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Are you ready to suffer at Bound Hub? Some rope bondage wrestling, while you're bound and gagged? A little bit of pain never hurt anybody. At least that’s what members of the BDSM community believe. To the point that they make a lifestyle out of it. BDSM has many names, all of which end up amounting to essentially the same thing: power dynamics. Whether you’re talking about bondage, discipline, dominance, sadomasochism, rope play, or submission, S & M is all about receiving or inflicting pleasure, pain, or both.

What used to be a fringe, niche interest in the more extreme kink communities has blown up in the last couple of decades. It is becoming more and more commonplace to see people that have their fetish preferences all laid out and ready to be explored. Thanks to sites like and Fet Life, BDSM is more popular and well-known than ever before. People have become, en masse, kink literate. And it’s a beautiful thing. No more do people feel like their desires are taboo, or in need of being closeted. Nowadays, all you have to do is log onto Fet Life and you will be able to interact with millions of other likeminded rope bunnies, doms, submissives, or sadomasochists.

That is one thing that the BDSM community seems to excel at that I haven’t seen any other kink group accomplish to the same degree – an extremely high level of community, support, and literacy. Almost every BDSM site on the web comes with a section dedicated to community, resources, or BDSM workshops for you to attend. This is probably because much of what goes on in the BDSM community can potentially be quite dangerous – which is partially what makes it so exciting – and members of it want to ensure that nobody gets hurt and, therefore, gives the community a bad name. Lovers of BDSM are done being seen as harmful freaks, and they have done a great job of allowing people to feel welcome and safe in their practices.

Cut to a woman tied up to wooden posts in a basement while a man in a leather mask whips her and teases her clitoris with some high-power sex drill that looks like it could have been manufactured by Black and Decker. She screams in terror and pleasure simultaneously, but she hasn’t belted her safe word, so it’s all fair game. Now can you see why they would need to go out of their way to make sure people know what they’re doing and what they’re getting into before they get into it themselves? I don’t get it personally, but, hey, that’s sex – people are into what they’re into. We can’t judge, we can only support.

With the relatively recent explosion of BDSM literacy and social media sites, there have also been plenty of free BDSM porn sites as well. Just like vanilla porn enthusiasts, BDSM lovers have all sorts of porn sites out there too: free porn tubes, kinky aggregator sites, fetish friendly (and encouraged) cam sites. Much like the rule of porn in general, if you can think it, it probably exists.

The Porn Hub of BDSM Porn?

One of those free BDSM sites out there is a free porn tube that has gone to great lengths, it seems, to prop themselves up as the Porn Hub of the bondage world. What do they call themselves? Bound Hub. This tongue in cheek play on the most popular porn tube site out there isn’t quite enough to make you chuckle, but, then again, laughing is seldom the goal in BDSM (unless, I suppose, you’re talking about tickle torture … but that’s more like turning laughter into screaming if anything).

When you first arrive at Bound Hub’s home page, it might be tempting to make a snap judgment about how it doesn’t look anywhere near as professional as the sleek and frequently visited site it nods its head to. And it’s true, it’s not quite as flashy or corporate looking, but it has, more or less, every single feature you can enjoy on Porn Hub, all of which work just as well.

At the very top of the home page, below the site’s logo and search bar, you will find a site menu bar that gives you a quick glimpse into the multifaceted nature of Bound Hub. Here, you can choose between Home, Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Albums, Categories, Sites, Models, Playlists, Channels, Community, Date, Cams, and Upload. “Date” brings you to a third-party site:; as does Cams: Kinky Path. However, every other tab on the site menu bar keeps you within Bound Hub (appropriately so), which should give you a pretty good idea at the sheer size and practicality of utilizing this site, perhaps as your go-to free porn tube (if you’ve fully embraced your kinkier side, that is).

The more you dig into, the better it gets. Clicking on Categories, for example, bring you to a great archive of categories, each of which comes complete with a high-resolution thumbnail image to represent it (great for beginners to learn what’s what … to learn the ropes, if you will). To the left of the gallery of categories, you also have a couple of boxes. The first provides a list of the top BDSM sites on Bound Hub; the second is a list of the most popular categories; then you have the top 10 models on the site. In fact, these three top 10 lists appear on every page you click into on Bound Hub, making for a convenient and streamlined browsing experience.

As far as the quality of the videos are concerned, well, there’s bound to be some variance. But this is the case with all free porn tubes. Because of their very nature – the fact that content is uploaded by users, that everything you find on the site is primarily user-generated – not everything is going to A.) be completely up your alley, and B.) be what you would consider high quality. But that’s okay … one man’s ballgag is another man’s studded paddle, am I right?

Very Active Community … You are Bound to (try to) get Laid

Another similarity between Bound and Porn Hub is the Community section. And I am very pleased to see that this site has incorporated this – especially given the spoof on Porn Hub (the community section is, in my opinion, one of the things that makes Porn Hub one of the superior porn tubes). I will never argue with a porn site that accommodates the possibility of getting laid. I think, in fact, that every porn site should be doing this in the post-social media age. Although it did not come at all as a surprise to me, given the inherently communal nature of BDSM.

With the community section of the site, users are able to upload videos, photos, add friends, subscribe to channels, subscribe to users, and send direct messages. You can also create and share playlists, favorite videos, and albums, comment on videos, etc., all the standard Porn Hub shit. Again, I cannot reiterate enough, every porn site (at least every porn tube) should have a community feature such as this. Why not encourage the creation of more porn, or at the very least, people getting laid more. Unless … maybe porn sites don’t want us getting laid more, and that is why community features that allow us to message one another are so rare … I think I’ve just stumbled upon a "cuntspiracy". It goes all the way up to the top…

The only thing that I can find worth complaining about with Bondage Hub (at least with their community section) is the fact that there is no apparent link between users and video uploads. In other words, when you’re watching a video, there is no way to see what user uploaded it. And, therefore, no way to reach out to them from the video itself. You can see what users uploaded through their profile, but that seems like such an ass-backward way to do it. I would rather be able to discover new members by browsing porn, not search for new members and then find the porn they’re into. It doesn’t make sense.

But, then again, all things considered, I suppose that is a relatively minor complaint to have with a free porn tube. I mean, after all, it is still refreshing that they provide social media components at all seeing how few sites actually do so.

Which leads us to the question of the hour: is Bound Hub the Porn Hub of BDSM porn? Well, for all intents and purposes, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say yes. Bound Hub offers all the same features (with only a few kinks here and there), but there is nothing vanilla to be found on the site. If you’re into BDSM and all that shit, I say go check out Bound Hub – you may never be able to leave.



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