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Let's check out some anime chicks at Hentai Gasm! I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole lately with hentai sites. I’m not saying I love cartoon porn or anything. I definitely prefer to see real cunts getting spread by a fat cock. I get it, though. Shit, if I could draw and animate my own sexual fantasies, I’d never leave the fucking house. Even just trying to review HentaiGasm.com has got me living like a recluse for the last week.

If you’re into hentai, there’s a decent chance you’re one of HentaiGasm’s 13.5 million monthly visitors. They’ve been steadily building one of the biggest free archives of hentai videos on the ‘net. Hit the site and you’re immediately greeted with a wall of naked anime bitches slobbing knobs, getting sprayed with cum, and spreading their twats for demons. It looks like we’ve found the hard stuff.

Straight to the Fucking Point

Hentai Gasm doesn’t fuck around with a fancy layout or a bunch of features. A clean header displays the name of the site, a search bar, and a few sort options: DATE, TITLE, VIEWS, LIKES, COMMENTS, RANDOM. Besides the aforementioned wall-of-porn, the only other non-ad content is a bubble of popular genre tags. There’s an official-looking box that says UNCENSORED in the corner, but clicking it just brings up an ad.

Oh, let’s talk about those genre tags. These won’t surprise you if browsing hentai is part of your daily routine, but everyday masturbators are in for a shock. The genres include the expected sex staples like Blowjob and Anal, as well as kinkier interests like Bondage and Footjob. Since Hentai Gasm specializes in delivering orgasms via hentai, the list also includes such deviant interests as Monster, Tentacle, and Futanari.

Futanari, in case you were wondering, translates roughly to “dick-girl”. Basically, this is the hentai version of a tranny. If you like whipping off a batch to cartoons of chicks with huge, bouncing boobies and enormous, throbbing cocks, you’re in for a treat. HentaiGasm has a cool two pages of futanari vids for your enjoyment.

Since the site is free, they have to run ads. I’m one of those morally bankrupt creeps who uses an ad blocker, but deactivated it didn’t make a huge difference. Either way, I’ve got a handful of ads for hentai games on each page. If you’re a regular user and not a sightseer, consider turning your blocker off to support the site.

Poking My Tentacle Around

Nobody has ever accused me of being vanilla. I’m a pretty goddamn perverted motherfucker. I’m like the king of the freaks—I’m The Porn Dude! That said, I wasn’t quite ready to jump into the slippery depths of the Tentacle aisle right away. I took a little detour to one of porno’s greatest hits, the Blowjob.

It turns out HentaiGasm has 36 pages of movies filed under Blowjob. I guess hentai doesn’t cater exclusively to dudes who want to see a dick-girl get raped by the squirming organ of the Prince of Devils. They’ve also got 10 pages of Masturbation and a dozen of Anal. Creampies are big in Japan apparently, because HentaiGasm has 16 pages of videos with the tag.

Apparently, there’s something for everyone, provided you can cum to cartoons. HentaiGasm’s tagging system doesn’t run very deep, though. The whole list only contains 24 genres. Some might call this streamlined, but I just call it skimpy.

Worse, you can’t search for multiple genres at once. For example, typing “Monster Rape” in the search bar brings up nothing. If you’re looking for that, you’ll have to start in either the Monster or the Rape section, and then look through videos until you find one with both tags.

Of course, if you’re looking for something as specific as a pornographic Japanese cartoon of a monster raping a babe, it’s not too big of an effort. Let me help you. The first vid that pops up for Rape, Maken No Hime Wa Ero Ero Desu 1 Subbed, has what you’re looking for. Still, it’s kind of a basic feature you’d expect with any search function on any website.

Monster Rape and Plant Penetration

While I was on the page, I figured I may as well click Play on that monster rape video. The embedded player is very simple. There’s a Play/Pause button, a time bar, volume control, and a fullscreen icon. There’s no option to change the video quality or adjust the subtitles, which are hardcoded in English onto the clip. You can download any of the videos.

At fullscreen, the video of the warrior chick getting her succulent melons licked by a bunch of wolf dudes was passable. It’s not HD, but animated pussies don’t need as many pixels to look good. The clip appears to be a direct DVD rip of a 20-minute scene. The video quality seems consistent throughout the site. Most of the clips I looked at clocked in at around 20 to 30 minutes long.

I only had minor buffering as I skipped around for the good bits. There was a scene where the chick with the boobs gets fucked by some kind of plant. Later, when she’s getting dicked with an actual dick so hard she bleeds, she says, “A penis is going inside my pussy!” It’s really top-shelf dialogue.

I’m not sure if one of my clicks was slightly off of the timeline, but at some point, while skipping around I got a random pop-under ad. It was the second one I got while browsing HentaiGasm. I didn’t get any more, and both closed without issue.

Sorting Through the Pile

HentaiGasm has about 1,500 hentai clips in their collection, or just slightly less than the greasy guy at the comic book store giving everyone dirty looks. That’s a lot to sort through, especially if you have no idea where to begin.

Sorting by Likes is an easy way to find the hottest shit on any porn site. The most popular clip on HentaiGasm, Itadaki! Seieki 1 Subbed, has racked up ten million views. It’s a half-hour movie about a redhead and her sexual adventures, including Anal, Blowjob, Boobjob, Demon, Gangbang, and Rape scenes. Nice!

The same vid comes up at the top if you sort by Comments. The nearly 4,000 comments are mostly talking about how they’d fuck this cartoon chick, or demanding the next episode be uploaded immediately. There was also this gem: “I don’t think I smoked the right meth. RON! What the fuck was in that last crystal batch Chef just delivered? I am jacking off to some weird anime winged Japanese girl instead of jacking off to a middle-aged elderly woman.”

The Random sort feature gives you all the videos on the site in no particular order, so it’s useful for a dangerous game of fap roulette. Looking at the dates on the Recent clips gives you an idea of how often HentaiGasm is updated. There have been a few dozen in as many months, with no apparent upload schedule.

Pixelated Pussies Getting Pounded

If you watch a lot of hentai, you’re already familiar with the pixelated privates. You never know if you’re going to see a pussy get spread open to reveal the glistening pink stuff within, or just a bunch of square pixels.

It all boils down to a 1912 Japanese law that doesn’t make any fucking sense, but is going to affect all the porn coming from Japan. Hentai sites that run on user contributions are full of graphic images of cocks spearing vaginas, but not so much with HentaiGasm. Since these are rips of Japanese DVDs, you’re stuck with those pixels. Sorry.

The upside, of course, is that this is the only place you’re going to be able to find the vast majority of this material. If you’re a hentai fan, you’re used to those blocked-out genitals, anyway. It doesn’t entirely ruin your enjoyment of all those alien boobjob clips, now does it?

My only complaints about the site are pretty minor. The inescapable pixels and disappointing search features are not going to keep away anybody who’s interested in hentai. In fact, given the low price of free and their extensive collection, HentaiGasm (often misspelled as "hentiagasm" and "hentai gasim") seems like exactly the place to be. If you’re looking for hentai DVD rips straight from Japan, I challenge you to find a better source.