit of orange thrown in there. Once you open up a video, the site has a very tube-site vibe, but rest assured, everything is in its place and nothing is in the way. And of course, there are absolutely no ads whatsoever, because you paid for this smut and you don’t want any bullshit. Also, because AdultTime is a network of many channels, you don’t see any cross-network ads either, because everything is already integrated into the one site you’re browsing. It is a porn sanctuary. Conclusion If you or someone you know is suffering from a bad case of the “gotta faps”, treat yourselves to a subscription to AdultTime.Com. It’s highly unlikely you won’t find your fill on there, between 177 channels devoted to the weirdest and most original porn you can think of, from Asian to Aliens. You can download, you can stream, you can jack off to girls that you’d otherwise only find in your dreams. And best of all, the price is so low that anyone could afford it. At the very least, get the 3-day trial and see for yourself. You will not regret giving this site a shot. The quality and quantity of smut on this site is so good that even ThePornDude couldn’t think of anything negative to say about it. If the God of pornography has given this site his seal of approval, you know it must be a fucking godsend.



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