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H Anime! I just read a fascinating article about a woman, 23, who is hooked to cartoon. I couldn’t help it but think of how much alike we are, only I’m slightly over a decade older than her. I have been engrossed in the virtual world of anime erotica since I was twelve. At first, it wasn’t really that serious, I would just use the cartoons to escape my boring reality. Connecting with people has always been somewhat difficult, and you can understand that I felt cartoon were a perfect distraction. My mania grew a notch higher when I discovered the erotic ones. Quickly they became my favorite, and now I can hardly go a day without streaming hentai erotica for a few hours. I’m completely addicted to these fantasy creatures. I actually fancy my relationship with them than a real-life partner. I wouldn’t know what to do with her or him anyway. What initially seemed like a harmless hobby, has had me stuck in the fantasy world. When I watch these erotic hentai episodes, nothing can really compare to that thrill in this world. I know it’s a bit insane that someone can get horny and wank to a cartoon which makes it really embarrassing to share with anyone. Now that I can’t have a girlfriend or enjoy normal sex, I wonder whether these cartoons have twisted my life forever. Anyway, to enjoy this anime erotica, you got to have an incredible site to source the content. Usually, that can cost money, and since I don’t have much of that, I have had to improvise. On theporndude’s platform, he has listed a number of free sites with quality hentai content. Well, hasn’t this dude been a blessing to my life? Among the several sites, there is one that has really worked out for me, hanime.tv. Hanime.tv is a free anime and hentai content site. The site features authentic and close to real characters fully engrossed in the forbidden action. You can be certain that there are loads of juices flowing on this premise. Quality is incredible with options of HD and full HD at your disposal. I wouldn’t complain about the streaming and downloads speeds either, they work just fine. Censored or uncensored, the content is available in several categories. For the lack of better words, hanime.tv offers the ultimate hentai and anime experience.

Overwhelming general outlook

I never thought of myself as an easy to amaze person, but Hanime has greatly impressed me. From the moment you set foot on the site’s homepage, the site has ensured that you are greeted with overwhelming feels. There is a huge banner featuring two hentai hotties surrounded by grayscale fireworks in the sky that acts as the background. Right at the middle of the homepage, they ensure that you understand precisely what you are getting into with these kind words: “Watch Free HD Hentai & Anime Videos,” then continues “Enjoy your unlimited hentai and anime collection. We are the definitive source for the best curated 720p / 1080p HD hentai videos, viewable by mobile phone and tablet, for free.” On scrolling down, the site now starts to look like more of a regular porn site. The homepage is sub-divided into sections that contain massive thumbnails featuring the sexy toon stars. The sections include; Recent Uploads, Recent Image Uploads, New Releases, Trending, and Random. If you have no clue about what you are looking for, this would be a nice place to kick off your journey. Generally, the site has an incredible design. The glossy grey and black theme is well complemented by white text and colorful thumbnails. Also, navigation is easy with a drop-down menu located at the top left of the page and a search function. Well, to be fair, the developer has done a great job. The mobile app is also amazing (but more of that later).

Loads of cartoon porn and then extras

As I said, ThePornDude has listed several sites that offer an experience that would interest a cartoon porn fan much. Most of those largely depend on community involvement in forums or encourage users to upload their content. Well, Hanime has also embraced that custom and followed suit. However, it sure looks like Hanime has a whole different way of doing it. First, you have to link your discord account for uploads to visible on-site. Either way, Hanime has managed to gather a huge collection of full-length hentai and anime episodes. And since most of them are available in HD and Full HD, I supposed they are sourced from the major studios. Content ranges from comedic and erotic to hardcore and all the way kinky. With a huge collection of thousands of videos and images, you can always find toon porn that has a few big boobs, blow job, big ass, fantasy, cosplay, BDSM, mind control, orgies, and several other niches. The categories are very convenient when looking for something that suits your liking. The quality is also great, while streaming and downloading speeds are incredible. Besides, downloads are available in a variety of formats.

Vibrant and involved community of toon porn lovers

Like the high-quality hentai and anime content isn’t enough, Hanime adds to the experience of an active community. Once you go through the free registration process and also fill out some bit of basic info in your profile, you can be able to upload videos and images, share content, like and dislike, and comment on available content. Hanime is like having a boundless archive of anime and hentai videos at your disposal where you can also add your own and interact with other pervs chatting about your best series. This is one of the main reasons I never leave this site. On your channel, you can also create playlists and add some videos you like. This is hentai haven!

Youtube-inspired streaming experience

Well, you can’t talk about streaming without talking about the media player. Hanime’s media player is more of a copy-paste of the Youtube model. In fact, if I was part of Google and wasn’t hooked to cartoons, I would definitely sue these guys. Anyway, just like Youtube, you have a medium-sized player at the left, and related scenes and playlists on the right. Below the player, you have a long description with details of everything you will need to know about the series or the brand where it is made. At the bottom of all that is where we have the comments.

Quality hentai anywhere, anytime

It is such a nice touch that you can access Hanime from any device including on your computer, tablet, phone browser, or the app. And would you say no to quality scenes anywhere, anytime? Well, I didn’t, and I think having an app sets this provider ahead of its peers. Of course, I have downloaded the app and here is what I have to say about it; Fast and easy to navigate; just like the site, the app is fast, and all links work just right. Beautiful mobile interface; the app is designed and developed with modern users in mind. There won’t be any complaints about an ugly design here. Free and private; well, they don’t charge you a dime to install it. It is available on the site, and it comes with an install guide. Also, the app leaves no browsing history, and that to me, is privacy. Offline ready; you can easily download videos on the app for watching with no internet connectivity. Compatible with all androids; well, I only tested on mine where it works perfectly, but they said that. And I believe them.

The good of Hanime

Decent site design; Hanime’s site layout is impressive. The color choices and arrangement are all on point. And the same can be said about the navigation features available, including the menu, search function, and the categories. Youtube-inspired experience; well, it might be a copy-paste, but it looks good for such an incredible site. If I were to change anything regarding the streams, that would be nothing. Quality toon porn scenes; content is stretched over a wide variety of niches and comes in high-quality episodes. This is my favorite aspect of this site. Mobile app; this one comes with a set of awesome features. There is no reason you would say no to a collection of HD hentai scenes in your pocket everywhere you go.

The bad of Hanime

Ads; the collection is free, and it saves me a lot of cash I would probably be paying on some site, but the ads happen to be too much. Not that I mind myself, but I know there is a reason ThePornDude doesn’t like websites with excessive ads A few censored videos; most videos are not censored, but hey, they are cartoons. It not like you are exposing anyone’s nudity.


If there was a perfect phrase to describe Hanime, that would be, “Hentai Haven.” I love the design of the sites, the Youtube-inspired streaming experience, and the quality of the scenes. Not to mention that the mobile app is also fantastic. This one is for the toon diehards.