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Looking for a place to watch hentai without any fuss? Anime ID Hentai has your back. is a hentai stream site that features all the latest releases as well as classics. Most of the videos here are Japanese raws or English subs, but you’ll find some Spanish and other language subs also.

What really sets AnimeIDhentai apart is how little bullshit it has. All the streams are fast and reliable, and you won’t get fucked up the ass with nonstop pop-ups and bullshit ads either. It’s amazing to load up a video and just have it play.

Another great part of AnimeIDHentai is how they lay out episodes. A lot of hentai anime sites have problems where it can be hard to find the next episode or the episodes aren’t neatly laid out.

That’s not the case at AnimeIDHentai. Below each video player, you’ll see all the episodes laid out one by one, so you can watch the next video without ever leaving the page. This is fucking awesome.

The reliability of the streams is impressive as well. AnimeIDHentai doesn’t rely on a bunch of mirror links, but rather provides one solid link that seems to work each time. The video player also features downloading and resolution selection for the HD videos.

Videos are uploaded all the time, with most of them being PV, or preview videos. There’s a ton of trailers to watch at AnimeIDHentai, giving you tempting sexy looks into upcoming releases.

Speaking of upcoming releases, AnimeIDHentai also keeps a release calendar showing you what’s coming up next. When I checked it seemed out of date, but another way you can see upcoming releases is to check the release dates under the PV videos.

Bottom line: AnimeIDHentai is one of the fastest and most reliable hentai stream sites I’ve ever seen. With recent releases, 720p support, and minimal ads, it won’t hurt to give this site a try.

An ugly but efficient layout

I’ll be honest – AnimeIDhentai doesn’t have the best layout. The colors are drab and dark, and the icons don’t quite fit together. On the other hand, the layout is pretty standard like many other video sites, so you’ll know how to navigate without much issue.

When you first enter AnimeIDhentai, you’ll see a huge gallery of videos. The videos are categorized into Uncensored, 2019 releases, PVs, 3D hentai, and more. This will give you a quick idea of the best shit that the site has to offer.

When you look at the thumbnails, you’ll see one of the main reason AnimeIDhentai is so good. Each title shows main tags stating whether it is subbed, if it’s uncensored, of it’s in HD, and more. These major tags give you a quick idea of the video, making browsing fun and easy.

I’ve been to sites where you had to actually load the video just to check if it’s a sub or a raw. That’s some serious bullshit.

You’ll also see the number of episodes in each series. This is another great part about AnimeIDHentai. This place knows that hardcore hentai fans will fap the night away through one series, which is why tube sites suck at showing hentai series.

You’ll see that AnimeIDhentai makes it easy to watch a full series with its minimal ads and layout.

Along the top of AnimeIDHentai are the main links. They include Upcoming Releases, Uncensored, and Genre List.

Upcoming Releases is the schedule of videos to be uploaded. You’ll see the titles, the art, release dates, company, and more. Personally, I’d rather watch the PVs to see what’s coming up. With PVs I can bust a nut while I’m doing my research.

The Uncensored gallery is where I spend the most time. All of these videos are guaranteed to show all the pussy hairs, and the quality of the videos are great too. You’ll even find a handful of 1080p videos, and yes the streams load fast!

So you found a video you want to watch and click on it. What happens next?

The video site will have the player at the top, with episode information below. You’ll get all the details like synopsis, tags, rating, year released, and a lot more. There’s even a comment section where you can read what other motherfuckers posted.

Make sure to click around the video player to see what kind of settings there are. The download links will also be inside the video player. The download links are fantastic; AnimeIDhentai doesn’t use any 3rd party file host and there’s no ads with the downloads.

Fantastic 3D and anime bitches

AnimeIDhentai specializes in anime and 3D porn. Most of the videos are in Japanese with English subs, but you’ll find lots of raws as well. I didn’t run into any dubbed content however.

AnimeIDHentai also has a ton of awesome 3D videos. These are full-fledged productions that feature professional-quality voice acting along with some great CGI. You can see all the pained creases in these bitches’ faces as they get raped and fucked all over.

AnimeIDHentai also maintains a Discord, although there isn’t much of a community beyond that. If you like the direction of this site, like I do, then check it out and let them know how they’re doing. I can definitely see a community growing out of this place.

What I Like

There isn’t a ton of features or options, but AnimeIDhentai gets all the major points right. You get fresh releases in high quality with no hassle. For a hentai site that offers 1080p quality videos, it’s absolutely insane how little ads they have.

Speaking of 1080p, the streams on this site are A1 quality. Even the 1080p videos loaded fast and played smoothly for me, meaning that you’re getting at least 3 MB/sec from AnimeIDHentai. That’s pretty sick, and I wonder how long it can last.

I also like that you get all the major tags during the gallery browse. This makes it easy to see which videos are raws vs. subbed. I don’t really fuck with raws.

Having all the episodes laid out on the video player page sets this place apart. On other hentai video sites, you’ll need to go to a separate page for each episode, and each fucking page will have pop-ups and all kinds of shit! Compared to that, AnimeIDHentai is a godsend.

The uncensored collection is great here. Hentai anime from Japan is typically censored, so kudos to AnimeIDHentai for collecting all the uncensored shit out there for us to fap to. Why fap to pixelated pussy juice when you don’t have to?

Finally, there’s a ton of great 3D content. You won’t find so many voice-acted 3D pornos anywhere else. Check out Dalmascan Night if you want to see what kind of 3D shit the world has to offer your dick.

What I Hate

If there’s one thing that AnimeIDhentai is lacking, it’s refinement.

The layout is still a little dirty and cluttered, and the font and art is really basic shit. There aren’t any major problems, but there isn’t any polish either.

For example, the Upcoming Hentai Releases section looks like it hasn’t been updated since last year. This makes me wonder if the site is still being taken care of properly. I guess they realized that nobody even reads that section?

There’s also a lack of Rule 34 content. This is probably because the site wants to stick to high-quality releases, but I’ve seen hentai sites that have some solid Rule 34 videos. Anyway, this ain’t the place if One Piece porn is what you’re looking for.

Let’s get some variety in this bitch

There’s some missing ingredients in AnimeIDHentai. I would recommend they add more dubbed hentai, and make it one of the focuses of the site. I know there are some dicks out there that just refuse to read.

They need to throw in some Rule 34 while they’re at it. I know most Rule 34 content is doujin and pictures, but I’ve seen some sweet hentai anime videos too. It’s always nice to fap to a familiar face, and Rule 34 is the best way to get down.

A sweet site nonetheless

Either way, AnimeIDHentai is a great one. No bullshit ads, HD streams that work well, and all the major releases that you’ll find on other top hentai stream sites.

The place kind of feels like the grand opening of a restaurant. When a restaurant has a grand opening, the servings will be extra generous, all the workers will be nicer, and you might even get a free gift.

AnimeIDHentai gives me this kind of vibe. High quality 1080p streaming without a single pop-up? Isn’t that a little too good to be true?

But as long as they provide these services, I ain’t complaining. This is a treasure, and I hope they can figure out a way to make it last. Even if I found a video I like on another site, I’d check if AnimeIDhentai has it just because the player is so easy to use.