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RealityKings (! Whenever I’m not fapping my wiener off, jizzing on my beautiful sex doll, humping my hentai pillow, Suki, or playing Dungeons and Dragons alone in my mom’s basement, I like to ponder the meaning of life. Well, to say that I like to do that is a bit of a mischaracterization. I actually kind of hate it. It’s just something that tends to come with the existential dread right after an orgasm. Do you know what I’m talking about? That feeling of emptiness that comes immediately after you cum. In these moments, I can’t help but ponder the meaning of life, the nature of reality, and whether or not it’s all worth it. Reality is a big topic that comes up often in porn. People often discuss whether or not porn is realistic enough. Are the actresses faking it? Are their breasts enhanced? Could this fantasy situation ever actually play itself out in real life? The trend in the porn industry, especially over the last few years, has been this: the closer to reality you can get, the better. But what does that mean? What is reality, even? Is it your private life, the solitary experiences of being inside of your own head? Is it what we as a species can come to the conclusion of through shared experiences? For instance, when I ask anyone to picture the color “red,” chances are we all see, roughly speaking at least, the same color. But that idea is troubled by the fact that when I say the word “sexy,” there’s a good chance we all think of something (or someone) different. So, then, what can we say is reality if we can’t even agree on what simple things like sexiness, in fact, are? Some people believe that reality is entirely of your own making. That you create your own reality, and it only exists for you and you alone. So, yeah, basically that we’re all living in The Matrix. If that’s the case, though, why the heck can’t I dodge bullets like Neo or just will myself to have sex with Trinity? I don’t know, I don’t really buy that theory, personally. Seems like a bunch of bolognas! There is sort of something to that thought, though. I mean, it’s not all nonsense. There is something to thinking about the way in which what you choose to surround yourself with, how you choose to interpret and think about things can affect the way you see them, the way you see the world. That much is true. Thinking negative thoughts, for instance, tends to produce negative points of views. But if you can identify and alter those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, so it should follow, positive points of view can be constructed. And, thus, the way you want to look at reality, at the very least, is entirely subjective and can be changed by you. But that doesn’t mean that reality itself is. Maybe if enough people did just that, though, it could be so…

Pornophile Extraordinaire

Who knows! I certainly don’t. I am no philosopher. What I am, though, is a pornophile. No, not a pedophile, you silly goat. A pornophile! Borrowing the same root word of philosophy, “philo,” Greek for love (not dough), I make the suffix of my word: pornophile … a lover of porn. And my reality definitely revolves around that. Because it is basically all that I consume. And, therefore, it consumes me. Happily. When you’re as lonely as I am, porn is a saving grace. A gift from on high. And having never been touched by a woman (other than my mom), porn has, I think it’s safe to say, saved my life. Until that moment of existential dream bubbles up after I orgasm. But, hey, I just shove it down with a little more porn! That’s the way to be, pal! Speaking of reality. And porn. The site we’ll be looking at today prides itself on how ‘realistic’ they make their porn. Much of it, therefore, is shot in a kind of gonzo style, meant to look like really, really, really well-done amateur sex tapes. Like, impossibly well-done. Almost to the point of making it so real, that it becomes hyperreal, like Disney Land, and comes full circle back around to fake. We all know that no amateur pornographer could produce the kind of content that you are likely to see on Reality Kings sites like GF Revenge, Dangerous Dongs, Flower Tucci, or VIP Crew.

Quality and Quantity (and Nostalgia)

Although, that was not always the case. Reality Kings actually did use to depend, almost entirely, on real user-submitted amateur porn tapes. Back in the day. Maybe you remember the older Dare Dorms or Crazy College GFs videos? They were real college chicks, either partaking in booze-filled parties turned wild and crazy orgies, or just getting humped by some fellow college frat guy. But that came to an end after Florida A&M sued Reality Kings due to damaging the college’s reputation by advertising what school the filmmakers attended. So, from thereon out, Dare Dorm (and most other Reality Kings sites) started sticking to the pros. Don’t need that happening again … I’m sure it was a pretty penny! But they have kept that old ‘real’ aesthetic, even though the models are professional porn stars now. It’s often shot in POV style and at least they try to preserve some of the façades of reality by tending to feature lesser-known porn stars. The quality, though, is (and has always been) incredible. So, honestly, I don’t care what reality is so long as Reality Kings keeps making top-notch real-ish porn with beautiful women in 4K! Quality is not the only area where Reality Kings excels, though. They have the quantity box checked as well. And, for that matter, variety. Not every premium pay membership porn site offers as many different and unique sites as Reality Kings. With a grand total (as of now anyway) of 51 individual sites, Reality Kings is constantly pushing out content. This means two things for you, dear fapper: 1.) you’ll have a new Reality Kings scene to fap to every single day (probably for the rest of your life … at least the foreseeable future); and 2.) you will never grow bored with the content being too similar … every site has its own unique spin on it, so girls and situations will vary greatly. Which is definitely the sign of an awesome porn site. Not only will you have access to a butt load of new material with a membership to Reality Kings, you’ll also be able to enjoy tons of classic early internet porn sites, too. Are you ready for a little does of nostalgia? Do you remember sites like Mike’s Apartment, MILF Hunter, We Live Together, Big Naturals, or Mike in Brazil? That ought to take you back. Personally, We Live Together was one of the very first sites that I used to come across (and cum across) frequently when the internet was just getting good enough to reasonably watch videos on. So, it’s nice to have a little blast from the past sometimes.

Standard Premium Site Design

As far as site design is concerned, it’s more or less what you probably expect from a premium porn site like this. You have a site menu bar at the top of the page, allowing you to navigate the site quickly and easily. Choose between Explore (Videos, Pictures, Favorites, Watch Later), Girls. Sites, Categories, Live Cams (they have their own cam site that you have to pay extra for), Meet & Fuck (, Specials, and a link to GF Leaks (for some unknown reason … actually, maybe that tab changes from time to time depending on what site they are promoting at a given time). Then, below the site menu bar, the magic begins. Choose between a slew of awesome porn videos, separated into intuitive sections, not entirely unlike Porn Hub. You’ll find Most Recent videos. Trending, Recently Active Models, and Top Scenes from GF Leaks. So, it’s a pretty straightforward and easy to use design. The only downside, in my opinion, is that it’s lacking a comprehensive advanced search function, allowing you to filter only precisely what you want from their thousands upon thousands of videos. Oh, one more thing, if you aren’t crazy about the ‘reality’ aesthetic, you needn’t worry. Reality Kings does have plenty of videos that are glossier, closer to the traditional professional porn vibe (not POV, extremely well-produced, etc.). These can be found on a few of their sites, most notably would probably be Reality Kings Prime. So, there’s a little something for everyone here. All in all, Reality Kings (often misspelled as "realty kings") is a great site. Actually, it may be more accurate to say that it’s a great network of 51 porn sites. Hey, all I know is that talking about them has cured me of my existential dread! For now…



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